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The W&W Designer Birthday SALE is here!

Hi ladies!!  Gina here and giving you the 411 on our sale going on right now!!

“Mega” is the key word this weekend! Mega Birthday Sale, and NEW MEGA kits!

First, check out Heidi’s newest series, “Crazy About Patterns” – Bright and colorful to add PUNCH to your LIFE 365 layouts and other projects! You’ll find a Paper Pack, Alpha, Journal Strips, or save when you purchace them together in the Collection. Sale priced for the week end!

Pat and I have put together a Fun and Funky Birthday Party Mega Pack which includes Paper pack, Embellishments and an Alpha pack. Purchase them individually or Save with the Mega Pack! Sale priced this week end!

So, that is the new stuff!!  Now is the time to grab the goods that are on your wishlists at great discounted prices!

***And now… announcing the ‘Wishlist Winner’ for FRIDAY!!! Using a Random Number Generator, the lucky winning # from 1 to 50 is…………………………………  So CONGRATS ShannonFRO84!! I will be in touch with you about what item you would like to have!!

****Ok, I am back for SATURDAY’s “Wishlist Winner”!!! Sooo, the lucky winning # today is……………………… Congratulations Katie N.!!!  You won “That Summer Feeling” so watch for an email soon!!!!

Hello ladies!!  I am back to announce Sunday’s winner!! Or rather, winnerS – I decided to pick *2* more just for fun!!  Soo, according to the good ol’ RNG, todays lucky winners are……………….

and….  So, CONGRATulations Tammy and Ann!!! I will be in touch with you shortly to give you your Wishlist item!!  Thanks so much for playing everyone and thank you all for your kind comments!!

Have fun shopping, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!  xoxo!

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  1. Happy birthday to Gina,Pat,Heidi.
    Hope you have wonderful birthdays !
    As for item in my wishlist,it is THE DELIGHTFULL COLLECTION. They are georgeus.
    Thanks for a chance to win the gift and thank you for the sale.
    Hopefully it will be Friday soon.

  2. Happy birthdays!!!! And thank you so very much for arranging the sale and the chance to win. I will keep my eyes out for the “LIFE 365 – Signature CHALK!” during the sale.

  3. Oh, there are so many beautiful things I want, this could be a long list! But one of my favorites is the Happy Garden Collection. Just gorgeous! Happy birthday to each of you!

  4. Have a wonderful birthday ladies!!! Make sure you do something special for yourself. You deserve it! I’m looking forward to this awesome sale. One of the items on my wish list is the Jolly Holiday collection.

  5. Happy birthday, girls!!

    The Life is Good collection is at the top of my wish list. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Happy birthdays! My wishlist is quite long, but one of my favorites is That Summer Feeling. I just love the doodled paper and the hand-drawn elements.

  7. Happy birthday! On my wish list is a Jolly Holiday and That Summer Feeling and…OK, I’ll stop there. Can’t wait for the sale!

  8. Happy birthday! I passed up the Ransom Note wordart Bundle a while back, but it’s now on my wishlist! I’m so happy I still have my own birthday money left to spend this weekend!

  9. Love it all but I’m wishing for anything from That Summer Feeling.

  10. Ok, I’m going to be greedy here because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the Delightful Collection!

  11. Oh wow!! Happy birthday!! and thanks for the chance to win! I would love the happy garden collection! Its my favorite.

  12. Happy Birthdays Ladies! Mine is at the end of the month and I’m getting excited too. Thank you for the awesome sale and I’d love to have the That Summer feeling collection. I haven’t had a chance to buy it as we’ve been on holiday. xxx

  13. The truth? I fear I don’t have enough restraint to say there’s anything I want … that I haven’t already purchased! Can’t wait to see the new release!

  14. Oh goodness…this is exciting. Happy Birthday! I am going to pick up That Summer Feeling. I don’t know why I didn’t purchase it at its release.

  15. Happy Birthday to all, top of my wishlist would be The Summer Feeling.

  16. I am like som many others here….too many choices, I couldn’t wait to buy some of my favs (Kickin up the Leaves and Breathe of Fresh Air are getting a major scrap workout this month, even decorated my blog with them,lol) I have FOUR othere on my list I don’t have….and “My Favorite Thing” is on top! Have a fabulous birthday weekend and see ya at the sale!….I just love a sale….sigh

  17. I was on vacation when “That Summer Feeling” was released and I missed it. So it’s definitely on my wish list!!

  18. Happy Birthday Girls! 😀 I would love Love LOVE to have The Happy Garden Collection – or just the elements at least! :) Thank You for the awesome sale!

