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Guess what starts today…!

That is right, exciting isn’t it!  😉  Now if you leave a comment here and let me know what is on your W&W wishlist you JUST might get it!! I will be back tonight to pick a couple random winners to start the fun and games!!!


Hi, I am back with a couple of Wishlist Winners!!  Using the RNG with #’s 1-59 here are the results:

So congratulations Jessica and Bailee!!! You will be getting an email shortly with your prizes!!

I will back tomorrow to pick another couple winners, so keep on posting with what is on your W&W Wishlist!!

xo Gina

Hi ladies!!  It is Wednesday night and I am back with two more Wishlist Winners!!!  Using the RNG with #’s 1-108 here are the results:

Congratulations Chantel and Catherine S.!!! You will be receiving an email with a coupon shortly!!  Thanks so much for all your kinds comments and for hanging with us during the sale!!

Watch the blog tomorrow, Tee has a super cute goodie to share with you all!!! Have a great day!  xoxo!!!!

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  1. I have a couple 365 items in my cart…waiting to finish getting all my petals!! lol

  2. flowers, wings and growing things has been on my mental list for awhile now. of course, i’d also love to pick up some new LIFE 365 goodies too! can’t wait for the sale to start!

  3. I’ve been wanting to get the crazy about dots and stripes papers. :)

  4. An oldie but a goodie .. I’m still drooling over the Jolly Holiday collection!!!!

  5. I love elements! So I’ve been drooling over Gina’s 365 Element Pack!

  6. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for a sale. One of the things on my list is Off To School!

  7. Oh, me? I am in love with S&S Believe and Such a Boy (and My Best Friend, and Off To School lol) – and as soon as I get my netbook back (it crashed, much sadness) I will even get to scrap again! :) *I will still be sneaking off to browse the sale* :)

  8. I’d love to use the LIFE 365-‘Border It’ Mega Pack to pull together all the pages in a Project 365 photo book!

  9. The Life is Good collection is on my *wish* list. :):)

  10. Oh, my wishes?
    Happy Garden Collection (above all) or Life is Good Collection or Jolly Holiday Collection… These are the main wishes right from the moment they have been published… :)

  11. Oh goodie, a sale!!!!
    I like sales haha

    My wish is a big one, has been always…..The christmas collection(Jolly Holiday)….oneday i will get it :)

  12. For a new christmas kit to be created BY TOMORROW (I know you love a challenge Gina!) and included in the Sale.

    I have my family photo for the christmas card taken, and am trying to decide if I should use Jolly Holiday or wait for the new one!

  13. Ooh sounds Fun and a sale is always wonderful!

    I would love Eat Drink and be scary or a wildflower holiday!! love them both!! good luck ladies.

  14. I wish, I wish for S&S Page Kits – My Best Friend
    or Believe.

  15. Being a greenie, I LOVE the Just Earthy kit.

  16. I love the life is good collection and the Breath of Fresh air kit!

  17. I LOVE this salessssss gosh i need to go shopping!!! and after the hodge podge 14 and 15 i would love to have The Summer Collection!!!!!!! Thanks a lot girls !!!! baci

  18. I’m crushing on the That Summer Feeling stuff… probably because it’s starting to get cold here, and I’m already thinking about vacation next year. :)

  19. I am such a BLOND!! I already BOUGHT the S&S Believe kit and the S&S My Best Friend – Remind me not to shop while under the weather and dead tired 😀

  20. I am just loving 9787 – S&S Page Kits – My Best Friend! I have been eyeing it forever :o)

  21. I am drooling over #9789 the S&S page kits No.3. Thank you for a chance!

  22. Jolly Holiday is on my list. Love that collection! Thanks for the chance and can’t wait for the sale.

  23. I like the Denium & Lavender kit to use for my granddaughters.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. YAY!! I’m armed and ready with a few gift cards I received for my bday!! OH and as for my wish list…the top pick would probably be the Happy Garden Collection…it makes me swoon!

  25. I absolutely love the Kickin Up the Leaves Collection and the My Favorite Things Kit. Either would be so awesome to win!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  26. I’d love “That Summer Feeling” elements – they are just so cheery and could be used for sooooo many LO’s! thanks for giving me the chance to win it! What fun!

  27. I love, love, love Jolly Holiday! Oh, and Life Is Good. Wait, and Kickin’ Up the Leaves. Too many to choose from!

    Happy Digi Scrap Day!

  28. Jolly Holly is my first choice too but I think I am becoming addicted to the Sweet and Simple kits also. They are so refreshing and versatile. So my dream list would include 9789 S & S Page Kits #3 as well. But then again have you noticed . . . Good luck everyone. I can’t wait to see what is on sale tomorrow.

