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Back into the swing of things!!

Hi everyone, Gina here!!  Things have been so busy the last few weeks with school starting, homework, and getting back into our routines it seems like there has been NO time to design!!  Finally I think have our schedule down so I can get back into the swing of things (and MORE designing)!!  I hope you all have had a great week and are ready for the weekend ahead!

I am happy to say that I have been able to get a few things in the shoppe this weekend – and it felt so great to design again!  :)  There is a new, fun alpha and a paper pack that has both funk and simplicity – the best of both worlds!

A fun and whimsical alpha with a little bling – ‘Glitzy Alpha’ is a large, cardboard alpha with colored gems added to brighten your pages. Throw one letter here or there to add a little pizazz to your page or use several for a bright, bold title.  You will love adding a little glitz to your pages!

Also, a paper pack with 12 colorful and funky papers that will go great with your LIFE 365 pages!  Also included is a great textured, basic cardstock paper in 20 colors that coordinate with the colorful and bright ‘Funky Papers.’

These new products are 20% off all weekend, so grab ’em and save a few $!  Also, check out our shoppe for other great deals throughout the weekend!

Before I go, I wanted to post a chance to give away these new items!!  We are going to our little home-town fair/carnival this weekend and then I am running a 5K on Monday!  Lots going on for us.. if you just let me know what fun little something you are up to this weekend and I will give away a couple of each new products to random winners!  So, lets hear it, and I hope you have a great one!!!  HUGS!

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  1. We are going to Burney Falls in northern California this weekend. We used to go all the time because my grandparents used to live there, so it will really be a trip down memory lane.

    I love the new products, but I’ve spent all my birthday money! Maybe I’ll win! Otherwise, have to save up for a while.

  2. We are going to go to a famous hot dog place for my step-father’s birthday. It should be fun to take the two hour drive. Hopefully we will also get some nice weather to go swimming.

    Thanks for the great new products!

  3. We are going out to dinner tonight-a last hurrah before school starts. The new papers are beautiful

  4. The town we live in is having it’s annual celebration! I can’t wait for the parade, the carnival and of course the very exciting PIG WRESTLING CONTEST! That’s always a very funny one to watch…hee hee!

  5. My 9 year old is playing in his first football game of the season!

  6. We are taking my son to the go kart track as a final hurrah before school starts next week!

  7. My daughters are going over to a friend’s house tomorrow so my husband and I will have some time to ourselves. Now that’s a treat!

  8. My friend and i are going shopping for a great autumn outfit!

  9. my little one turned 2 on tuesday and he got a bike. so we’ll try it out until the weather is still nice 😀

  10. As always Gina surprising us with this AWSOME stuff!! thanks!!!!
    We will go to see Ice Age 3 in 3d tomorrow afternoon!!!! and buy some stuff for the school of my girls!!!! and go for a pizza!
    Have a great weekend and Gina GOOD LUCK for the 5k !!!!

  11. We have lots of family birthdays so will be getting together with family -lots of photo ops – to celebrate. My brother was actually born on Labor Day many years ago. I wlays think that is funny. Would love to win one of these new products. I love all your work Gina!

  12. I am hoping that we get to go to the Italian Festival tomorrow! Lots of yummy food and it should be fun! I’m lovin’ the new goodies!

  13. This is my birthday weekend. My MIL’s birthday was last week, so we are going to her house on Sunday for a joint birthday celebration.

  14. yipee!!! yipee!! since school started last thursday and the list of the needed things were given only during tha first day of school, we will be going shopping for school supplies this saturday! i am excited…i love shopping for school supplies… though i don’t really let my kids know…hahaha.

  15. We are going to the local county fair one day and visiting my daughter in college another day. On Monday we will have a family picnic. Very busy weekend.
    Great new items!

  16. My DD’s 7th birthday party is tomorrow. Fun! Fun!

  17. I’m looking forward to having my husband home so I can get some work done! Not super exciting, but it’ll feel good to be productive:) Thanks for the chance to win, Gina. The new stuff is beautiful!

  18. Oh I LOVE these!!! We are up north this weekend (I’m lucky I have a little internet access) and going to a county fair tomorrow. I’ve never been. Fun! And hoping for some photo ops!

  19. Ohhh what luscious new goodies! This weekend we’re going to a surprise party for my DH’s clerk across the street. Wonder how long it’ll be before one of my boys kisses his daughter? lol

  20. Welcome back- we’ve missed you! I’m going to sit and stare at my dau in law until she goes into labor. This third grandson of mine just won’t appear!

  21. We are going to help put in new windows at my son’s house. Maybe not too exciting, but definately needed before winter gets here.

  22. I’m meeting with a potential dayhome client tomorrow, and then re-organizing the toy boxes. Hopefully I can get some scrapping squeezed in!

