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Friday goodies are here!! Edit: winners!!

Have you already been to the shoppe today?? Well then you must have noticed some new goodies!!!

Gina made two additional frame packs to the LIFE 365 collection and I love them. Let me show you….’ Frame it’

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 ‘Frame it -1’ & ‘Frame it -2’ are now available and 20% off!

Designed to work like puzzle pieces with the entire collection, these frames follow the color scheme of the ‘LIFE 365’ TOOLBOX and are so versatile and fun to frame your daily/weekly photos and memories! They are sized to fit the LIFE 365 photo blocks perfectly! Each pack comes with 10 frames in various styles and colors like: acrylic, craft paper, cardboard, some in metal and well there’s more…

You can also get these packs in a combo and save some extra $$, you can get the combo pack here.

Then Gina also released ‘Hodge podge pack #10’ Also 20% off this weekend only!WW_LIFE365_HP10Prev

A random mix of digital wordart, attachers, date stickers, ribbons, frames, borders, papers, flowers, and other elements that all coordinate with your LIFE 365 Collection! Collect these and you will have a neverending supply to add to your LIFE 365 yearbook! Scrapping will never get boring with these eclectic add-ons as you focus on your photos and the story of your life!

For the ladies not formiliar with our 2 week incentive program, listen up: Gina gives a fun hodge podge pack like this one, away every other week to everyone who plays the little incentive. So that means you’ll get a fun add-on to the LIFE 365 collection when playing along…for FREE!! You can read more about it here in our forum!!

And last but not least Pat is having a sale on her entire ‘Dreaming of you’ kit… This weekend ONLY you’ll save 50% when buying this beautiful kit!!!


‘Dreaming of you’ -As you would expect by the title, includes two dozen dreamy papers designed for soft or bold layouts depending on what would best compliment your photos! Please see the sample layouts below – one is subdued and soft, the other bold and sunny! Also, included in the full kit option are the bright and happy embellishments to cheer any layout!

Now before I’m leaving Gina told me I could give away some of these frame packs… So I’ll be giving away a set of each of these two frame packs AND a set of the combo pack!!! So three lucky ladies could win a fun new goodie!!! All you gotta do is:

Tell what fun things you’re up to this weekend and how you plan to record these fun happenings… Like are you playing the LIFE 365 project or are you just going to scrap any of the photos you’re going to take this weekend?? :)

Announcement!!! The winners are:

‘Frame it -1’ : Ann

‘Frame it -2’ : Sharon shutterbug

‘Frame it – 1&2’ : Starla

Congrats ladies and I’ll contact you this week with your price!!!

Sunday night I’ll randomly pick three winners! See you then! -x-

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  1. This weekend we’ll wave goodbye to our family who have been visiting from the States– while they’ve been here I’ve fallen waaaayy behind on my 365 project pages, but I’ve been taking pictures. I’m looking forward to having the time to get caught up again! For the first time, I missed a hodge podge and MUST have HP 10 it is SO cute! Off to the shop for me!

  2. This saturday we celebrate my sister daughter first birthday, always special. Further I want to take new picters from my 3 and 0 year old daughters so I can make new scrapspages for their P365 yearbook

  3. The sun is back here in South of France :)
    A bright sunny day!!We will soon go to the beach and just lie on the sand and hear the gulls,just being happy and thankfull to be together,my childrens,my hubbie and I :)
    Have a nice day too :)

  4. I’ll be scrappin’ photos from today. My 4 year old did a sword-fighting skit all dressed up like a knight with the boys from his preschool. And did I mention, I will be using the Life is Good kit??? 😉

  5. i’m working on my layouts for the past week so I will be up to date with my life365. I only started a couple of months ago, so the plan for tomorrow, in amongst all the other things we are doing is to pull together the photos I have from the first 2 months of the year to make up my 2009 album. I don’t have a photo for each day, but enough to have a great record of the year. After that, I’m using Gina’s 365 to set up an album for my sister for a present and then I’m starting on my holiday photos from last december, problem is I have so many photos, and then when I’m on line I can’t stop looking at all the great layouts here!!!

