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As requested…

Hello Weedsters!  Heidi here with a quick note.

Life has been crazy busy for me as I started a new full-time job around Christmas time.  I now find myself counting down the days until the weekend and taking my pictures for LIFE 365 has become a real challenge to say the least.  But I have plugged along, even bringing my camera to work with me and taking pictures of my workspace when I have nothing else to photograph! I loved documenting the bits and pieces of my life last year and I’m committed to doing the same this year!

I have had a few requests for an updated version of my LIFE 365 Stamp-It set for 2010 so here you go!

This set includes:

  • 12-2010 month date stamps with coordinating numbers
  • 4 various date stamps with coordinating numbers
  • 6 coordinating journaling stamps
  • 2 “week of” stamps
  • .abr file of ALL stamps in kit

Use it to mark the date on your Sweet & Simple LIFE 365 pages, or any of your scrapbook pages for that matter!  The journaling spots are perfect for a variety of uses!  PLUS, ALL of the stamps are also given to you to use as brushes!  I’ve loved using these stamps throughout the year and am very happy to give you this updated version!

As a matter of fact, leave a comment here about your weekend plans and we’ll use the random number generator to pick 2 people to receive a free set of the Stamp-It 2010!

Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!

69 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. The stamps loook really great!!!Today I do the household things, making beds and the laundry so I’ve got the weekend for myself anmy two little girls. Saturday we do the weekly shopping at the supermarket and then we will go to my parents and bring them the new computer, sunday it will be our pyjamaday, scrapping, reading and playing, relaxing before the new week begins.

  2. Vandaag (friday) moet ik gewoon aan het werk. Al is het met een flinke verkoudheid. Tomorrow i have a examen. Yes i know on saturday. Maar zondag is lekker mijn vrije dag. Rommelen in huis en scrappen uiteraard!

  3. Now in English:

    Today (Friday) I just have to work. Albeit with a big cold. Tomorrow i have a exam. Yes i know on saturday. But Sunday is my day off good. Mess in the house and scrappen course!

  4. Nice stamps!
    This weekend is a relaxed one. Saturday is our weekly supermarketed shopping day. Sunday will be a day together with my boyfriend and son. Playing games and having fun.

  5. The stamps look great. I’m going to my kids’ basketball games (4 total) and finishing up January pages.

  6. On the agenda this weekend is a hair cut for my youngest and a movie for my husband and I.

  7. My very best friend (who used to be my neighbor but moved four hours away last year) is here for the weekend visiting. So my weekend includes staying up late talking, watching movies, and taking lots of pictures.

  8. We are going bowling tomorrow afternoon with some friends… that is, if its doesn’t snow. It’s calling for snow here and everybody is excited!

  9. I worked all week and got sick on wednesday with a terrible cold. I went working but I just feel dreadfull now. So I’ll try to play a bit with my 2,5 year old son and try to rest this weekend. The stamps look awesome!

  10. The stamps look great! Our weekend is going to be relaxed. On Saturday afternoon we plan to take the kids to a potluck/movie night at church.

  11. I found the stamps very helpful last year and would love the new set.

    I will have my grandson for the weekend so my time on the computer will likely be “no time”. We will be building Lego and playing games :)

  12. Love these stamps!!!

  13. This weekend will be seeing me take the kids to swimming and kumon, as well as be with them as they practice for iron chef for school. That’s Saturday, lol! On Sunday we are participating in a survey being done about raising kids in this century (it’s a 5-year study and we’re on the 2nd year). Then we have Church and lunch and dinner with the families (mine and inlaws. BUSY!

  14. These stamps are great! Perfect for 365! Relax, Relax, Relax. After a busy week this is what my weekend will be full of! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  15. This weekend will include watching my nephew play basketball as well as watching he and his sister in our County 4-H Days.

  16. Lets see…tonight is Date Night (my parents are watching the kids). Tomorrow is two soccer games and dinner with friends. And sunday is working on a the loft we’re building in one of our rooms. Busy busy busy.

  17. I love the stamps. Plans for the weekend are to go to my granddaughter’s dance recital and TAKE PHOTOs! – and videotape if my husband can move. He fell on the ice last night and is in great PAIN!

  18. Going to pick my son up from college and spend some time with him!

  19. I love them!

    Let’s see, this weekend we have a primary activity in the morning and then we’re going to mega clean the rest of the day!

  20. Planning to enjoy the snow this weekend with my kids…we might get 6 inches….and I hope to get some good pictures for my 365 project…..I posted my first 3 weeks on my blog

  21. Weekend as follows:
    saturday morning swimming pool with kids, lunch at Grandma’s afternoon at home evening at work… usual!!!
    Sunday cinema with kids and evening at work :-(
    Thanks for the opportunity…Deborah

  22. Craft night tonight, symphony rehearsal tomorrow morning, photo shoot with my prego sister tomorrow afternoon & church on Sunday.

  23. I will be flying home from London.Thanks.

  24. Celebrate my husband’s birthday.

  25. We are going to clean out the garage. Thanks a lot.

  26. This weekend we have a Sock Hop, a birthday party and (hopefully) some sleep! Love the new stamps.

  27. My weekend will be sewing labels on blankets for homeless from our church and then Sunday church and then doing laundry for hubby for his trip next week.
    Love the stamps for 2010. :-)

  28. Oh, those are gorgeous stamps!!

    My plans this weekend are finish laundry, and start seriously cleaning one room each day. Saturday is probably going to be my kids’ bathroom. No matter how often I clean it, it still smells like a little boy, :lol:.

