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April Fools!! (ok, not, but I wish!!)

Hi ladies, Gina here!  :)  I really wish the shoppe being down was only an April Fool’s joke, but unfortunately it isn’t. We are having some problems with our shoppe that we are trying to remedy asap so you can get your April goodies!!

I thought I would post the previews of the new releases so you can see what is in store for you when we are up and running again. I apologize for this inconvenience, but we want to have everything in wonderful working order before the shoppe goes live again.

Also, if you have your March pages done and want to get your incentive coupon for the new releases, post in THIS THREAD in the forum before April 8th, and we will send that to you.  Depending on how long the shoppe is down, we will extend the coupon, no worries!

So, here are the previews, and while we wait, if you leave me a comment telling me an April Fool’s Day story or joke (that you played or someone played on you) or just anything you would like to say, I will pick *2*!! lucky ladies that will win ALL the new releases for April! Here you go, and have a great day!! xoxo!!!!

Edited to add the winners!

Congratulations to Marije & Tania who’ve won all 7 new releases for this week!  Watch your emails for the coupon code 😀

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  1. I wish I had something creative to tell you…I always stunk at April Fools. I did enjoy Google’s joke today though!

  2. My six yr old son and I bought a plastic spider that looks pretty real. My husband is deathly afraid of spiders…we put it in the bathroom sink last night…This morning we heard some cuss words, ekk…April fools…we got him good!

  3. My 5 year old told me this morning…”Mommy, I’m going to hold myself up on my hands and count to 140….1, 2, 9, 65, 100, 140…April Fools!” So, he doesn’t quite get it, but it’s a start.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your 365 pages! I often have to change them…to fit my stuff and that is why I will buy yours and only yours for the next year…I CAN change them (move the pictures, move the numbers, remove an element, whatever…). Thank you for making this SO SIMPLE! Sorry, no big April FOols story…except I suck and forgot my kids baseball game tonight…sigh. Kathy

  5. My roommate, guy friend and I went to the local bowling alley and called his roommates (my home teachers…) and told them I was on a date where the guy started to be inappropriate. I was crying and really playing it up on the phone. I told them I really needed them to come and get me because I didn’t want to be with the guy anymore. At first, they suspected it was an April fools day joke, but because I was such an awesome actress (:D) they came down to get me. They were giving me hugs and really felt bad for me. Once their roommate came out of the bowling alley though they realized they had been had. We all ended up having quite the laugh. They had totally bragged they couldn’t be had…hahaha. Yeah right. :)

  6. My computer geek son set my desktop background to look like a broken computer screen. I was totally freaked out until I realized it was only the background!

  7. My husband April fooled me into thinking he had lost his birth certificate which is needed for our trip to St. Thomas next Tuesday. I was starting to tear up thinking about not taking the vacation, and he yelled APRIL FOOLS. Love Love Love April and your whole quick page 365 concept! I am really doing it this year thanks to you :) ~Laura

  8. Well, I got on Facebook and found out my 21yo son is engaged to Esther. This was particularly a surprise because I’ve never heard him mention Esther. As it turns out, he was surprised, too. Later he realized he’d had Facebook open when he walked out of the room, where he was studying with some girls. He figured out what had happened when he started getting congratulations from other friends.

  9. Well today is my grandmother’s birthday so we weren’t allowed to play jokes. But one time I got my grandfather’s glass eye and poured ketchup around it in my hand and ran to the teacher with my other eye covered. She screamed so loud, other teachers came running…needless to say my mom was not very happy with a phone call from the principal and neither was I when I got home…LOL The kit is lovely by the way.

  10. My middle son was born on April 1, 2002. And it’s a perfect birthday for him, with his personality. Not too many people believe him when he says it’s his birthday.

  11. The first thing my daughter (6) said to me this morning was “Mom, your shoes untied.” I looked down and I didn’t even have shoes on. Of course it was 6:00am. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. :-)

  12. I am not an April Fool’s kind of person so no stories here. I rather focus on Easter.

  13. loooove the April things!! This morning one of my boys (12 yrs) thought it would be funny to put salt in my orange juice. (need to mention that I have a big fat toothache right now) I took a bug gulp – then gagged and sputtered and gagged some more on my way to the sink to rinse out my mouth with water that was too cold and now my tooth has been aching worse ever since – not funny. :( but hey – he tried lol

  14. Love the April Collection. I didn’t do any April’s Fools today. My daughter did one. She said “Mommy, Daddy, there’s a squirrel on the bird feeder!” We always try to shoo them off. Of course, there wasn’t any today.

