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A BIG thank you!!!

Hey weedsters, it’s Petra here… It’s Friday again and weekend is here. Also easter is just around the corner and I don’t how the weather is going to be where you are, but we’re supposed to have some sun here in Holland this weekend!

Our designers have been busy playing catch up after the birthday bash, so there won’t be any new goodies this week. But I’m sure there will be some new fab goodies next week…But that’s not the main thing why I came here!!

We all want to thank you ladies for celebrating Weeds & Wildflowers’ 2nd anniversary with us! It was blast…the sales, the give-aways, the blog games and of course the fun time we had with you all… You all rock and we just want to say thank you for all the support!!!

Gina hasn’t been able to tally up all those that are eligible who shopped with us during the sales for the prizes and store giveaway, so we will announce those winners as soon as possible! So keep your eyes open for the BIG announcement!!

Before I’m leaving I just want to find one more winner!! And well that winner could be YOU!! And it’s an easy little thing…

Just leave me a comment here and tell me one thing you bought during the sale and one thing that is still on your wishlist and you could win that one thing you’ve been wanting to have all along!!! Edit: you can leave your comments till Sunday night and then I’ll randomly pick a winner!

Now ladies I’m out! Have a fabulous easter weekend and hope the weather is going to be sunny!!! -hugs-

!!!Just a little note… I saw some ladies who listed they wanted the hodge podge packs. Did you know you can just earn those in our forum. Twice a month Gina create these hodge podge goodies and if you play along with the Life 365 project you can get those for FREE too. Go here to find more info about how it all works!!

68 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Wow, am I first?! I bought the Life is Good kit. Still on my wish list is the Doodley Pattrern Frames.

  2. I bought the Life is Good kit and I would love to have Thinking of Spring Kit. Thanks for the great celebration and prizes!

  3. I bough ransom note alpha, shabby fall garden, eat drink and be scary, cherishing every minute alpha, great outdoors papers and elements, and life is good elements. I’d still love the life is good alpha.

  4. I bought Say it Messy and Life is Good Collection but I still want Life 365 Papers 2 and tons of other stuff!

  5. I bought all of the Life is Good parts, Say-It Messy 2 & other things. :-)

    Holly Jolly Mess is still on my wishlist.

  6. I bought My Favorite Things kit, Ransom Note Alpha,playing with wire – spring and celebtrating colour – buttons.

    Still on my wish list would have to be Thinking of Spring kit.

  7. I bought Life is Good Collection but really would love Say it messy too.

    It is all fabulous stuff

  8. I bought the Life is Good collection and Say it messy 2 is still on my wishlist.

  9. I got the Life is Good Collection, Life365 Toolbox, Template Mega, BIY Mthly Summary, Hodge Podge 1,2,3 & 6, Say It Messy 1 & Puppy Doodles.

    At the top of my wishlist now is Jolly Holiday.

  10. One of the things I picked up at the sale was the Life is Good Collection. I still have the Happy Garden Collection on my list.

  11. I bought (amongst other gorgeous things) The Happy Garden doodles, I still want to get the rest of the collection, I love it!

  12. I bought the Life Is Good kit (among other things) and at the top of my wishlist is the Happy Garden Collection.

  13. I was very happy to be able buy some more great pieces to add to my collection. Best wishes for a very Happy Easter weekend.

  14. Thanks PEtra for this new chance to win!!!! i bought the delightful collection that i LOVE!!!!! and i still having in my wish list the Full of Wonder collection without the alpha that i cant resist and bought first!!!!
    Good luck to all of us and cant wait to see the Winners!!!

  15. i bought LIFE IS GOOD!!! but i was a little sad that when i got the chance to buy it, the discount was over. i had guest that time and i barely go on line because i was so busy. i think i overlooked the time frame for the additional discount. but nonetheless i bought the kit because i really loved it!! anyway, i am still wishing to get hodge podge 1,4, and 5. thanks for this chance to win!!! happy easter to all!!!

  16. I got the life is good kit, but still would love the wearing o the green and the Life 365 Brights and wordstips.

  17. Hi… I Bought
    a) Life Is Good – Collection
    b) Soft & Shabby Elegance – Paper Pack
    c) Natural Neutrals Paper Pack
    d) Worn Papers #1
    e) Kickin’ Up The Leaves Element Pack & Alpha
    f) Kickin’ Up The Leaves Add-On – A ‘Little Seeds’ Kit

    I have in my wish list the Holly collection… the one for December.. and i guess many more things!..

    The sale was great it was sad the gift certificates not had the discount because that will allow me to give more than 4 gifts this month

    a Hug

  18. I bought life is good and some of the pieces to life 365 I was missing. On my wish list is full of wonder, doodly frames and flowers and hugs and kisses for starters.

  19. I’ve had my eye on the Life 365 products since they came out. I picked up a bunch to get me started! I really wanted to get the Jolly Holly collection as well but to keep dh happy, I held off! Thanks for the awesome freebies and sale and coupon!!!

  20. I went a bit nuts on the sale, seriously. From Life is Good to all the Playing with Wires, oh yeah. I had to stop before I could put the “Build it Yourself Monthly Templates” in my cart.