    Sunday is going to be time to relax with my husband. He’s worked 6 days this week, and I’ve missed him :)

  29. These stamps look fabulous!

    I’ve got a baby shower to go to, and then my husband and I are PAINTING! Finally, after a whole year of living in this house … we’re gonna at least get the guest room painted!

  30. Love those stamps. I don’t work on Friday’s so it is the day I get all the running around, errand type of thing done. I have been ‘collecting’ brushes for a while and now, with CS4, I can play with them.

  31. Great stamps! I really need to clean out my office this weekend.

  32. Those stamps are so great I couldn’t wait and just bought them.
    I have a baby’s first birthday party, and a grown up dinner date on Saturday with church on Sunday and afternoon tea with bookclub ladies.

  33. -•*'”*:•.-:¦:-•* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME *•-:¦:-•:*”*:•-:¦:- I am treating myself to a fab weekend with my girls tonight and my family tomorrow. A weekend of fun and playing and hopefully lots of picture taking. I adore these cute stamps and hope to get that 365 project underway. NOt much success last year!

  34. These date markers are so nice…this weekend my little boy and I will need to find something to do to keep us busy – my husband’s out of town. Maybe shopping?

  35. Our weekends around here are like week days since my husband goes to school all day Saturday…but we want to go out afterwards and buy a baby gate and get my ring cleaned. I think we’ll turn it into a date too. :)

  36. We are celebrating our 12th anniversary tomorrow, and attending a child’s fourth birthday with our son on Sunday. Thank you for a chance to win!

  37. Would sooo love to have these! Super stamps. Thank you!!

  38. Whoops! Almost forgot- weekend plans are to clean house, watch DS play church basketball, and celebrate my Mom’s b’day!

  39. These are so cute! Its going to be so cold here this weekend that I don’t want to go ANYWHERE! I think its a hot cocoa & fire in the fireplace kind of weekend! :)

  40. I love the new stamps! My weekend plans include an overnight date with my hubby with no kids – woohoo!!!!! :)

  41. I am having a surprise 50th birthday party for my husband.

  42. My weekend … SCRAPPING! and playing the Wii with family and hopefully watching a few movies too!

  43. Love the stamps! Busy weekend – Saturday is making sausages with my husband’s family and Sunday is helping my parents move. Hope to squeeze in a little time for scrapping!

  44. My plans are to just relax and do some scrapping. Maybe I’ll get some pictures cleared from the computer while I’m doing that. Love the stamps. could put them to use in my scrapping. Thanks for the chance.

  45. I’m going to a church breakfast with my daughter.

  46. Cool ! DH and DD are away for the weekend soooo….
    making a dress for a wedding,
    Life 365 catchup
    filling the birthday book
    and the freezer
    planning lessons for the week ahead
    ….. BUSY BUSY BUSY !!!
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  47. We will have dinner at our friend’s house.

  48. Going for “movie night” at a friends house. I think ‘Hangover’ is the movie she said we were going to watch. I heard it’s funny.

  49. I plan on watching some football – the Senior Bowl and the Pro Bowl. And, of course doing some scrapping.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  50. Yay – thanks, I’ve already bought it!

  51. These are great! Plans this weekend? Trying to find time to catch up on my project 365! You know, between laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping…. :)

  52. These look perfect for 365! I will be making some Valentines for friends and family. Should be fun!

  53. I plan to do a big cleaning in the house this weekend. Sooo not looking forward to it.

  54. Great stamps!!!
    I have to clean my house on the weekend. Not that I like it, but I have to!!!

  55. What a super idea! I just was introduced to this site by a great friend and now to see such an added bonus of this stamp set is icing on my cake. I know this set would be perfect to help scrap my 10 wonderful children, our crazy life and all the moments in between!

  56. No special plans for the weekend, work today and a party tonight

  57. Going to my son’s basketball game and packing to move.

  58. Great stamps, I’d love to win them! Having a quiet day on Saturday and meeting up with my sister and her husband for lunch on Sunday.

  59. Love these dates. Baking on Saturday and celebrating my son’s thirtieth birthday on Sunday!

  60. Thanks for the opportunity to win these, I’d love to have them for my 365 project, this is my first year doing it and so far I’m keeping up! My weekend will involve some household chores and hopefully time to catch up with scrapping.

  61. Great date stamps. I’m planning on a quiet weekend and catching up on all my correspondence.

  62. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely date stamps. If the weather stays fine I’m hoping to go for a walk with some friends in the Yorkshire Dales.

  63. When when the 365 February be up? Can’t wait!

  64. Trying to get well. Itsure would cheer me to be the winner!! Love the dates…it’s just what I need.

  65. Cleaning house so I don’t feel guilty going to my DD’s house and playing this afternoon! lol

  66. LOVE these stamps! Weekend plans- did a dog event yesterday and today cleaning. Took hubby to work then stopped and watched a gorgeous sunrise!

  67. weekend plans…stay warm in between shoveling more snow!

  68. I plan to stay inside with the family since it is supposed to snow all weekend!

  69. Yeah weekend! We are supposed to get some snow, so I hope to stay home, quilt, scrap, play with the kids, and just have a quiet weekend. That would sure be nice for a change. Oh wait, I just remembered that we have 2 basketball games on Saturday….so much for staying at home!