  15. No April fools prank. But I was thrilled to so the pink & purple play such a major role in your April kit. I’ve been thinking that those two colors look so nice with the brown kraft paper that I wanted a way to incorporate them.

  16. The purples are REALLY cute in this! (That’s no April Fools! LOL!)
    I found a fun maze online that has no solution. I gave a copy to my boys – 7 and 9 – and told them whoever got done first didn’t have to do the dishes and would win $5. It was fun to watch them hurry to complete it and watch their faces as they realized you couldn’t complete it! Good spirited fun! :)

  17. So cute and I can’t wait to use them. I’m sure it will be worth the wait! 😀

  18. I completely forgot about it which was probably a good thing. Thanks for a chance to win.

  19. Oh, I would love to win this. Thank you for the chance. One of the men that comes for coffee everyday put a “$20.00” bill on the table in front of the chair I sit in. The trouble is, it was so obviously a phony bill. He needs to get new glasses if he thinks anybody would think that bill was real.

  20. oh…. the joke was, that yesterday Len came up to us at work and with a dead-pan face said that Monday’s holiday was cancelled but we were all on the ball. Gotta get up earlier than that!

  21. I don’t have just one story in particular to share but I am so ready for April Fool’s to be over. My daughter has played jokes all day and I am ready for some normal time again. I love the new April kit. The purple is beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on all the lovely stuff.

  22. It was so cute. My granddaughter just learned about April fools day today. She thinks it is awesome and was at my house today trying to think up something really good she could do to her daddy when he got home from work. I don’t know what she ended up doing to him, but set a kid loose on April Fools day and who knows what can happen…

  23. My 6 year old son said, mom I broke the garage. Giggles to what he thinks is himself and then says April Fools. We have never talked about April Fools (long, deep-rooted dislike of practical jokes – I am considering therapy). Where do they pick this stuff up. Too funny!

  24. oh my! great new goodies! i’m so sorry you guys are having cart problems :(

    my daughter got home from school today talking about quarters in the courtyard at school this afternoon and was asking my youngest if he saw them – he said yes, but he couldn’t pick them up. so i asked… curious…why were there quarters laying around in the courtyard? she said her teacher had super-glued lots of them to the sidewalk as an april fool’s joke and LOTS of the kids “fell for it”. LOL

  25. Sorry, I’m not good at telling jokes, but just wanted to comment on the new April goodies. Love the purples! A nice refreshing change in the color scheme…haven’t seen it in a while. Would love to win it!

  26. I’m not much into april fools but your new kit looks gorgeous! :)

  27. Hi!
    Great kit thiz month!
    As for fool april…I forgot it was April 1st till this evening….
    We are not into april fools, in my family…sorry…hope to be in the possibility to be randomly choosen the same, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. We had an funny joke on oure school with all the children and their parents!! But it’s to difficult to say it in English for me… :( I’m from Holland!

    I like the april kit :)

  29. No April fools for me, but I sure would
    love to win. :)

  30. Ooooh, the goodies look lovely! Its not customary here for adults to do aprils fools jokes – but a friend called me anyway to tell me that he wasn’t allowed to come over for boardgame night anymore – doctors orders. He had to undergo a 12 step Boardgamers Anonymous program…

    I completely fell for it! This guy ALWAYS has medical stuff to tell us :-)


  31. That looks great as always!!
    Love the colors this month.
    No jokes here, we had a peacefull day here

  32. ahaaa, my favorite colors!!! Such a beautiful kit!!! I didn’t make any joke on anyone yesterday… I totally forgot it’s 1.4. – I was concentrated to a spring clearing!

  33. A Dutch digiscrapsite ( a great joke yesterday! In the newsletter they announced that they had a freebie made exclusive for the Dutch digiscrapsite by Vinnie Pearce herself! It would be valuable for just one day, so you had to go and get it quickly… I rushed over there to get it and many other woman with me did that….

    Off course it appeared to be a joke. They had me I can tell you!!
    Great joke!!

  34. Addition:I’m so sad the shop is down, yesterday I went there a few times to see what the new kit would be like and now I see its gorgeous! I hope it won’t take too long to fix the problems! I love the color purple!!

  35. I was on my way home from a business trip yesterday and I called my daughter and told her I had to extend my trip and wouldn’t be home until the next day. When I walked into the house and said “April Fools” she was very surprised.

