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Hi ladies!  Gina here and I hope you are having a wonderful week! Ever since school has gotten out I been crazy busy with kids and home and have felt MIA around here.  However, I have been taking my photos and scrapping and catching up with my Every{day} Life layouts (hopefully you have too!) and it feels great!  I even have posted some of them on my blog! How is that for getting stuff done!  😉

So, I wanted to let you all know some of my plans and thoughts for the upcoming months.  Lately I have felt an importance to spend this last summer “offline” and give my undivided attention to my family.  It is the last summer before my boys are all in school and I wanted to make it a good one for them.  With my youngest entering kindergarten in the fall, I will have a lot more hours in a day to give to W&W and designing and I am excited for that in the near future.  I have some fresh, creative ideas that I am excited to implement and can’t wait to have time to do them!

With that being said, I will be taking the next couple of months off from designing, but our shoppe, forum, and gallery will remain open.  You can continue to post your layouts (I will still open threads for your Every{day} Life layouts), and you may use your Petal Points, gift cards, and other coupons whenever you like.

And! before I go, I wanted to kick off the summer break with a big 50% off sale in the shoppe!  The sale runs over a week so you will have lots of time to shop!

*But first tell me what fun plans you have for your vacation, and I will pick a couple ladies to win some spending $$ during the sale!*

I hope you have a wonderful summer, keep taking your photos, and have fun!!   xoxo  Gina  :)

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  1. Just taking the time to spend with my two year old son. Doing things with him that is new that I hope he will enjoy!

  2. We’re having a Winter break, so I am looking forward to being at home, not having to be anywhere at any specific time. Watching movies with the kids and homecooked meals.

  3. Have super fun break Gina!

  4. Here in Aus it is winter and we only get a 2 week break, but we are off up north a bit to Sharks Bay to a big West Aust speedway event. Great place, great fun, great cars and fabulous people!!

    ps. I just “shopped til I dropped” in the W&W shoppe!! yahoo!

  5. I have had some surgerys the last month so I have to take a little bit more care for my health this summer. I´m looking forward to scrap and paint with watercolors and of course spend a lot of time out in the sun. Have a great summer, Gina!!

  6. We just got back from a 2 week trip out west. To Yellowstone. To Salt Lake City and Park City. Best vacation! Hope you enjoy yours too!!

  7. I recently discovered Every{day} Life so I am very excited about the sale! I will be working through most of the summer but plan to take days off here and there for a few “staycations” with my 3 1/2 year old grandson! We love to go to the zoo or spend time at the pool.
    Gina- have a great time with your kids. They grow up fast, so enjoy.

  8. We went scuba diving in Cozumel for our first vacation week this summer. It was a glorious week of diving in the mornings and relaxing on the beach all afternoon. Now I really need to scrap some of those underwater images!
    Leaving Tuesday to visit my grandbaby in South Florida then another vacation of some sort the end of July!
    I LOVE summer!

  9. Just recovering from surgery and watching Little League baseball. Happy summer!

  10. Wow, oh, wow! Great sale! Thanks bunches. This summer were doing lots of fun stuff at home with one big lake vacation in July. Love your idea about being offline this summer. That would be a hard one for me to do.

  11. Gina I’m so glad to hear you are taking off some time to be with your boys. I’m expecting a summer of change with my 3 sons. My youngest son is away at camp for two full months, my oldest son just graduated from college, and my middle son and his girlfriend are expecting with my first grandchild. I’m trying to stay connected with them and be available if needed. I think I’ll start a journal to record my thoughts.
    Hug your loved ones…the time passes quickly,

  12. We’re planning two summer birthday parties and a road trip. We mostly stay local during the summer, but we’ll take a trip down to San Antonio or Galveston near the end of the summer. That’s about a 6-8 hour drive for us, but that’s about as much as we can manage with 3 small kids.

  13. Ooooo what a fabulous giveaway!!!!! I would love, love, love to win : )

  14. We are going on a cruise in July. Cannot wait. we have never been before. Have a great few months off Gina.

  15. We are going across the central California – from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (I’ know, it’ Nevada but it’s the only exception) :) trhough San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Boddie, Mono Lake and a big 4th of July event in Bridgeport

    The plan is 2500mil, 8days, 7people, 1car ;)))

  16. I work but only three days a week. So we will have lots of outings, and we are hoping to head to Vancouver & Vancouver Island, BC this summer for a little getaway. I think my boys will love the ferry ride, hope to see some whales maybe.