  21. I bought the Build it Yourself Life 365 Montly Summary kit and a bunch of great alphas, but I really wanted to get the Notebook Brights papers and wordstrips… I keep telling myself I probably could figure out how to make them myself, but I know I won’t!

  22. I bought LIFE IS GOOD and 3 other kits,some papers.
    One thing in my wish list is Happy Garden Collections.
    Thanks for another chance to win a prize.
    Happy Easter !

  23. I bought tons of things including the Life Is Good Collection and Say It Messy 2 and on and on. I still want the Holly Jolly Collections and of course, Gina’s NEXT big kit!!!

  24. Well…. I was going to buy the say it messy and the hodge podge, but i was so busy i missed out :( it was very annoying that i simply didn’t have time… i am off to buy them now, never mind… but, what i really want is the template mega collection… i’ve just got the basic and i really wanted this big set as I want to scrap all my holiday photos from last year when we went to hong kong for 2 weeks.

  25. Life is Good Collection and My Favorite Things are now a fun part of my stash, and the Full of Wonder Collection and Just Earthy Kit remain on my wish list. Thanks for the great sale!

  26. I bought the whole kit and caboodle of Life is Good – I’ve had my eye on the Holly Jolly Complete collection since xmas and the Just Earthy kit and add-on is another one I’d love to add to my WW files! Thanks for the chance!!

  27. I bought several parts of the Life Is Good collection and Say It Messy 2 among other things. I would love Kickin’ Up the Leaves. Thanks for the chance!

  28. I bought The Great Outdoors kit and still have Life is Beautiful on my Wishlist.

  29. Oh goodness – I think I bought the entire store last week. LOL! One thing I did buy was the Life is Good Collection. One kit that I didn’t get was a Breath of Fresh Air, and I’d love to have it!

  30. I somehow managed to stay away from the store this past week… otherwise results would’ve been disasterous (last sale i bought both the happy garden collection AND the delightful collection then i proceeded to rak my friend with the delightful collection! :P)
    I do love the Life Is Good Collection. I also love Say It Messy 2

  31. Hey Petra – I stocked up on Life 365 items. I got the Mega Template Collection, some Life 365 Elements and a Hodge Podge set.

    I still want the Life is Good Collection – it rocks and I think would coordinate really well with the Life 365 sets!

  32. I bought so many but I will just list one here as you only requested one thing, I bought the Mega Template Collection.

    On my wish list I have Joyful Holiday – The Collection. It would be soooo great to win this.

  33. I bought “life is good” and the life365 hodgepodges during the anniversary. And one thing I want? Grandmothers Flowers or the Spring Collection :).
    Thank you all for the great designs. You inspire me :).

  34. The Life Is Good Collection is one thing I bought. I can’t wait to play with it. Winning the Jolly Holiday Collection would be awesome! Love all W&W products!

  35. I bought the “Life is Good” collection, GREAT KIT! I love it. On my wish list, I have the “Cherishing every Moment” full kit. Super cute!

  36. I bought a lot of embellishments kits and Hodge podge 7. My wishlist ohhhh it’s hard too chose you’ve got so many great creations, but the Happy Garden collectie is the first on my wishlist.

  37. I bought this sale the life is good collection and say it messy 2!!!
    On my wishlist is..Stitching ABC’s – The Collection i just love it…!!!

  38. I bought so much stuff in the sale it was fab. I got lots of Life 365 stuff, the Life is Good coolection and the Hodge Podge sets.

    Still on my wishlist is the Jolly Holiday Collection.

  39. I bought a ton of new Life 365 stuff — like some new word art, another attach it set, the monthly page template, a couple hodgepodge sets and the W&W tape. Awesome stuff!

    Still on my wish list is: the Life is Good collection starter.

  40. Another game for us !!
    we are so lucky ! so for this a big THANK YOU!

    for this anniversary , i bought “life is good” collection.

    On my wishlist, there is still “Kickin’ Up The Leaves” Collection

  41. Hi,
    I bought Life is good, Ransom word art, Delightful Party, beads and wire

    The hole store is on my wishlist haha
    But the thing i really want to have is the Happy garden collection……..

  42. Naturally, I spent way too much – how could I resist the Life is Good frames, doodles and alpha or the Life 365 Attach It, Papers and Date It – and don’ get me started on the Beliving in You kit :) I would never say no to any thing from you guys, but I love the Delightful and Cottage Garden kits, oh and Hugs & Kisses kit and… When is your next birthday again?

  43. What a fun place – there is always something going on!

    I bought The Shabby Cottage Kit and the Great Outdoors Papers…I wish I had bought more stuff, but I hardly had any money.

    I still have a long wish list because I really like everything, but next on my buy list to purchase is some of the Hodge Podges (thanks for the tip in the forum.) I have taken photos every day since your contest and now have some every day pictures to scrap.

