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tell me about your christmas wishes

everyone of us has wishes – especially for christmas.

so let me know about your special christmas wishes.

we won’t leave you without a little gift. so I thought I create a QP for you to write down your wishes.

*Sorry link expired*

to give you a little inspiration I filled my page – what do you think?

and, if this is not enough, we will RAK 3 lucky winners with a $ 5 GC to our shoppe!

just leave a comment here with your christmas wishes – can’t wait to hear about!

wishing you a relaxed day,


166 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Three Christmas Wishes:
    1. That my sister will have a nice Christmas with her kids.
    2. That everyone will be healthy for Christmas (no colds lol)
    3. That I don’t gain ONE pound from eating all the yummy foods ! ROFL

    Thanks for the freebies ladies ! Very nice !!

  2. What a great collection this is! I love them all and you gals are knocking socks off with them! Thank you…
    As for my Christmas wish this year, I want to sell my house and move into my new one! Of course I also have the usual ending to any kind of human suffering.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful pieces to this collection and the chance to win too!

  3. Right now I just wish I knew what in the world to get my husband for Christmas! Actually, I also am wishing for my business to be more prosperous in 2009…Santa, are you listening?

    Thanks for another fantastic goodie!

  4. I wish for a healthy season, resolution with my father’s health and most of all a healthy New Year as this past year was not an easy one.

    Love the freebies!! TY!!

  5. My family has been dysfunctional this year and I wish for resolution.
    I also wish for better health for my husband and son who are both ill.
    And I wish good decision making and cooperation for our new President. We all need good news.

  6. I wish that by this time next year my 24-year-old son would be totally past his current health crisis.
    I wish for love, joy, and peace for my family.
    And I wish for an end to this recession!!

  7. I wish for a healthy, happy, and safe new year for family and friends. And thank you for the wonderful QP!

  8. I’m wishing for a fun day spent together with my hubby and kids, enjoying their gifts, laughing and playing together. And enjoying a yummy batch of monkey bread!

  9. For a safe holiday for my family and friends; more time to spend with said family and friends; more time to scrap!

  10. I wish, I wish, I wish for a better 2009 and that my business will come off the ground! And more goodness from W&W LOL
    Thanks for the QP

  11. I wish I could spend Christmas with my son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter. However, since they live in Japan and air fare is ridiculous, that’s all it can be: a wish!

  12. i whis me that my family to keep well and fit
    and peace all over the globe

    thank you for this wonderful qp, and thank for the to win a gc for your store

    hugs netty

  13. I’ve already gotten my greatest Christmas wish. I work in the hospital, which means I usually have to work holidays. This year I have Christmas Eve AND day off and I get to spend it with my family. Everything else will just be icing…

  14. what a gorgeous gift!
    thank you so much for such wonderful presents for Xmas!!

  15. I wish that I could find enough of everything so I could go on holiday with my family

  16. I wish that my 97 year old grandmother (who has just been diagnosed with cancer but has not yet been told–and probably won’t be) has a wonderful, blessed Christmas surrounded by those she loves.

  17. Thank you for all the beautiful treats.
    My wish is for my family and marriage to be restored.

  18. I wish more time to play with my kids, health, many fun with my friends.
    Thanks for this great freebie

    Mel and her 7 kids and baby inside :-)

  19. I wish SNOW for everyone!

  20. My sister and brother-in-law are having big trouble with the business they own. The sales have dropped by $16,000 a week and they cannot refinace any of the loans they have out the bank has told them, so they may loose the business and two homes they own. I wish so much that they could find a solution to this terrible business situation. I can’t imagine loosing your home. I wish I had a million dollars to give to them. My brother-in-law has worked very hard for over 20 years in this business and it is a real shame this is happening to such hardworking nice people. I hope you have a nice holiday. Thank you for this lovely qp!

  21. Thank you for the lovely QP! All the freebies have been fab! My wish is to be with my family for Christmas. They live on the other side of the globe so it’s not possible but I wish I could be with them and love on them in the flesh!