  6. As luck would have it, I already bought both of these, so winning wouldn’t do me a bit of good — which is *lucky*, because there is no fun to be had this weekend. I will be weeding, emptying the compost pile, and planting out my flower seedlings. Oh, and snapping the whip for my husband to do some of the things he needs to get done outside, too. :))

    No fun, no fun at all!

  7. Have a great weekend, no special plans here. Were baking brownies right now 😉
    I plan to make a 2 page srap for every week and make a book with it, it will be a great memory!

  8. i plan to actually get some scrappin’ time in this weekend!! this is the last weekend before school is out and the pool isn’t open yet. the weather is great though so we’ll be outside enjoying that and i’ll work on trying to get more photos of my daughters. they are getting to the age that they don’t want to be photographed as much anymore! boo!

  9. This weekend my husband is working nights, so I am spending the entire weekend scrapping! I’m working on my daughter’s baby album.

  10. I am so behind scrapping pics from this yr although I have taken a pic almost each day! I plan to scrap this weekend since DH will be sleepin during the day. Too hot to do much outside already anyways! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

  11. oh yipee!! yipee!! another chance to win!!
    so these weekend, as always, is family time and we just plan to visit a park or just play here at home or just be lazy…hahaha. for sure pictures will be in my project 365.
    thanks you for this chance!!

  12. I love the frames!! awesome!

    This weekend? Today I’m getting the works done to my hair, highlights, cut, new style! I’m also shopping for flowers to plant in my big pots I have on the porch, then renting a movie and staying around the house tonight.

  13. Beautiful additions as usual! DH is out of town so I’ll spend the weekend scrapping again. :) I’ll finish my Week 20 page (all caught up thanks to Gina!) and I’ll work on other LOs too.

  14. We’ll be attending two birthday parties this weekend so we (especially my 1 yr old son) will definitely enjoy good food, exciting party games and of course, lots of photo opps..of which I’ll scrap and add to my son’s photobook.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. This weekend we’re going to drive to countryside where we’ve never been before. I will of course be recording these memories in my LIFE 365 book.

  16. I’m going to my son’s baseball game today and, if the rain holds off, I’ll be taking pictures and use one for my 365 page this week. Then I’m working on finishing up my son’s room… paints all done I just need to get the furniture back in and things fixed up!

  17. This weekend I am working at camp with a group we have for kids that have survived the death of a parent/sibling. It should be a very heart-touching time. In between activities I’m working on my Life 365 project from this week. Any chance for the sweet new frames would be fabulous! You girls are amazing!

  18. The frames are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!
    There’s not a whole lot going on around here. DH is off to a meeting all afternoon, so I’ve been surfing the Net. I plan to redo our living room, so I’m trying to find lots of new ideas. (Look for them in my Life365 pages, because I spent more time on this then making photos this week! LOL) I also hope to get some scrapping time this weekend!

  19. Well, I woke up sick, so I don’t think we’ll be doing anything fun this weekend. However, my kids are always doing something cute, and I always have a camera in hand – so I’ll be capturing the every day moments here at home.

    LOVE the new frames, and would love to win a set. :) :) :)

  20. I’m going to Costco to get new prescription sun glasses, I thought I would get a picture of all of the weird glasses that I have had over the years. White glasses-Nooooooooooooooooo. Of course, I have kept them all.

  21. Lots of work to do this weekend, but most of it’s fun-gardening, planting some flowers, etc. I’ve been keeping up on my 365, but not scrapping much else, so my goal in my free time this weekend is to pull out some of the fun pictures I’ve taken the past few weeks & start scrapping!