    Have a great summer. I’ll miss seeing something new for a bit but look forward to finishing my S&S collection with the sale!! :)

  17. I won’t be taking vacation until September or October, so my summer will be “more of the same old stuff”. However, I’m embarking on a new venture on 1 July to record more of the “Everyday” stuff that’s going on. I had so much fun doing a layout-a-day for a couple of weeks at the end of March and early April, but that’s an activity that I cannot sustain. So I’m going to try to do something a bit less intensive. I’m going to strive to write something down every day in a daily journal, create at least one “Everyday Life” layout every week — and several layouts for any events that occur such as birthdays or special outings. I’m so glad that I’ve picked up several of the Every{day} Life kits and the basic set of templates. These should make it easy to pull the pages together more quickly. Of course, my wishlist always has something else on it! I’d especially love to pick up a couple of the monthly kits in your earlier series.

  18. We aren’t really going on vacation this year…just doing fun stuff near home. Thankfully we have Disneyland passes and can go whenever we want :)

  19. Sticking close to home this summer and really loving it! I needed a good chunk of time to devote to the yard and there really is a lot of fun stuff to do close by!

  20. So glad to hear about you Gina! wish you a GREAT vacation with your boys!

    We are going next week to the south of Italy , for three weeks to the beach so we cant wait to be there and spend some time together!

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Good for you for scheduling a break! Can I say I love this sign for the sale? Adorable.
    I just booked three nights in Ocean Isle NC and from there my family will attend my nephews graduation from Army bootcamp in SC.

  22. What kit did you use for your sign? It’s so clean and cute and eye-catching! Summer here is over but I used our family’s 2 1/2-3 months break to focus on my business at home! My older son participated in our meetings with the paltry beginning staff of me, my husband and our assistant and we all learned together about the horrors of creating a cash flow, lol :) Aside from that it was lots of swimming (at home with an inflatable pool, spring cleaning the ENTIRE house and playing Monopoly and Super Ludo! Life doesn’t get any better 😀

  23. I am vacationing right now in Santa Cruz, California, and listening to the waves crash upon the shore as I type!

  24. Last year I went to ER 2 days before my trip to Prague…..stayed in hospital 20 days and had a surgery…… a big one!
    After that I had other healthy issue and lat April I had another surgery (littler this one…)….now I hope it is all over and my paln for this year is a trip to northern sea in Germany (bansin – heringsdorf)…..really HOPE IT WORKS!!!! I am really afraid it happens something bad as last year……crossing my finger….but my last bad experience marked me :-(
    Hope everyone will be ok and have a nice holiday all!!!!

  25. Oh, gosh, this is perfect timing! I’m spending my vacation training my brand new Springer Spaniel puppy! As a matter of fact, I just dropped in to see what was new at W&W because he’s black and white and you always have such great kits with a lot of black and white! (Yeah, I am going to match the kits to the dog) :)

  26. I have so many things I want to scrap right now, my birthday, anniversary and then kids swim lessons, and the kids are trying to talk me into a puppy, we’ll see!

  27. Congrat to your taking some time off! I was planning on having an easy summer with my kids. I usually only work part time and had lots of ideas for the three of us while Dad is a work, but unforunately I was given a big project for July and that has changed my plans a little. We’ll still do many of the things i wanted, but they will wait until August now!

  28. I’m going to Florida to see my brother. He buys me a plane ticket every year. :) Happy me.

  29. Our family is going to Vegas for one week for dance nationals. My girls look forward to going every year to hang out with their friends by the pool. It should be a lot of fun but will try to stay cool.

  30. I am due today with my 4th baby boy! So I plan on having lots of fun with baby this summer and just enjoying a nice relaxing time!

  31. It is winter here in Australia, so we don’t really have a break, besides we have one in kindergarten and the other at home at the moment. Hopefully we will go away for a few of the weekends.
    Thanks for the great sale Gina! Hope that you have a lovely break.

  32. our next vacation will most likely be on the beach on Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia :)

  33. We went to the beach for a week and the rest of the summer will be spent getting my high school kids to their summer workouts for fall sports. My oldest is a senior next year, so I plan to work on a big album for her. Thanks for the great sale!