  22. Thank you for the awesome gifts.

    I wish for my siblings and all of my family to be to get through pain that we are going through right now.

    Merry Christmas everyone

  23. My Christmas wish is a little glimpse of heaven for everyone. Love, happiness, peace, acceptance, joy… heaven.

  24. My three wishes are as follows:
    1. To finish writing my first book about my familys’ health battle with hemochromatosis. I will use the royalties to pay off my brothers, parents mortage.
    2. To be the best, most loving Auntie I can to my 10 yr old niece and nephew whose parents are battling eachother instead of loving every moment with their family.
    3. My last wish is for me personally. I want a wish that can remind me EVERYDAY that it is okay to breathe.

  25. My wish is that everyone reading and posting will have a safe and fabulous holiday. I hope the economy gets better and everyone prospers in the New Year.

  26. I already have my wish, I have a wonderful Husband and Son.
    Although a few more books are always welcome ;o)

  27. Christmas wishes… I’ve actually been really happy! I’d just wish that everyone has a wonderful christmas with their family. :)

  28. thank you very much for this wonderful gift!!
    my wish…spend christmas with my ‘whole’ family… but we are all scattered now all over the world. but maybe someday…i will just keep my wish til it comes true.happy holidays everyone!!

  29. *thank you*
    for that darling page!
    my wishes…
    the first one was that my children understand that giving isn’t necessarily about how much you spend (and that wish is already blossoming – amazing, wonderful and giving children i have been blessed with)

    secondly, that everyone is safe and gets to and from *home* safely

    and finally, i am hoping very much that we can travel the 200 short miles to spend a christmas with MY PARENTS for the first time since we’ve been married – we’ve made it before christmas, we’ve made it after christmas – but this year my baby sister is starting her own new tradition of serving christmas morning breakfast at their house – AND I WANT TO BE THERE – so i’m praying that gas stays cheap and God blesses us with clear or at least passable roads :)

  30. Me and my husband expect our 1st baby on May 2009. We hope that everything will be good!!! That’s our biggest wish!

  31. My Christmas wish is for that my life get back to some kind of normalcy. A steady full-time job that I can stand, more friends, being a better mom to my son, all my debts that have accumulated to be paid, caught up on my bills, some decent clothes without stains/holes. I also want my family/friends to be healthy and happy. That is my Christmas wish.

  32. I wish peace and securuity to raise my kids. happy holidays everyone!

  33. I’m sorry. I forgot to say thank you.
    You ladies are all so generous!

  34. I wish more time with my son and man, health, many fun with my friends.

    Thanks for this great freebie

  35. Thanks for the gorgeous quickpage sweetie! My christmas wish….that my best friend is going to win her battle…

  36. Thank you Gabs for yet another BEAUTIFUL quick page! You ladies TOTALLY rock!

    My wish for this Christmas is that NO one have to spend it alone that does not wish to. I wish for there to be enough volunteers and/or family members, friends, neighbors close enough to ensure that everyone has companionship and/or someone to share a meal and some good conversation with.

    Wishing you all a GLORIOUS week ahead!

    Linda :)

  37. I wish for better health for my daddy and for no hospital stay in 2009. I wish for strenght for my mommy, for happiness for my two sisters, for love for my husband and DD.

    I also wish for a good year 2009 because with January our Slovak crown is gone and we have Euro.



  38. Thanks so much for the pretty QP !
    I wish my daughter can go to better school soon.

  39. Lovely idea and QP, thank you! My wishes, hmmmm…. Well, I would like for my family to continue to be healthy. I wish I could get back the full range of motion on my left shoulder. I wish my mom would return to her faith in God and begin attending worship services again. I wish the CEO’s of all the big businesses wouldn’t be so greedy and power hungry. I wish that all our armed service men and women could return home forever. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I’m like everyone else – I’m not wishing for stuff, just peace, hope and love.