  19. Hope you all enjoyed your birthdays! There are so many great w&w things it’s hard to choose a fave, but I’d have to say full of wonder. Thanks for the chance to play & for the great sale!

  20. Happy Birthday Ladies !
    I also have a birthday coming in a few weeks.
    That Summer Feeling Collection is on my wishlist.

  21. Happy Birthdays!!! I just recently discovered your site and I have just been drooling over your collections, especially the Life 365 – Tool Box Collection. I look forward to lots of fun scrapbooking times with items from your store!

  22. Thanks for a great b-day celebration! Happy birthday! The first item on my wishlist is That Summer Feeling collection. Can’t wait to check out the sale!

  23. Happy Birthday!! I love your site and have quite an extensive purchase list. The next thing on my list is the Jolly Collection. Thanks for the sale.

  24. Oh fun! We celebrated a birthday at our home this week too! Aren’t they so fun! Hmmm…I think at the top of my wish list would have to be either the Jolly collections or the happy garden collections! Both are amazing!

  25. Happy Birthday WW!!! Top of my wish list would be Gina’s brand new collection ‘That Summer Feeling’. :)

  26. Hi Gina, Heidi and Pat! Birthdays are wonderful days of celebrating the life we have! Trust you have a great time celebrating with each other.
    Thanks for the change for a bday gift!HE HE on your bdy!! I have been looking at Soft & Shabby Elegance – Paper Pack to go with the Grandmothers pressed flower pack I bought not too long ago.


  27. Happy birthday to each of you. Thanks for celebrating with us. There are many things on my wish list from W&W, but I would really love to have the Snippets collection. Thanks so much for the chance to get such a nice present on your birthdays.

  28. Happy birthday to all of you!! Thanks for tinking of us with that awesome sale! I absolutely love the Life is Good collection.

  29. GOSHHH I love this celebrations!!!!! Thank you so much WW girls!!!
    In my wish list is the “feeling summer” kit and the last hodge podge
    Thanks again and tanti baci

  30. Happy Birthday to you all! Sales, I love sales!
    Signature Tape is on my wishlist.

  31. HodgePodge #14 is on my wishlist!

  32. Happy Birthday!! I love the Shabby Cottage by the Sea & Rose Garden Collection

  33. Happy Birthday to you all! I am wishing for Crazy About Dots and stripes Combo.

  34. Happy birthday to all of you! :)
    One thing on my wishlist is ‘That Summer Feeling Collection’. I can’t justify another collection in my budget, but I sure would LOVE to scrap with that fun doodly summer stuff!

  35. Happy Birthday to you all. If I could chose anything from the store I would chooose the Happy Garden collection or the cute Birthday papers and elemenst that just popped up in there.

  36. Happy Birthday . For me it is the Snippets and That Summer Feeling. Oops that is two

  37. First of all, congratulations!

    I love the That Summer Feeling.

    Have a happy birthday,

  38. Happy Birthday ladies!

    I have had my eyes on the Jolly Holiday Mega kit for some time. Actually since I first found W&W.
    Thanks again,

  39. Happy Birthday to the three of you! My wishlist favourite is Jolly Holiday – Doodles.

  40. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
    Tops on my wish list is the Full of Wonder kit. Love the touches of black!

  41. Happy Birthday to all of you!! I’ve been wanting the Happy Garden collection forever! – Thank you for an awesome sale!

  42. Jolly Holiday The Collection has been on No. 1 spot on my wish list since I have discovered Weeds&Wildflowersdesign.

    Happy Birthday to all of you wonderful designers here at W&W.

  43. Happy Birthday!! Would love the Life 365 celebrating colour painted alpha combo pack. Thanks for the great sale – am off to shop!

  44. From 1 Summer Birthday Gal to you Gals-have a GREAT day (calories do not count on this day). While I LOVE everything at WW (and own many of your products), my Wishlist still has “Hodge Podge #14 & #5 on it. Just love the 365 products so very much!

  45. Happy Birthday! Hmm… on my wishlist, I have the LIFE365 Signature Chalk.

  46. Happy Birthday gals! It’s awesome to know that we share special days. Mine is today (the 7th), so this sale is a great way for me to celebrate :-). I’m liking Heidi’s new stuff lots. Thanks bunches.

  47. Happy Birthday… Weeds & Wildfowers. I would wish for the Celebrating Color Painted Alpha Combo. Thanks for the sale… love to feel like I can buy more items:)

  48. Happy Birthday girls!!! The Happy Garden Collection has been on my wish list F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!