    BUT if you’re buying, I still have Kickin up the Leaves and Life 365 on my “Long Term Goals” list. :))

    (I feel like I’m writing to Santa)

    Have a nice Easter,

  44. I take it back — for some reason I thought Life is Good was more or less the same as Life 365. BUT IT’S NOT!!!! I have just put Life 365 on the short list. LOL! It is really, really hard to get the boxes, alphas, and numbers arranged in a line., isn’t it?

  45. One of the items that i bought that i really like is: Life 365 ‘say it’
    The Life is Good Collection is what I wish I had now. (except the alpha..just purchased that durning the sale..and love it)

  46. I bought the Life is Good collection and the hodge podge’s that I didn’t already have … but the Hugs & Kisses kit is still on my wishlist. :)

  47. Among other things, I bought the Life is Good collection. I can’t really tell you what is on my wish list though as I bought nearly everything I could imagine I didn’t already have… :-)
    Anything new that’s about to come, especially from Life365 will be high up on my wishlist though.
    Thanks for another wonderful and fun chance to win!

  48. How exciting!! I bought the “Life is Good” kit/collection! Lots of $ but soooo worth it! I also bought the “Painting a dream” alpha!

    I am lusting after lots of non-life 365 stuff (as I already have most of it!!). But my fave would probably be either the “full of wonder” or “kickin’ up the leaves” kits!

    Thanks so much for this chance!

  49. I bought all the hodge podge kits! The one still on my wish list is The Life is Good set! I love it!!

  50. I purchased so much stuff!!! Life 365 templates, paint-it borders, weather kit, notebook brights…the list goes on.

    One thing still in my wishlist is the Life is Good collection – I thought I’d give my paypal a little break.

    Thanks for the chance!

  51. Let’s just say I spent too much money! I love everything I bought, but one thing I bought is Life Is Good Word Art. I would love to have the rest of it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. I stocked up on so much stuff! One of the many things was LIFE 365 – Painted Borders. Something still on my list is the Life is Good stuffs. Thanks for the great birthday sale and giveways!

  53. I bought the Life is Good Collection, Hodge Podge 7, Ransom Note Alpha and Stitching ABC’s Collection. But why I spend over $15 and no draw for me???
    Anyway, my wishlist now is Jolly Holiday collection.
    Thanks for the sale and Happy Easter weekend…

  54. I got the Life Is Good collection, and Jolly Holiday is still on my wish list. Thanks for all the fun during the birthday bash!

  55. Because I was away without internet access I missed out on the hodge podge 7 (even with my pages done :( ) and so I purchased that and a whole lot of templates to continue with.

    On my wish list – Life is good and any of the Life 365 that I don’ have yet…love it all!

  56. I bought the Life is Good-collection, and love it very very much!
    On my wishlist is the Jolly Holiday collection, and also “hugs and Kisses” and “full of wonder”.
    I think all of your kits can be so well combinated!! Thank you all for the beautiful work!!!

  57. The sale was fabulous!!!! I picked up quite a few goodies, but my favorite is the Stitching ABC’s Collection – I’ve already used it in a couple LOs, and I know I’ll be using it endless times! I would love to get the Kickin’ Up the Leaves collection!

  58. I bought the Life Is Good COllection…among other things. Weather Report is still on my wanted list.


  59. I bought the Life is good collection, along with many other things. Thanks for the great sale!

    I still wish for the Kickin’ up Leaves or the Great Outdoors…..

  60. I bought all the hodge podge kits! The one still on my wish list is The Life is Good set! I love it!!

  61. Petra, thank you for the chance! One of the things I bought was Full of Wonder kit. The first thing on my wishlist is Follow you bliss kit.

  62. Hi Petra, lovely weather here in the Netherlands! I bought almost everything I didn’t have of the 365 stuff, several Hodge Podges (I have them all now), but I would love to have the Ransom Notes bundle! That’s still on my wishlist!

  63. One collection (of many) I bought was “Life is Good”. Out of everything I bought still want and need the “My Favorite Things Collection”…love this kit! I need it for all the grandbaby boys in my life lol!

  64. I bought so much that I had a hard time keeping track while downloading it! LOL As for my “wish list”…I love everything here! :)

  65. I bought the Life Is Good collection and am waited on a few of the element packs that I don’t have from Life 365!

  66. I purchased the latest hodge podge, the bright notebook papers from Life 365, Lazy Days, Doodly Flowers/Papers, the new alphas (cardboard, stitching, etc), the wire word art, and Summer Tweets. It seems like something is missing. I thought I purchased “Life is Good.” I don’t know what happened. Once I realized that I missed it, the sale was over. There is always next week!

  67. This free Hodge Podge gift is exactly what I needed to get started on the 365 project again. I got lazy in March (but I did take my daily pix) I made the April pages. I have never been in a forum before and subscribed to it. For some reason I still can’t get in. I need an administrator to let me in!! Time is running out. How do I get the go-ahead to get into the forum? Thanks a bunch.

  68. Petra, I’m in a quandry — the Kick the Leaves kit is 20% off, I need to buy it if I’m going to have it, but what if I won it by being Ms Random for this challenge? Was the winner’s name announced?

    Thanks also for the heads up about the Hodge Podge Challenge…I had no idea all this was going on under my very nose! ~Suzy aka Lime