  40. Thank you for all the beautiful treats , i will be come back tomorrow *gg*

  41. ääähhhmm and merry Christmas :)

  42. This year, I just wish that everyone finds their Christmas/holiday spirit. With the economy the way it’s been, it seems so much of my family and friends is finding it hard to get in the mood this year. Everyone seems grumpy and out of sorts, and it’s a horrible sight to see. So my wish this season – good will towards all – no matter how corny that sounds.

    Thanks for all the freebies, ladies! Love them!

  43. I wish for my husband to recover from his spinal injury and for us all to have a wonderful christmas, happy and safe christmas.

  44. 1st thing off the top of my head – peace of mind. For everyone.

    Thank you so much for all the BEAUTIFUL gifts.

  45. my baby is due xmas day – my wish is to not be in labour while the rest of my family are enjoying xmas lunch!

  46. i wish for more time to do all that i want to do, more laughter and love for everyone in the world, and this awesome 6-bundle plugin software that i’ve been dying to get. hehehe

  47. Thank you for the QP! My wish is that 2009 be a more financially stable year for us.

  48. Thank you for the QP!
    Sadly, my Christmas wishes are material right now. I’d like a Zune MP3 player or a Nintendo DS to pass the time at my allergy shot appts when I have to sit for 30 min after I get my shots.

  49. Thank you for the wonderful quick page! I just wish that things were better in the world. . .for everybody.

  50. I have to “ditto” what LynnZ expressed just before me. Think that says it all!

  51. Thank you so much for the darling QP and reminding us to think about life. I wish that there were more time in a day to spend with my family. Our best friend just found out that he had Lou Gehrigs Disease and I wish for him & his wife the most wonderful Christmas he can ever have since it may be his last.

  52. I wish to have unlimited time and energy

  53. Today I take my husband to the hospital for a heart catherization & stents put in. My wish is for all to be ok & I bring my hubby home to be with me for Christmas. That’s allllll I want.

  54. I wish that all the people in Santa Catarina (Brazilian State that suffered with floods) have not only a nice Christmas but also a lot of hope, strength and receive charity from all over for reconstructing a new city and a new life…
    I wish that every needy kid sees hope for a life that worth fighting for….
    I wish people look around and really “see” each other and make a simple gesture as a friendly smile to make the world a better place to live in….

  55. That our family time together is funfilled and that we continue to have peace, good health, and always remember to share God’s love with others.

  56. Oooh – great QP! thanks for sharing.

    My wishes… actually just one. That we’re all healthy. I have everything else I could possibly need, and darn close to everything I want. :)

  57. I am hoping that this Christmas will be great family time! I also hope it will snow!!!! :)

  58. I wish for some nice quiet time at Christmas so that I can unwind a little bit after a hectic 2008.

  59. of course I wish and pray for us to all be safe, healthy and happy. and on a more serious note, not to be selfish but I pray for my husband. He all ready has the stress of a struggling single income family..but I pray for strength and luck to make it threw his company’s layoffs.

  60. I wish for the automakers to get their loans so my husband can have a job. And I wish I could turn back time and have my dad with us. Peace, comfort and maybe some joy to one and all.

  61. What beautiful pages you guys come up with!

    I wish for a healthy and happy holiday for all those I love and all those they love and all those they love and on and on!

  62. I wish for better economic times. While the economy doesn’t really effect me at the moment because I am still in school with loans, I see the hurt and hardship it brings to others.

  63. I wish for everyone to have a safe and happy White Christmas with family and/or friends.

  64. I got some snow – which is one of my wishes – I also wish for family and friends to gather here with us and for all to travel safely!! Thanks for all the amazing gifts!!

  65. First I’d like to thank you for sharing all your beautiful creations with us! My Christmas wish is for my family to be healthy–spiritually, mentally, and physically.

  66. Oh wow gabs that is just fabulous!!!! Thanks girl!! you are a scrapping maniac! As for my Wish, that would be for a healthy baby boy to be delivered! :):)

  67. Thank you for this lovely freebies!
    My wish for Christmas is only to be with my family together in peace.

  68. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts. My wish is for 2009 to be better than 2008. We suffered the loss of three loved ones all within one week’s time. Very heavy hearts as we work through the first without them.