  22. Will be the first sunny weekend this Spring. Plan to do outdoor chores. This year, hope to remember to take a few “before” yard work photos to preserve the moment. After that, some digi shopping — Can always find some new “must have” on this website :)

  23. My husband cleaned up and painted our bedroom this weekend, so I am hoping to tidy up the house for him while he is out today. I sure hope the kids will be good for me so I can do it! My nephew (my godson) is making his First Holy Communion tomorrow, so that will make a great picture-taking opportunity.
    I am doing LIFE 365 this year, and will be using photos from this weekend for that. :-) I love LIFE365. Thank you Gina for making it and for all the terrific add-ons and incentives!

  24. Granddaughter has her annual dance recital – taking lots of pictures. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. I just love those frames! Funny things will be doing this weekend baking some cookies and brownies, taking photos, talking with grandma, and then may be a trip to the casino.
    Thank You for giving us a chance to win!

  26. Last night we went to a church auction to raise funds for kids’ camp. I have to work today but tomorrow we will go to Spamalot. Yay! I will do my Life 365 layouts tonight after the kid is asleep. Gotta stay caught up!

  27. Wonderful new goodies. I am way behind on my scrpping. Life is just so busy, but I have been taking pictures and getting all the Life 365 kits. My oldest grandson graduated today so I need to get those pictures downloaded and touched up – and of course, a day I can get into my garden. Thanks for another chance to win.

  28. Love this new goodies!!!! as always ADORABLE!!!!
    For tomorrow sunday we will go for a picnic with the girls and hubby with the bicycles to the park so we will have a lot of fun!!!!! Days here are wonderful!
    I missed the HP 10 so i run to get it on the WW store
    Have a great weekend!

  29. 9 year old baseball games and entertaining a 4 year old during the baseball games! Love 365!!!

  30. It’s a long weekend here in Canada, and my sister is visiting from Tennessee, I really want to take some pictures of my dd and my nephew to scrap, since they don’t get to see each other often (twice so far in her life). Thanks for the chance!

  31. Today we had a soccer game with dd#2 and dd#1 went to a friend’s graduation party. Tomorrow after church we’ll be having a make-up Mother’s day – the first one didn’t go so well, so we’re having a do-over, LOL! Also celebrating hubby’s birthday. I’ll be scrapping any photos eventually; lots to catch up on first!

  32. This is a great weekdend for me. For the first time, I have all 7 of my kids together!! (We adopted our last 1 1/2 years ago, but my we’ve never all been in the same place at the same time.) I plan to take lots of pictures, and add a couple of extra pages of this great weekend/week to my 365 pages. I love this project and would love to have the frames!

  33. Can’t say that this weekend is fun-packed. Yesterday we attended a graduation in a town 2 hrs away at 9 am. Then another graduation in a town .5 hr away the other direction at 7 pm. Today – fencing, planting garden, trimming horse hooves. Tomorrow church, going to in-laws to get tractor/tool bar. We did get to use the grill for the first time tonight! Tomorrow night I hope to use a recipe from the grilling cookbook my son gave me for Mother’s Day. I’m using the great Life 365 kit to preserve our everyday memories. The hodge podge incentives keep me going!

  34. i like frames – frames are good :)

  35. We are taking my 3 year old son to the park for his first ride on his new bike. I plan to take lots of pictures as this is an important occasion in a boys life :)

  36. This weekend is all about being LAZY for a change,our own little holiday at home. Just the two of us for a change with nothing to do but enjoy the Autumn sun and relax. Of course that includes some scrapping!!

    The frames are SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!! I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed while I’m chilling out! LOL

  37. well, nothing fun here, unless nursing a 9-year-old with a 102 fever is considered fun…we’ll be documenting all the whining, movie watching, and book reading for sure.

    Love the frames and this entire collection of 365 goodies!

  38. This weekend I’m still unpacking from our move last weekend. I’m hoping to start getting caught up on my 365 pages – as well as back into the routine of taking pictures!