We all have those moments where we remember catching someone’s look, stealing a glance or even thinking we missed something out of the corner of our eye as we look across a room or out a window.  I know that I have even tried to catch the perfect picture of someone or something, thinking I would crop out the wall or remove the window glare through Photoshop.  This time, we are going to celebrate it.  Snap a picture of someone/something from across the room or while you are looking out a window.

Andrea clicked this shot of her daughter waiting for her ballet class to begin.

This photo was taken from inside a schoolhouse in a Nubian village in Egypt.


I look forward to seeing your shots.

Photo Prompt Challenge Rules:

  1. Upload your photo to our challenge gallery and link it to the forum.
  2. Earn 1 Petal Point for completing four challenges.
  3. A randomly selected photo earns a bonus point.

Happy Snapping,