  69. Thank you so much for these beautiful daily gifts and for this lovely quick page. I echo most every wish that has already been expressed in terms of wishes for others and for the world. My family and I are blessed, and so I am just thankful for the fact that in that respect, all my wishes have already come true. But yes, I wish for a nice time with us all together over the holidays.

  70. Well, first at all q BIG THANK YOU WW TEam for this fantastic gifts!!!!

    One of my wishes for Christmas is keep being healthy, together with my family and with a job and another one is bring my daddy from Peru to Rome for some months with us!

  71. I wish for a quiet and loving Christmas celebration after a turbulant year. That’s my big wish *LOL* -but my smaller and more urgent one is to get well! I am sitting here with the flu and wodnering how to get done with all the preparations. At least I get some scrapping done…

  72. What a gorgeous QP! Thank you! I am wishing for health and happiness for my family and friends!

  73. Well, mostly I want everything to go smoothly since my SIL, her hubby and 5 kids are spending Christmas with us. :)

    Out of our budget, I’d love a serger. :)

    Besides that, I just look forward to seeing the excitement on my daugther’s faces!

  74. I’d like nice weather Christmas Day so I can travel to my daughters 60 miles away.

  75. My Wish is that I can finally have a baby in 2009. I have PCOS / Infertility and have one miracle who BTW turns 4 today!!! ♥ :) Happy Birthday Erick!!!….
    and I lost 3 pregnancies after last one I lost on 9/11 this year and was Due April 2nd 2009. :(
    I would have been 24 weeks today and it still breaks my heart. So My wish is that I can finally have a happy ending.. it’s too emotionally overwhelming to lose not one but 3 one after the other.. I feel like I will never relax about any pregnancy an I feel cheated. :(
    So that’s my wish. Wish me luck in 2009. ♥
    Merry Christmas!!!


  76. I wish for a Happy Healthy new Year for all my family and friends. I hope the state of our nation becomes more prosperous and I wish for integrity and honesty for all the politicians.

  77. My Christmas wish this year is that my family is healthy and my Mom’s beloved dog of 14 years is in a better place now. She lost her to cancer last week and your pet really is family.

  78. I wish to have a happy and healthy new year with my 3 wishes that have already come true – my husband and my 2 incredible daughters!

  79. thank you all so much for all the gifts… they are all wonderful… my Christmas wish? I wishing for a turn-a-round in the economy and hoping that everyone can overcome the difficult times we’re having and have a fabulous holiday!

  80. Thanks ever so much for this fantastic QP. I love the composition and design work. As for my Christmas wishes ~ well, again this year, I will be far away from my family and not get to enjoy Christmas with my five small grandchildren. My Christmas wish is to have lots and lots of photos of them to scrap with since I can’t afford to go home to share in the festivities with them, make crafts with them, and give them lots of hugs and kisses.

  81. I’m wishing for a Silent Night! Gosh – 2 small kiddos does not make for a quiet house :)

    I love the layouts – all of them! Happy Holidays!

  82. Thank you for the adorable freebie! My christmas wish is for a happy and healthy new year for my family!

  83. Thank you for all of the wonderful freebies!

    My Christmas wish is that we will have a happy, healthy Christmas! (and I wish that you and yours have the same!)

  84. I wish for a healthy and happy new year!

  85. I wish that my DH’s job eases up a little so he can be home more – without guilt, and that everyone else’s wishes be granted; I guess we’re doing OK.

    (thanks for the QP, it’s lovely!)

  86. Great QP!! My Christmas wish is that my brother would snap out of his mood and start speaking to his family again. He got married about 3 years ago and his wife has managed to corupt him so much that he will not speak to his family or let anyone see his daughter. It is killing my mom, and I just wish, for her sake, that he would come to his senses.

    It won’t happen – but I can still wish, right?

