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A Sweet and Simple Team Effort

Last year I made my 365 using Gina’s LIFE 365 – TOOL BOX Collection, learning digital scrapbooking as I went.  I was elated with the pages I was creating but the amount of time put into the project was just too much. I got lackadaisical about the project around late March.  Then, I noticed that we could get the Hodge Podge kits free if we uploaded our pages.  Well, that got me going again–free product, you bet!!

This year I decided that I would just put my efforts into other digital projects. Well, my daughter, who lives half-way across the country, thought it would be fun to have her own 365 book. We could do it as a team effort; she would take all the pictures and do the journaling, and I would create the pages.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to this at first, when along came Gina’s 2010 Sweet & Simple Pages. What a breeze! All you have to do is insert your photos and add your journaling, presto-chango, you are done. 

Since the Sweet & Simple Pages are stacked templates, they also give you plenty of wiggle room to add your own creativity.  Notice the original and the simple changes I made for the page to fit our needs. I just rotated a picture, added a few elements and words, highlighted text, removed the stitching, and spiffed it up with a brush stroke. 


 It has been a super team effort.  I get to see the day-to-day activities in my daughter’s life, and she gets a pretty book-a great deal for both of us.

So, if you are getting the 365 doldrums, or your time is at a premium with vacations and all, remember to check out the Sweet and Simple Pages.  They are a lifesaver!!

Also, remember to upload those pages.  The new releases are 20% off at the beginning of each month and you get an extra coupon for an additional 20% off the new Sweet and Simple products just for uploading your pages to the gallery and forum.  What a deal. Check out the forum for more information.

Happy Scrapping,


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