  49. Happy Birthday, Ladies! Summer birthdays are great. Mine is in June and I’ve always loved having a reason to celebrate during the summer.

    I’m scooping up the Kickin’ Up the Leaves pack and adding The Jolly Holiday Collection to my wishlist. Fingers crossed!

  50. Happy Birthday everyone! The new Mega Birthday pack went straight on my wishlist the moment I saw it! :)

  51. Happy Birthday, guys! I’ve been wanting the Life 365 Border It sets (any of them!) for MONTHS now.

  52. I’m hankerin’ for That Summer Feeling! :o)
    Happy Birthday!

  53. Happy Birthday girls!! I am wanting that Summer Feeling really bad.

  54. Happy Birthday Ladies!!! I would love 005a – LIFE 365 – Crazy About Patterns #1 – Collection! It is super fun and funky. Thanks for the chance!!!

  55. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Love the birthday kit, and would love to have it!!

  56. “Crazy About Patterns” is now on my wish list happy birthday to all of you!

  57. Happy Birthday!! I would love to have the Birthday Party kit!

  58. I would love to win the Jolly Holiday Collection. I have two parts and would love to have them all. Happy birthday to you all!

  59. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    When I saw the new Mega Birthday Combo Pack, it immediately got added to the top of my wish list!

  60. Wow, the new patterns are cool. I still want the Jolly Holiday collection but is it still there? I couldn’t find it all.

  61. Happy Birthday! So excited about this sale!! The painted alpha combo pack has been on my wishlist for soooo long now!!

  62. Happy Birthday girls!! And I’m always up for something from W&W. 😉

  63. I would love That Summer Feeling! The two new collections are awesome as well.

  64. My wish list is still “The Delightfull Collection”.
    It’s just so lovely.

  65. I love the Snippets Collection, and am WISHING to add it to my 365 collection!

  66. Happy birthday Ladies! Thank you for the sale. I have bought a lot, and all I wish (for Christmas), is the Jolly Holiday collection! :)

  67. Happy birthday to you all!! I have been eyeing off the Creative Templates set for a while now, just what I need to mix up my Life 365 pages… off to check out the shop now, I love a good sale!

  68. Happy Birthday!! Would love the Celebrating Colour – painted alpha combo pack!! :-)

  69. Best Wishes!! I have 2 granddaughters I scrap for & Denim & Lavender would be great. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  70. Happy birthday to you all… my wish list still the Jolly Holiday – The Collection and Presents… thank you…

  71. Happy Birthday!! Hope you all have lots of fun celebrating!
    My wish would be the Happy Garden Collection!

  72. Happy Birthday to you. Something on my wishlist is the Delightful collection. I also love the new Crazy about patterns that just came out!

  73. Happy, happy, happy birthdays to you three! Hope you are having as much fun celebrating as the we have playing with the kits you design!

    Something that’s been lurking on my wish list is the Full of Wonder kit. It’s so much fun and I think it would pull into my 365 project pretty well. (I blew my budget on 365 stuff today, though, as I KNOW I’ll use those materials right away).

  74. Happy Birthday! The elements in “That Summer Feeling” are on my wish list!

  75. Thanks and Happy Birthday too. Jolly Holiday is on my wish list.

  76. I’d love love love to win the Delightful collection

  77. I love the birthday pack!! Used it today.

  78. Happy Birthday!!! I’d love to win That Summer Feeling! I still have lots of summer photos waiting to scrap!

  79. Wow what a sale!!! Thanks so much and Happy Birthday Girls! Next on my list is the Jolly Holiday Collection – it’s fabulous!

  80. Happy birthday!!! My wish list is overflowing and the Jolly Holiday Collection is at the top! Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  81. Happy Birthday to all three of you!!!
    My wish list is also overflowing!
    But I want to get a jump start on Christmas cards, so at the top of my wish list is Wishing you the merriest Collection or Jolly Holiday Collection.

  82. ooh, my wishlist changed since yesterday! I’m seeing more of That Summer Feeling in the gallery and I’m itching for that kit now!

    Happy, happy, happy b-days again!

  83. Happy Birthday once again! I’d love the Happy Birthday kit! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  84. Couldn’t wait to buy my favorites, this birthday thing is awesome….I love your birthday’s, LOL!!!!! I have to change mine to the Full of Wonder kit, but admit I will probably my some more anyway..hahahahahaha…Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. I’d love That Summer Feeling Collection.

  86. I would love a chance at “005a – LIFE 365 – Crazy About Patterns #1 – Collection” – love it! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy birthday, Ladies!!!

  87. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! :)