  87. Thank you so much for all the wonderful treats – it really is fun to come here each and every day!
    As for my wishes – first I wish for health for all my family, including my third baby that is due in June. Second I wish we would finally find a new house to live in that is big enough for our growing family.
    And I think that is quite a lot to wish for…
    A merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year!

  88. Thx for the QP!!!!!!!!!! i wish for health and happiness for my fam!

  89. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifties. My wish is for peace.

  90. My biggest wish is that I want my whole family to get along & be able to spend the holidays together!

    Thanks for the lovely QP!!

  91. Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL qp! my wishes for Christmas are:
    my first wish is for a designer on the web named Mermaid, you might know her as Candee, i wish she gets a computer so she can keep designing (hers died) and my second wish is for me to meet my grandchild. i met him when he was 6 weeks old and then his parents divorced and a flood caused me to lose track of him. recently his mother & i have been in touch so my wish is to get together again and hold my grandchild who is now 13!! 😀 Thanks soo much for sharing this FUN!! 😀

  92. Thank you for the beautiful freebies! My wish is for my family’s health, safety and continued and sustained faith in our Lord thoughout the new year.

  93. My mother is coming for Christmas so my wish is that she and my hubby can get along for 10 days! In other words PEACE is my wish LOL.

  94. Definitely a new camera!

  95. Thank you for the freebies. They’ve all been great. My wish this year is that my husband and I are able to afford to go spend Christmas with his extended family as this will be our first Christmas since his mother’s passing this summer.

  96. Thank you so much for the wonderful quickpage! It’s just beautiful! My greatest wish this year would be to have our dd and dgd be able to be with us! They moved last spring and it will be our first Christmas apart!

  97. Wow, this QP is awesome, thanks so much. My greatest wish is that my 86 yr old Dad does well with his surgery on Dec 22 and for health, safety and happiness for all of our family.

  98. Thanks for the great qp! :)

    *Wow* to everyone’s wishes…as I was reading them there were so many that echoed my thoughts or I immediately send up a quick prayer for hope. With that, I sincerely wish and pray that 2009 brings with it hope for all of us and we can all start to see some sort of light at the end of whatever dark and dismal tunnel that we or our friends and families seem to be stuck in right now. And in that light, I pray that we will find comfort, peace, and happiness. It has to get better – and it will – and we will make it. :)

  99. First, Thanks again for such a wonderful gift you guys are
    Great! Christmas wish – to all for Joy, Peace, and Love – here’s to a better New Year! and a Very Merry Christmas!

  100. I’m wishing for a new lens!! We’re going to be starting a photog business in 2009, so adding to our stash would be good!
    Thanks again!!

  101. My Christmas wish.. is to see my family who lives 1000 miles away at the time. It has been a long time since I have seen them for Christmas… so this is my wish. Thanks for the chance to win a WW Rak.

  102. I have such an awesome life there is not to much to wish for except that the good lord continues to look down on us and love and protect us from the pain and strife that afflict so many wonderful people. Thank you for such beautiful gifts you girls have put together for us, spending the time to share at such a busy time of the year is truly the spirit of giving.

  103. My christmas wish is for the US to pull itself up by its bootstraps and get the financial markets and jobs rolling again and for the world to follow. So many are hurting this year, so many families become homeless – it is painful to know this when I feel so blessed to have my home, my family in good health, excess food on our table and good friendships with many. My personal wish for myself would be for my husbands company NOT to go out of business as we already dealt with him out of work for 3 months last year!

  104. Thanks so much for the freebies ladies; I look forward to them everyday!
    Christmas wishes:
    1. A smooth cross country move for my family.
    2. Many blessings for all the wonderful people we are leaving.
    3. Warm wishes and good health for our family we will miss so much this year.


  105. My parents house burned to the ground on Thanksgiving morning. They lost everything and don’t have fire insurance. I wish for them : comfort in their hearts that they are loved, hope to rebuild and refresh, and knowledge they were the most important thing in the house .

  106. Thanks so much for all the lovely gifts you have given us over the last few days…love your stuff.
    I just have one BIG Christmas wish…that for once, my son will truly welcome my husband of 33 years into his home.

