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A Sneak Peek :)

Have you always wanted to try Project 365 but were WAY too overwhelmed to even start?  OR, have you started P365 in years past and just couldn’t keep up?  OR, are you a faithful P365-er looking for a fresh, new look?  Stay tuned for something beautiful, simple, and SO fun that will help you with all those things.

And the best part?  The whole year is ALL DONE for you.  Just take your photos, drop them in, and journal your day.  That is it.  Want more elements to fancy it up?  Every week I will be releasing Tiny 10’s and you can add all the fun stuff you want.  If you don’t want to add anything else, no problem, like I said, it is all done for you.  It couldn’t be more simple or fun.  Make 2012 the year you document your Every{day} Life!

Here is just a little sneak peek, coming to the W&W Shoppe soon!!

Are you going to do Project 365 this year or take a break from daily photos?  Tell me what YOUR scrapping plans are for 2012 and I will draw 2 winners to receive a $10 gift card to the shoppe!  Have a wonderful week!!  xo Gina

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  1. I’m going to try my best to do P365 this year. I made it one month last year!

  2. I try to do p365 every year. So far I miss a few days here and there but pretty much get it done. I am now going back to previous years and making a year album even if I do not have a photo a day for them. It has been so much fun to rediscover funny photos. I am grateful to have a scanner that will scan any kind of negative because I have some pretty old negatives!

    I plan to continue with my 365 project this year. I am a little over a month behind after a death in the family (blank pictures that week)… but will catch up while on Christmas break!

  4. I don’t do a picture a day, but I do 2 – 10 pages for each month. I used your Every {day} Life templates this year, and I’m looking for a new set for next year. I loved the clean simplicity of the Every {day} Life set, but I’d like the rectangles to be more squarish. The skinny rectangles were sometimes difficult to work with.

  5. I am not sure that I am still strong enough for 365 project but at least I am going to make several thematic albums. I am on the path already with Holiday album and Countryside minialbum.

  6. Lori, all the templates this year are going to be horizontal, just like the Sweet & Simple Pages from 2010. No vertical photos to keep things simple :)

  7. Oh I cant wait! I did a 365 for 2010 but tried to do one for this year but got pregnant so had little time to complete it. So going to do a 365 in full force for 2012, starring my little munchkin! Its going to be a great photobook for when he grows up.
    Plus your designs are always so lovely to look at and easy to use.

  8. I couldn’t keep up the 365 project. So I do a vacation photobook, the kids love it, grandparents too 😉

    Wish you and your family a great xmas time 😉

  9. I am planning to do my modified 365 again. I just take photos all the time. I use as many as I want for the week – be it 1 or 15. I document all the important and everyday things without the pressure of a photo a day.

  10. After two years of P365 I’m going to do a P52, because I have too many photo’s a week, so now I can use as many pictures I like. Can’t wait to see the whole sneak peak and glad your making new things!! Wish you a nerry X-mas and a scrappy new Year!

  11. I’m still deciding – I have done P365 for 3 years now with W&W and I love my finished books – they’re some of my most treasured possessions.

    However I’m a little “over” the everyday photos after 3 years of it. There are only so many versions of everyday occurances right – such as the baby with weetbix all over his face, the baby fast asleep in a random place, the baby fast asleep with weetbix all over his face etc. I exaggerate slightly but still, a lot of the days where I don’t actually do anything in particular are starting to look the same after 3 years. Seriously sometimes a cute photo of the baby with weetbix all over his face is the most exciting thing that happened to me that day…. sad isn’t it?

    This year I didn’t stick so strictly to one photo per day – some days I skipped if nothing particular happened and some days I had a whole page or two of photos if there was a special occasion or something. I had thought of doing it that way again perhaps but once again you may have changed all my plans by designing something I can’t resist! Can’t wait to see it!

  12. Hi!
    I did a wonderful 2010 p365…2011 instead I’m behind……week 25 finished…that measn I have half done…BUT I have picture and hope to be able to end it…..In 2010 I was really motivated her n WW ..this year instead things went differently 😉
    Anyway…I can’t wait to see your new ideas for the upcoming year!
    Hugs from Italy.