  29. I would love to have S&S Page kits #3! Love Happiness especially!

  30. I have a long list of items bookmarked at Weeds & Wildflowers hoping to be able to afford them some day. I’d say at the top of that list is the ‘LIFE 365 Border It Mega Pack’. I can imagine getting so much use from it. Love, love, love it!

    No matter who wins they will be one lucky digi scrapper. Good Luck to everyone!

  31. I would absolutely die for the Delightful Collection! Oh what wonderful projects you could do with this one collection!

  32. Yeah for DSD! I’ve got my eye on the Jolly Holiday kit. It would just be in time for next months pages!

  33. The Jolly Holiday Collection has been on my wish list since forever! Hopefully it will be mine one day. 😀

  34. I wasn’t able to get Hodge Podges 13, 14 or 15 and I would love to have them to complete my LIFE 365 collection! I’m also in love with the S&S kits! Giving Thanks and My Best Friend are my favorites. I could see using those colors a lot! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  35. My Best Friend and Believe both are on my list! I love the color scheme and the fun word art in each of them!

  36. I’m thinking of doing Project 365 next year, so all of Life 365 is in there. Top of the list is Hodge Podge #8 (or #11 or #7 ohh better stop!)

  37. Asking me what is on my wish list is like asking me what my favorite flavor of ice cream is — just about any and everything I don’t have already. (And I have a bunch). But this is definitely on my wish list. Thanks for the chance to win it or part of it.

    9785 S&S Page Kits Set 04

  38. Oh I love NSD, YAY.. and as for a wishlist, I could go on in on with stuff I want from the store, but here is a few right off the top of my head
    Sweet & Simple Page Kits 1, 2, & 3
    My Favorite Things complete kit
    Life is Good collection

  39. ON my wish list are Heidi’s new kits, and lots of 365 stuff are on my wish list at the moment.

  40. I love That Summer Thing, the whole collection, but especially the elements. I also have the back to school on my to buy list!

  41. Ooooh… great sale! My wishlist has My best friend:girly (and the add on) in it!

  42. Awesome ! I love sale.
    In my wishlist is “Birthday Party Digital Mega Pack”.

  43. One of the things at the top of my wishlist is “9938B – My Favorite Things – Elements” by Gina Marie Huff and Danielle Moore.

    What a great way to kick off DSD!

  44. Top of my list? Off to School! What a fun kit.

  45. Oh how fun!! My wish is the Birthday Party Kit! Thank you so much!

  46. The Off to school kit for me would be great. I also love the Birthday kits you have.

  47. Delightful Collection with exclusive Party Pack or the S&S – Such a Boy kit. o0o, I want em all! 😛

  48. Love a good sale!
    The one thing that is definitely is on my wish list is the Happy Garden collection. I have the alfa and the elements, but would love to get the rest of the collection.

  49. So fantastic! I’d love the Wildflower Holiday kit.

  50. How exciting!! I love sales. Wishing you the Merriest is on my wish list right now.

  51. Yeah! A Sale! I would love to have the newest set of page kits!

  52. I just love the Summer Feeling kits and
    also the Doodle Flowers. :)

  53. I just love all the 365 stuff, and I have quite a lot of it. But I’m longing for the 9817 LIFE 365 Snippits Collection for a long time! Happy scrapbooking day!

  54. OMG, this is exciting!! Can’t wait to shop!!! I’d love to get the 365 Creative Template and Border Mega Pack

  55. I dont know how I missed the Hodge Podge 15! Thanks for the chance@!!!

  56. That Summer Feeling is definitely on my wish list!

  57. Oh – My Favorite Things kit and/or Jolly Holidays!

  58. How cool! What a great sale! I sooo lave everything here in the shop and my fav. right now is the whole S&S collection! esp. the best friend and such a boy

  59. Love everything & a sale even better yay! Since my time is so limited these days the Life 365 monthly summaries would be great to catch up quick.

  60. I think finally I will buy Jolly Holiday.
    or another Christmas kit…

  61. ohhh its so hard…. I have lots of the 365 stuff… i’d love the rest of what is missing from my little collection…. or if that is too much to ask for, i’d love the jolly holiday collection!

  62. I looove the P365-Collection as I will start this project in 2010.

    My favourites I’d like to get are “attach it” and “attach it 3”, then “say it” and “say it messy” and some of the hodge podges (# 14, 9, 7, 6 and 4).

  63. Hello,

    oh what great chance to win! I wish the S & S page kits or hodge podge 15, 14, 13. I love all the stuff.

    Thanks so much for this chance

    Hugs Isabel

  64. On my wish list is Sweet & Simple Page Set #3. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  65. eat drink & be scary for me I thnk. Loving the new page sets, fab!

  66. OH ! I’m so excited for a sale. There are A LOT of items on my wish list, but I’m going to say jolly holiday because I’m starting to get excited for the holidays

  67. I’ve been looking at That Summer Feeling for all of our vacation photos and the School Days kit for this years school pics!

