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Countdown to Christmas: Day 21

Joan here to wish you a happy holiday and to give you your next little gift!  Here is a card I made for you using Gina’s wonderful A Jolly Holiday collection.  These cards are great if you’re rushed for time – and who isn’t right now!  Just pop your photo in and send it by e-mail!  Of course you can print it out too!

  *sorry link expired*

 Here is mine with a photo of our cute grandson!

Be sure to check here again tomorrow to unwrap another gift!

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  1. What a beautiful card and yours is adorable. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. This is such a cute card. Thanks so much.

  3. I LOVE cards…..and this one is beautiful. Thank you …. and Merry Christmas!

  4. oh, this is beautiful!
    and thank you for the sale on your holiday items!
    my stash is growing!

  5. Thanks for the CUTE card! Your grandson is adorable!!!

  6. Darling card! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  7. super beautiful joan. thank you

  8. Thank you for the beautiful page!

  9. Great card, many thanks!

  10. Thank you for the card..

  11. Your grandson is adorable…(they usually are LOL) and so is your quick page. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  12. Love the photo of your grandson and the card you made – thank you!

  13. Thank You! This card is so cute!! The photo you used is just adorable!!

  14. Beautiful, thank you!

  15. So adorable! Thank you!

  16. love the colors…great card Thanks

  17. Thank you so very much for sharing this AWESOME card!! Happy Holidays to you! 😀

  18. Wow Joan..what a wonderful card, and your grandson is such a cutie…thanks sweetie!

  19. Thank you so much!!

  20. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing :).

  21. thank you so much, so adorable.
    Your GS is a cutie too.

  22. Very cute!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  23. Thank you. This is a beautiful QP.

  24. thank you Joan -very cute!

  25. Thank you Joan, it’s SO lovely!!!

    Wishing you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas and a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS New Year!

    Linda :)

  26. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful Christmas card!

  27. Thank you very much. This is so cute.

  28. Thanks so much for all these wonderful gifts. You guys are super.