  107. My Christmas wish is to see my sisters and nieces and nephews and hug and kiss them and wish them a merry Christmas.

    Thank you once again for a lovely page. Great job Gabs!

  108. I fervently wish for good health – for ALL of my family, please. Please. PLEASE.

    Lovin’ the goodies, thank you so much!

  109. I love all the wonderful gifts you all have made for us and appreciate them. If I had 3 wishes. 1. I’d want my children to be healthy and happy. 2. I’d wish for every child everywhere that celebrates christmas to have at least one present under the tree. 3. I would wish that we could all work together to solve the problems of the world instead of killing each other over them.

  110. I wish i could be with my daughter and GKs this Xmas!

  111. Thanks, Gabs!

    I am wishing for health for my family. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. My Christmas wish : that everyone would get their Christmas wishes! Merry Christmas, everyone…
    Thanks for QP…love it!

  113. Thanks for the cute qp. My wish is for everyone to be safe and healthy over the holiday season and enjoy the time together with their family.

  114. With two little ones at home, I’m wishing for:
    1) silence
    2) sleep
    3) magic powers

  115. My wish is that people around the globe will all find love in their hearts for each other. I wish to erase hurt and pain so they can feel love and joy. My wish is to surround myself with those I adore and know they are all blessed with health, happiness and everything wonderful. I guess I just wish to fix everything…but…that’s not my job, so I’m going to settle for wishing that all my wishes are granted :) Thank you for such wonderful, beautiful gifts everyone, they are very special and mean alot! Bless you all.

  116. I am loving the freebies, thanks so much!! My Christmas wish is simply to watch my children enjoy the holiday season with family that they don’t get to see very often!

  117. Thanks for this wonderful qp. Merry Christmas!

  118. Thank you so much! It is beautiful!

  119. Thank You for the very nice Christmas freebies!!
    My wish is for a “Merry Christmas to all”

  120. I wish health for me and my mom, if we have that we can go for everything we need!!

    happy holidays, girls!!

  121. wow beautiful QP hun, love it!

  122. I wish to see lots more of my sister! I hadn’t seen her in 20 years (she’s 27 now) and met her again in 2008!

    Thanks for all the nice xmas goodies girls!!

  123. thanks for the beautyfull gifts.

    i wish that my godchild can have a nice christmas,because she is very sick and will die.

  124. My Christmas wish list:

    My children will enjoy their day, even with the small amount of gifts they will receive.

    That my uncle will beat his colon cancer and pancreas cancer

    That WWD will ignore my first two requests and give me my real wish (a gift cert for their shop – lol)

  125. 1. The kids enjoy Christmas day and understand more than that it is just about presents.
    2. Safe travels for the family members traveling for Christmas.
    3. Being able to stick to my budget.

  126. My wishes:
    1) That my mom will feel good for Christmas (she has a lot of health issues)
    2) That my boys enjoy their day
    3) That I am surprised by something this year! LOL

  127. #1 is to see Happy children on Christmas morning, and #2 get Jolly Holiday.

  128. Thanks for the lovely QP. My wish is to see my children for Christmas and to have a prosperous new year.

  129. Thank you! My Christmas wish is that my 15 year old son, who is 9 hours away at boarding school, will submit to what God is trying to teach him and start making some serious changes in his life.

  130. After reading numerous posts, I wish for relief to all those who are enduring difficulties in their life. I wish to give more than I receive. Thank you for the beautiful freebies!

  131. My Christmas wish is for a new computer and more time to scrapbook.

  132. I wish for a prosperous new year for our economy so the suffering of so many can be relieved, good health for my family members who have experienced some medical problems and the safety of my brother in Afghanistan over the next year.

  133. I am loving all these goodies. I am wishing for my Mom and Dad safe travels as they come out west for Christmas this year.

  134. that everyone would be able to have access to clean water!

