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Bonjour tout le monde!! Hello everyone!! My name is GIRLIE!  I am a new ct member at w&w…and this is my first time to post here! i am really really excited!

It is the first weekend of December (December already!!!) and Christmas is just around the corner. Oh how i love the holidays! The first thing I do when December comes is send out  Christmas cards. I have relatives half way around the world so I need to send them as soon as possible hoping that the cards will reach them on time. For those who haven’t started making their cards or maybe needed some help on their cards… let me share you a layout  I made! I used Sweet & Simple WHIMSY HOLIDAY and JOLLY HOLIDAY. These a wonderful kits for the holidays.

You can download the quick page  HERE. Just insert your own picture and it is ready to go!

It is not too late to grab the Sweet & Simple holiday collection in the shoppe, it’s on sale for 20% off!! So do check them out because they are just the perfect kit for the holidays!!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. This is super cute, Girlie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute card! Thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh how cute and simple are these cards!! I love this template. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi there Girlie – I didn’t realize you were on the site team – congrats!

    Just got my card back from the printers using WW jolly holiday too.

  5. good job! finally pulled it through!

  6. so pretty!!! thanks!!!!!

  7. oh my dearest aunt slash best friend!! you are finally a ct here!! i am so proud of you. loving the layout and can’t wait to get my card!! :) xo

  8. Great card and what a fun picture. It looks like everyone was having a wondrful time in Paris. I just might copy it.

  9. Bonjour! Love your card Girlie!

  10. thanks so much. i love it. Merry Christmas!

  11. this is so wonderful. love the colors. thank-u so much.

  12. Thanks so much. It’s pretty.

  13. Hello Girlie! I am so happy to see you CTing here :) You’re so fab!! You make a GREAT addition to this team!! HUGS, and I miss you!! Bek…

  14. Beautiful card – thanks for sharing!!