  68. Christmas is coming and I’d love to get the Holly Jolly Collection!

  69. I would love to have Funky Basics Cardstock and Celebrating Color-Painted Papers.

  70. “Ten Things I love about you” is number 1 on my wish list.

  71. I feel certain that the layout I want to make with That Summer Feeling would be my most favorite layout ever.

  72. I LOVE the Holly Jolly Collection! That has been on my wish list since it came out!

  73. Oh, My! I’m wanting lots from the Life 365 line for my blog redesign after Christmas! 😉

  74. Ohhh I’m in love with Playing with Wire – Beads…or Playing with Wire Alpha…oh…I’m in love with any of the Playing with wire products!!!!!

  75. Life is Good is on my wish list!

  76. I would love to have the s&s set #1. thanks for the chance to win!

  77. I adore your Shabby Cottage by the Sea and Rose Garden Collection. I love flower and seaside kits.

  78. I am after lots of your new S+S range – particularly My Best Friend, 10 things and My Creative Space. Love this new range!

  79. I love My Best Friend and and Breath of Fresh Air!

  80. I have had the LIFE 365 Tool Box Collection on my wish list for a while, I also love the S&S Page Kits #3. Thanks for the chance!!

  81. I want whatever kit and alpha you used to create this ad! It’s just gorgeous!

  82. I have been dying to get the Life365 Tool Box kit and really any of the other Live 365 add ons!!! I found the kit late in the game and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it to start off the new year!!

  83. impossible to pick just one, so I have “my best friend girly add-on” and “page kits #3″…
    thanks for the chance!!

  84. I have been wanting “Life 365 Celebrating Color – Painted Alpha COMBO pack” for soooooo long!!!!

  85. I would like to have That Summer Feeling – kit :)

  86. I’ve been wanting “That summer feeling” ever since they started calling for SNOW!

  87. Would love the Happy Garden Collection. I see so many uses for it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. i just love the life 365 tempalte mega kit and the whole Hodge
    podge series are currently on my wish list!!!

  89. I love the My Best Friend Page Kit and My Best Friend Chipboard Alpha. Thanks so much for the chance to win it!!

  90. I am behind on 365, I need HodgePodge #11-#15. Thanks!!!

  91. I’m doing 365 projct and I need the whole hodge Podge. Those series are the BEST!

    Thanks for chance!

  92. it’s an oldie – but Jolly Holiday! ALL OF IT! bwhahahahaha.

  93. life is good and jolly holiday are on my “wish list” right now. thanks for sharing.
    happy nsd

  94. I really love the Jolly Holiday Collection, or the Wishing You the Merriest Collection.

  95. I still have Jolly Holiday on my wishlist. So cute.

  96. In my wish list are the hodge podge 13-15 and That summer feeling!!!!!!!! hope to be lucky!!!! baci love this sale

  97. Sales are awesome…My wish list…hmmm…the whole store. I’d really like to add to my template collection with LIFE 365 – Template Mega Collection. Here’s hoping!

  98. I love everything, how can I choose just one? If I had to, probably the happy garden kit.

  99. I have fallen behind on my 365 pages… so getting the Life 365 Snippets might get me back on track!

  100. SO… I just bought my wishlist, well, almost all of it. It just needs Hodge podge 4 – 14!!!!! Thanks, and hopefully
    Mr. Random will choose me!!! thanks for this great give away

  101. I love the new SS kits (Believe andMy Best Friend and the Girly Add-ons), also the Jess Alpha and the Delightful collection. Thanks you for this chance to win!

  102. I love the new kit My Best Friend and the pink add-on. I also would like to get Such a Boy.

  103. Now the warmer weather is upon us in Australia, I am wishing for ‘That Summer Feeling’. Can’t wait to check out the sale!

  104. Love the new S&S by Gina! Girls of W and W rock the designs!

  105. I would love That Summer Feeling Kit.

  106. Just a few of the things on my loooooong wish list:
    Life 365 Staple It Alpha
    A Breath of Fresh Air Kit
    S&S Page Kits: My Best Friend

  107. I love everything you girls create! Right now Such A Boy and the matching alpha are at the top of my wish list! I like My Best Friend a lot too! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  108. There are so many things on my wish list. I’m really craving the Life is Good collection, though.

  109. The Delightful Collection!

  110. My wish is the Birthday Party Kit and Life 365 Painted Alpha Combo Pack! Thank you so much!

  111. If I read it right, we’re posting again with our wish list. Again, I have a long, long list. But I think I’ll stick with the S&S set with Believe and My Best Friend.

  112. Dear W&W ladies,

    I tried to take advantage of your special offer of $5 rebate for purchases over $20 and pay with my Petal Points Coupon at the same time. Is there any way to use them together in a single purchase?

  113. Congratulations, ladies! Now you can have your wish list become a reality.

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