  36. There were two…first my daughter-in-law’s dad posted that he was engaged on FB, since he’s been married four times it was shocking for a min or two…..and second, LSU posted that the field in death valley was being changed to purple turf for next year…too funny!

  37. I told my three kids (3, 5, and 7) that we were going to Lowe’s Sheeptastic Cafeteria that serves only mutton and vegetables. They were quite relieved when we pulled into Pizza Hut’s parking lot. :-) That morning, I had also convinced my 7-yr-old that it was NOT April Fools Day.

  38. I like the joke one of the users played on the members of a favorite family portal. She brought forward a question, very worried, about a strangely coloured exema her little boy has sprouted overnight on his back. She included a link to the picture of the exema – and really, the baby had his back covered by yellow, red and green … jelly bears, the activity of his older sister :)

  39. Not one joke played this year. But it is no joke that I would love to win the prize!

  40. Gina, yesterday I felt the the #1 April Fool! My daughter who just turned two in January and I were playing outside. We leave the back door open so the dog can come in and out while we play. Well, Lexi decided to go in and somehow she now knows how to turn the lock. As she went in I told her I would be coming right behind her. She shut the door and when I walked over, the door was locked and I was locked out! She kept yelling from the other side “come on in!!” but I couldn’t get her to turn the lock back. I had to call my Mother to bring me my spare key! Thankfully I had my cell phone! But the whole reason I was outside on the porch with her was because I was busy posting my March pages to my blog! I guess I should have waited for a better time.

  41. We don’t do April Fool’s day stuff, so I can’t tell ya a story, but I did want to say that April’s kit is beautiful!! Love the springy colors this month.

  42. I didn’t play any jokes on anyone, but my kids went around all day saying “there’s a spider on you!” or “what’s that?” and then taking something from them. They thought it was fun.

  43. I love the new kit. I cannot wait to get it. I was like a kid at Christmas thinking the shoppe would be up this morning. Thank you for posting the preview. As for April Fools I made Jello in the pitcher my husband makes his Kool-aid in, but I gave it away because I was so excited. I also made meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato icing. My brother fell for both jokes but no one else did. Thank You

  44. We do “pinch and a punch first of the month” for the beginning of each month. Mostly we gang up on Dad and try to beat him to the “punch” so there is great anticipation when he comes home on the 1st.

  45. Love the new kit! We had fake spaghetti & maltballs for supper last night. The kids LOVED it. My daughter thought the spaghetti looked “weird” but didn’t realize the joke until she took a bite. The kids spent the whole day on the lookout for spiders (which was their favorite joke to play).

  46. this is adorable, I love this colors palette :)

  47. My husband sent our 6-yr-old daughter a text message (via my phone) saying her favorite children’s museum was closing permanently on Saturday. she instantly burst into tears already counting all the things they would miss seeing. I had her call her daddy to discuss it with him. After hearing the saga for a few minutes himself, he confessed, “April Fool’s”. She almost instantly dried her tears and gave him a laugh, saying, “Good one dad!” (this is the girl that went to bed in tears last year because no one had played a trick on here. Oh my!)
    Thanks Gina. Love the new PURPLE goodies. My favorite!!

  48. A great scrapper friend has posted on her blog that gave up to scrap. I got scared!

    I love the new kit!!!

  49. I drive a school bus and my kids are always playing jokes on each other so I thought I would get them too. I had our assistant principle come out to the bus at the end of school, put the bus on silent and tell them they all had to write 50 sentences for being so loud on the bus. She walked off and I started my route. At the first stop, I stood up like I was discipline someone and mentioned the 50 sentences and then shouted “April Fools”! You should have seen the relief on their faces!

  50. Not terribly imaginative, but I told my son that I found $5 under his pile of clothes, and he immediately screamed “it’s mine”. Even though it was a joke, hopefully, he’ll think of picking up his clothes more often!