  13. At this point I’m hoping to do Project Life in hybrid form. Just a two page spread per month & only of my daughter. That’s the only plan so far – it may change 😉

  14. I so want to go further then a few weeks this year with the photo taking part of 365. I also want to actually scrap, as a beginner I’m scared but excited!!

  15. I took a picture a day most of this year but I have yet to scrap any of them. I hope to continue taking pictures this next year and do some scrapping also.

  16. I plan to continue with my 52 project this year. So week I have not enough pics some weeks more. That’s why a focus on p52, but template , wa, doodle, ect stay the same.

  17. I have taken a picture a day for 3 years! I am going to keep going, but I still need to do something with my pictures!

  18. wow can’t wait beautiful project !!

  19. I want to finally get a project 365 done, or at least past a brief start. My daily life isn’t interesting with just me and my fur baby but would still llike to try something.

  20. I think I’m going to do a 365 next year. It’s a hard work, but so nice to look at this book in a few years !

  21. I think I am gonna give it a try. Maybe not a photo a day, but happenings per week. I really like the style of your 365 album this year, just like Cinzia’s. I also love the tiny 10’s. So cute!

  22. My 2012 goal is to complete a 365 project. I was doing so well until this year. I love this concept and I love your designs. Can’t wait to start! Yay!

  23. We hopefully will build a new house next year, so I want to document this process. Good and bad!

  24. I’m going to carry on with 365 in 2012. I easily snap more than 1 photo a day and I’ve taken an ‘as it happens’ rather than weekly approach to scrapping my 365 this year. So I’m a huge fan of your templates, as they make it so easy to do a main page and add lots of multi photos on the facing page. I just need to upload them to my blog now and get them printed LOL! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the new year! Happy Holidays!

  25. I can not wait Gina!! I was faithful to your sweet & simple in 2010. I am catching up on a month in review for 2011 but it’s not nearly as cute. I am all over your new stuff for 2012!! Can’t wait :)

  26. i’d love to try it again…i’ve failed 2 years in a row and this would sure make it easier!

  27. Can’t wait to see the new stuff! I make three books each year, one for each of my kids’ families. Next year will be no different. I don’t do a daily 365 as such, but I do the book in chronological order by month. We take a lot of pictures so most days of the year are covered.

  28. I did P365 through most of 2009 then life got in the way. Haven’t been doing a lot of scrapping the past couple of years, but I decided to start P365 again for this year. Looking forward to what you have planned!

  29. I have thought about P365 in years past, but have never attempted it. I am taking the plunge in 2012. I just hope I can keep up with everything that will be going on. 😀

  30. I have a 6 month old baby…and she has been growing so much that I would love to capture her photo each day and let her see one day how how she grew a little bit each day! i LOVE taking photos…and would love to doP365.

  31. I would love to try again. I have never found an easy solution to keep going with! I can’t wait to see your new Everyday Life 365

  32. I P365 with Weeds and Wildflowers products for 2009 and 2010, but for 2011 I got sidetracked. A rough pregnancy put my scrapping and picture taking on hold. I’d like to get back into it though. The new baby should be here just in time to start my 2012 book.

  33. i will work making my family memories and using your product!! i used them at 2009, 2010 and 2011and i will keep using yours!! excite to look your new products


  34. I did P365 in 2010 using the S&S kits and loved it. Got way too busy in 2011 for taking pictures everyday and now I’m regretting it. Hope to jump back in for 2012.

  35. I plan to do p365 in the new year! i cant wait to try it… i love the idea of taking a photo everyday,, a snapshot of your life.

  36. In 2012, I’m doing a P365 of every day life, and then I’m hoping to do a monthly review each month, and a weekly review of each of my two kids 😀

    This will be my third year for P365, including scrapping it 😀

  37. Hi,

    In 2012 i will start my 4th year of 365, i sooo love this project and have been keeping up every year! Looking forward to this new project.

  38. I am starting a third year of 365. 2012 is a big year. My son turns 16 and my daughter graduates high school and leaves for college. Love, love, love your kits. They make it doable.