  23. it is labor day weekend and my mother is coming into town so that my husband and I can go on a trip to Chicago next week. so lots of packing, cleaning and preparing this weekend. thanks

  24. We are enjoying our two weeks off from work: try to get some scrapping done, I have to do the dishes from the dinner we had at our place last night for my husband’s birthday, and just enjoying some familytime

  25. Your new stuff is terrific as always. I don’t have much special going on this weekend, but today was a fun day with my two youngest granddaughters (5 and 1) at the lake where they found deer waiting to eat out of their hands. We saw does, bucks, and fawns, all gentle. The girls loved it!

  26. Great papers! My parents are coming to visit for Labor Day.

  27. As always your designs are fabulous. I love the papers especially. Good luck with the 5k run.

  28. Great papers and alpha! So fun! I’m running a 5k too on Sunday morning! Have fun and good luck with yours!

  29. My 2 oldest kids have football and volleyball games out of town. Hubby is swathing. I have two laundry baskets full of zucchini to shred! Then it’s on to the beets.

  30. Wow, the papers look stunning! I will have a “boardgame and last minute purchase” weekend. we had a busy week, so we need a break. My son starts kindergarden on monday, so there’s bound to be some stuff that I forgot to get.

  31. I am going to enjoy a blissful weekend with no plans or must do stuff at all…ahhhh…quiet and calm :-)

  32. We are going camping at the lake, and will be having tons of fun! Hopefully the weather will cooperate! haha.

  33. Love the new products! This weekend I’m going to try to potty train my twins, and then figure out my new iMac when I have time! :)

  34. Love your new kit! No out-of-town trips this year, just staying local and hanging out with friends, bbqing, spending time at the pool with the kids and enjoying our last weekend before school starts again on the 10th! I know…school starts really late in our school district. Looking forward to some extra time to scrapbook!

  35. These goodies are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win them :)
    As to what I’m up to this weekend: September is birthday month. This weekend we’re celebrating my mom and brother’s special days (as well as the start of spring) with a picnic at the Botanical Gardens.

  36. Good luck in the 5k – 5 metres is more my scene! Father’s Day in Australia on Sunday so it breaky in bed from the kids (he he) then lots of father – daughter play.

  37. Nice alpha!!!
    Its my youngest birthday tomorrow, so we have a party this weekend!

  38. We’re off to a giant science fair in Guildford which includes lots of astronomical exhibitions which DH will love and plenty of hands-on things for DS to play and learn with! Fingers crossed for sunny days :) Good luck in your race!

  39. I love football, college and pro, so I am doing a kickoff weekend with some scrapping when the games not on.

  40. Planning on watching football all afternoon. Can’t wait!!

  41. We have a low key weekend planned. My youngest started kindergarten and is having trouble getting through the week. She needs time to recoer.

  42. We plan to finish working on our deck and paint it, before it rains again.
    Thank you for a chance to win your fabulous new stuff.
    Good luck in your race.

  43. We plan on taking the kids to Lake Gregory to go fishing on Saturday. The rest of the weekend we will be hanging out at home grilling and enjoying the beautiful weather!

  44. Hi Gina, I’m glad you had time to design! :) We’re spending the long weekend at home and just relaxing – we sure need that!

  45. We are just having a lazy weekend at home….hopefully I will get some scrapping done! Love the new stuff!

  46. We are having a crawfish party with my parents and in-laws visiting. It will be so much fun seeing everyone and eating the delicious food!

    Good luck with the 5k run!

  47. Welcome back! Here in Australia it was Father’s Day today, so I had a lovely weekend with the family. I especially loved watching the kids spoil their Daddy!

  48. Yesterday we went to my friend’s little girl’s birthday party – it was the last pool party of the season. We had a great time!

  49. Hey Gina! Welcome back! This weekend – we went climbing up Rib Mountain in Wisconsin, and now I’m working at camp Sunday and Monday. What a busy weekend, but nice at the same time. Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck with the 5k! You go girl.

  50. We just got back from a little getaway ib San Diego to celebrate our 2nd anniversary on the 8th! It was our first vacation with our 6 month old, so different from when it was just the two of us!

  51. We just returned from a week long trip making a large loop and visiting all our family – some we haven’t seen for several years!

  52. We were at my friends new house on house worming party!!! My children felt in love with an old loft full of hey. The were jumping and sliding and having a big fun there!

  53. My brother is getting married, so our whole family (about 20 of us) are flying from New Zealand to Australia for it. It’s going to be a bit of a family reunion at the same time. We will also get to see my other brother’s identical twin girls for the first time (they’re about 6 weeks old), so yay, we’re going to have a blast.