  51. My story started with trying to get into a movie date with my nephew. We got delayed getting into where he lives (a few cities away) because I had to call the police to report a found ‘suspect weapon’ that they were looking for in a stabbing death of a teen a few days ago in my city. I couldn’t ignore it, even if it turns out not to be the knife they need, I would rather have them collect it and find that than not call it in and it had been the knife they were looking for. Then while driving along the highway not far from our exit to my nephew’s, there was a 4 car accident where one SUV ended up on its roof and there were kids inside it. My husband and I stopped to help and I held the younger child until paramedics got there. I finally got to my nephew’s (he’s 8) and we went and some dinner, then saw ‘how to train a dragon’ and I brought him home. We ended up seeing the movie showing after the one I originally wanted, but it was worth if for being able to help out like I did. The reason this is a ‘april’s fools day’ experience, is the universe was working in the favour of me being in these places because I had originally planned to head into Toronto with my Father who works near my house, and that was changed almost last minute to go in with my husband. Had I stayed with the original plan, I would missed all of that.

    You April products are beautiful, purple is a colour I am drawn to and you use it so well.

  52. ooooh … these are fantastic new goodies! hopefully i’m not too late for the drawing.

    my dd’s (ages 10 and 9) played an april fool’s joke on their dad last night. One hid in our closet with the cat. The other went to get her dad and told him that the cat had thrown up (sorry) in the closet. So he got out the cleaning supplies and all that and headed towards the closet and the one hiding popped out and gave him a fright. It was all good fun. Plus our cat rarely throws up so that’s the best part (for me).

    Love these Gina!

  53. I tried explaining the concept of April’s Fools Day to my 4 year old – but didn’t think he was getting it. Then he came running into the room ‘crying’ at 6:30 yesterday morning, telling daddy “I pooped in my bed, I pooped in my bed”. Daddy, reluctantly, crawled out to bed to address the problem and I hear Tyler yell from the living room “DADDY FOOLS!” Close enough 😀

  54. WOW!!!!!!
    This colors are amazing love them!!!!!!!!!! hope to be lucky and get it!!!!!! ù
    As always great job girls!!!!

  55. What a great preview!!!
    I really LOVE the new kit.
    It’s in my favorite colours.
    Thank you sooo muc, Gina!!!

    Good luck with the shop!! I can#t wait to get this stuff. 😉


  56. It is so funny actually how much you want to buy something when you CAN’T!!! I waited until bedtime on 3/31 to see if you had posted the incentive thread so I could post my pages, get my coupon and go shopping. I certainly understand problems and will wait patiently until the store opens back up! Love your 365 kits and thank you so much for making it easy to keep goiing!

  57. Lovely new kits, can’t wait to use them. A few years back we went to a wedding on April 1st… I thought that was a bit crazy, but at least it was in the afternoon :)

    Best wishes,

  58. The new kit looks great Gina!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them…..I hope the shoppe is up soon….I need to get all my pages organised for the month.

  59. The day before I was born on April 2(toay…WOOHOO), my Mom went into labor on April Fools Day and REFUSED to leave for the hospital until after midnight. She told my Dad Aprils’ Fool until she couldn’t stand it anymore and had to admit it, for fear I would be born that day. She made my dad watch Johnny Carson, until it went off playing it safe, LOL! That evening show had Bridgette Bardot on, so my Dad did not mind so much, he said. So I ended up with the first name Brigette as well….hahahaha! Ove the new kit! Thanks for the chance to pick up more fabulous W&W goodies!

  60. Amazing work this month. LOVE the new releases. April Fools Story: I (mom) told the boys they could have Hansen’s rootbeer with dinner. Without them knowing I emptied the rootbeer into cups and then filled the cans with milk! After prayer and a toast the boys started drinking their rootbeer. Ohhh if you could have only seen their faces and then my loud “April Fools”! HA HA Ha!

  61. Gorgeous kit!

    Let’s see…. I haven’t done any April Fools gags in years, but I do remember one year as a kid – my brother and I “made coffee” for our mom. It was water and a bunch of food coloring mixed in. We were so tickled with ourselves and giggled the entire time, even while carrying it carefully up to her, saying “Mom, we [giggle, giggle] made some coffee [giggle, giggle] for you!”. Knowing full well it wasn’t really coffee, she played along, pretending to drink it and be surprised by it, letting us have our glorious moment to declare “April Fools!” [giggle, giggle, full on laughter!]

  62. Another gorgeous kit! I love it – everything!!! And I would love to win it – and that is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke.

  63. I was so excited when I got the email saying that I won. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to start making my pages. Purple is my favorite color. Thank you again. I have had so much fun working on this project.

  64. I hope create stop! This is probably the greatest blogs Ive ever look at. Youve got some nutty skill here, man. I just hope for you to dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out furthermore there. Please keep it up since the internet needs someone familiar spreading the word.