  39. Sooo excited to do my 4th year in a row of Project 365 and couldn’t do it without your AWESOME designs and templates!!! Thanks for your hard work and AMAZING talents Gina!! :-)

  40. I am finishing up year #3 of P365 and it has become such a part of my daily life. I have loved this year’s kit the best – simple design, variety of templates to choose from, option to only do a few days in a week & still room to add my personal touches. This year was different because I used the templates to record EVERYTHING. So full pages devoted to vacations, birthdays, parties, events, etc are also mixed in there among the weekly pages using the same template style. I have really captured everything & all pages for the entire year will be going into one book. Fantastic! The little details of our lives are captured forever & the whole family loves looking back at previous years. It is amazing the little things that I would have forgotten if I didn’t have my books. I am trying to figure out what to do for next year. I love the ease of the 365 system but also want to use a little more scrapbooking creativity & digital skills this year. I’m not sure if the new system will work for me but can’t wait to check it out. Gina, I am so grateful to you!

  41. I have done project 365 for the last three years. I am on the fence for next year. It has become such a habit I might not be able to stop. I look forward to seeing the new product.

  42. Oh I started with the p365 in 2011, but I’m still at week 32. I do take the photo’s everyday, but making the LO’s is somethimes lots of work. And I love all your p365 stuff. This would be a great present to fence my LO’s and to keep it up for 2012. Because I defently want to make a p365 for 2012. Thanks Gina for your designs and I look forward to seeing your new products. All the best for 2012 and a very merry x-mas with your family.

  43. I was planning to do a monthly review type of book because a photo a day is a little overwhelming for me, but with your new P365, I may just try it!!

  44. Just a few days left and I will finish my third year of P365. Looking forward to your new templates! Thanks for a chance to win!

  45. Wow! These look fantastic. I am definitely planning to do p365 again. It will be my 3rd year.

  46. i’ve been trying to do P365 since 2009 but never managed to finish it *sigh*
    i planned to try again in 2012, i hope i will make it this time!

  47. I have started every year and got stuck because I have trouble with PSCS and haven’t had the time to figure it out – even with tutorials. This looks simple – I might be able to do it. The new system looks easy enough! I need to get back to DAILY photos and actually LEARN PSCS3 (the version I have) – a Goal for 2012???

  48. I did 365 a couple of years ago, but I took some time off. Now I’m anxious to do it again. This time I hope to document my life a little better. These templates look really great and just my style.

  49. New product templates look like a great plan. With a Senior this year, I want to give him his book completed by Spring,…

  50. I’ve failed miserably these last couple of years.
    This years system looks so easy. I’m going to give it a try again.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  51. I do plan on doing a project 365 this year. Thanks for the chance to win. Look forward to seeing your new system.

  52. I will be starting my second year of p365 and am looking for ideas. This format is so inspiring! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  53. I am definitely doing P365 again. This was my first year and am hooked!

  54. I’ll be doing p365 again, too. I love the look of your new designs. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  55. I’ve never done p365, so this will be my first foray into this and I can’t wait. I have a wedding to plan for the coming year for myself and I can’t wait to document the year and all the firsts that will come with it!! I can’t wait to try p365

  56. Wow, I’d love to start at 365 project for next year. I know I can do a monthly summary, hoping I can commit to a weekly project.

  57. Just discovered you via Natalie Malouf, who sings your praises! Looking forward to trying some things out. I’m not sure I’m up to doing a 365 project, but look forward to just scrapping MORE in 2012. I’ve been working full-time for the past 4 years and my scrapping has taken a major hit. The simplicity of your products really appeals to me.

  58. I’m back to play! always love 365 :)

  59. I have failed miserably the past few years, but would really love to stick with it this year!

  60. Love this simplified version of p365! I got burnt out from doing it in 2010 but it looks so easy with your new stuff! Now I’m excited!

  61. I’m planning on doing P365 on my iPhone but I’m also tempted to do something in the vein of project life but digital.

  62. I’ve never done a 365 project; but your Everyday Life products inspire me to start.
    I’m excited to give this a try in 2012!

  63. I need to finish 2011 first….then I will most likely repeat P365 using your new products Gina!! :)