  135. My Christmas wishes… that my parents who are 800 miles away will still have Christmas cheer, and health.

  136. My Christmas wish is that the US (and the globe) come out of this recession quickly, and that people are able to make ends meet and survive through this economy.

  137. My wish is easy this year…that my son who left home two weeks ago would get his problems sorted out and come home :o(

  138. Thank you for another lovely gift.

    My wish is that research will hurry along so my youngest daughter’s cord blood stem cells can be used to treat my oldest daughter’s cerebral palsy!

  139. I wish for love, peace and joy to all my love ones…I wish we are all together, forever!

    Thanks for the pretty QP!^^

  140. Thanks so much for all of the freebies!!

    I wish for a memorable Holiday season with friends and family! Lots of laughter and happy memories included!

  141. Thank you for the wonderful freebie.. Now for my Christmas wishes.
    Good health, happiness and lots of good food for everyone!

  142. Thanks so much for todays gift. My wish is for peace!

  143. I wish that everyone is able to take a break from the difficult situations we are all facing, either personally or just because of the economy, and enjoy the holiday season with their family and friends.

  144. My wish is for continued happiness for my family – even the ones that get on my nerves!

  145. I wish for good health….and some added patience to deal with my IL’s! lol!

  146. I wish that my sister and husband won’t loose their house due to this economy. My bil lost his job and my sis is the only one working right now. That is my wish.

  147. After three heartbreaking losses this year, my only wish is for my unborn baby to make it to March and be born healthy

    Thank you all so much for all the great giveaways!

  148. Thank you so much for the most lovely Christmas gifts.

    My wish is that ALL human beings on this earth would follow the golden rule: Do unto others …Our world NEEDS to be a better place for everyone.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  149. I wish for a better economy this year!!!!

  150. I usually try to be unselfish with my wishes. But I have to be honest and say my wish is for help in my household. Working full time and having two very busy kids and a workaholic hubby, I feel overwhelmed at this time of year!

  151. I truly wish for peace for the world. With peace, all else will be possible.

  152. I have 2 Christmas wishes –
    1. We find out Wednesday (Christmas Eve) whether our daughter is having a boy or girl in May 09 Our first Grandchild – we don’t care which as long as both of them are healthy!
    2. And in this economy that our son will not lose his job and that our son-in-law finds one!

  153. I can’t seem to get the gift for today. It says photobucket bandwidth exceeded. But I do wish for health and well-being for my family. We’ve been through it this past year. I hope for God’s best for us all.

  154. Thank you so much! I am just happy to spend Christmas with my family, I cannot wish for anything else! Well, actually, that digital SLR wouldn’t be a bad idea….. 😛

  155. My Christmas wish is that my boys understand the true meaning of Christmas. And that family members that are fighting in the war return home safely.

    Thanks for the great QP

  156. I wish for the boys to remember this Christmas forever. They are at a perfect age to enjoy the magic of Christmas. Hoping for a healthy one, since last year I had the stomach flu.

  157. Beautiful page and I love your wish! Here’s wishing (if its in Gods plan) for a return of health for my DH and myself! Apart from that I wish that everyone could produce at least 1 smile a day for the next year….I think the world would be happier…don’t you?

  158. Thank you so much, Merry Christmas!

  159. I wish for happiness for everyone.
    Also for everyone to be safe this holiday season especially our military who are at home or abroad.
    Last that our daughter has a healthy baby in Mar.

    Thank you for all your goodies!! Sad tho that todays exceeded bandwidth and wasn’t able to get it but that’s ok.

  160. My Christmas Wishes:
    “World Peace and Good will towards all men, woman and especially little children.

  161. thank you so very much for these wonderful quick pages and enjoyed viewing your layouts :)

  162. My wish is for the members of my family that do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior will come to know Him this year.

  163. I just love your site. Been here every single day…so hurry back. Your work is amazing. Thanks for being so sweet and sharing your beautiful talent with us all. Merry Christmas.

  164. Merry Christmas from Utah!! Thanks for the free alphabet. It is lovely.

  165. It seems like something is missing, no?