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Happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day!!

Hi everyone!  It is Gina, and I am back from a loong road of recovery this month from getting my tonsils out.  NOT fun!!!  Although it was quite a rough few weeks, I am hoping to escape my usual monthly bout of Strep throat and get back on a regular schedule of being a mom, designing, and just living and enjoying life again!!

So, what other great way to get back into the swing of things here at W&W than with a SALE! It is iNSD and a great time to put some new goodies in the shoppe!  I have a new set of Templates that will make scrapping your photos (ANY photos) a snap!  It is called “It’s Your LIFE!” and is lovely in its simplicity.  As always, the focus is on the PHOTOs and the story you want to tell.

Also, if you have been looking for some baby elements or albums, you will love what I have just put in the shoppe!  My little sister Amy just had her first baby this week, and I was inspired to make a simple, lovely, modern-looking kit that coordinates with the new Template set.

For all of you that are following faithfully with your Sweet & Simple LIFE 365, never fear! I will be releasing the set for May SOON! It will be slightly delayed this month due to my surgery, but I assure you I am working hard to catch up!  In the meantime, treat yourself to some new goodies (or old goodies) with the sale, and don’t forget to use the coupon 25OFF25 if you spend $25 or over!

Well that is all from me for now, keep a close watch on this blog, the lovely CT ladies have lots of fun games and giveaways ready for you this weekend!  To start things off, let me know what fun things you are doing this weekend, and I will pick 2 ladies in the comments to win a couple $$ coupons to spend during the sale!

EDIT: We have our winners!  Congrats to Tanya & Amber565 who’ve won a $15 coupon to the shoppe – You’ve Got Mail!

Have fun and have a wonderful NSD!! xo!

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  1. It’s like you read my mind with these goodies. They are just what I have been looking for since I found out I am pregnant.

  2. OMG these are gorgeous. Perfect for my 2 month of daughter’s album!

    Enjoying iNSD and have spent the weekend surfing the stores, scrapping and catching up on some washing….. during my daughter’s naps LOL

  3. wonderful! I love this simple style 😉

  4. I won’t get much time online this weekend. It is my 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. We also have our newest grandbaby and her sister (plus parents of course) in town for the weekend. I can’t pass up time with my little angels. I will be enjoying what I can catch though. I love just surfing around and getting a taste from a bunch of different sites and how they celebrate.

    I hope everyone has a great time this weekend, whether in iNSD activities or not.


  5. I’m just surfing the net really. Having a look what’s out there, buying a little here and there. Not much scrapping going on unfortunately.

  6. We celebrate today LAbor DAy so we are going to my parents in law house outside Rome (40km norht) just a familiar saturday with a lot of fun
    Have you all a great weekend and tonight i will go digishopping!!!!!!!!

  7. The elements are beautiful! It is first communion weekend here so we will be going to a friend’s house for her party. Have a good weekend!

  8. Well I have a big surprise this weekend. My son and his wife and three little ones ages 4,3 and 1, surprised us and drove in from Maryland, all the way down to Florida. What a wonderful surprise. My 4 year old granddaughter just told me it’s time for kissy time… so you can imagine what I will be doing. And oh the photos ops! Love it and love the great sale. Going shopping first in the shoppe then to an older granddaughter’s soccer game, then just enjoying my babies.

  9. Today, I’m driving three hours to JFK airport in New York City so that my daughter meet up with her BYU nursing class and fly to Ghana for a month! Then tomorrow is my son’s Eagle Court of Honor. LOTS to scrapbook this weekend — the perfect time to use your beautiful templates. *Ü*

  10. Scrapping and spending time with my boys!! Gearing up for date day (golfing) with the hubby.

  11. On Friday we were at traditional “witches burning” – a big fire with a wooden cross with a figure bounded to it. My DD was dressed as a witch too and her brother was her pet animal – bear. After lots of competitions and a wild dance, all the witches, children and parents with Chinese lantern went to a parade with the knits horse-ride at the head. The celebration ends up with a beautiful huge fireworks above the river!!!

    The celebration continues today – with a knight horse-ride parade and tournament.

  12. I’m glad you’re feeling better and designing again!! How many sisters do you have?!? :) This looks great and I can’t wait to see the S&S!

  13. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery from your tonsillectomy. And congrats to your sister on the new baby! I’ll be working this weekend, but sneaking online every once in a while to see what’s happening in iNSD!

  14. I will be spending time with my mom, visiting this weekend and certainly looking for scrapbooking deals today!

  15. This is the first time in years that I DON’T have plans on iNSD. That means I can actually ENJOY all the action going on. BTW: I tried to use that coupon code (25OFF25) and it tells me that I can only use it once (which was my plan) and it didn’t take the 25% off. ??? Hope you get better.

  16. I will enjoy my weekend by trying to do some scrapping and also volunteering time cooking and serving dinner tonight at a local fraternal organization. Maybe work but fun too. Hope you get to feeling better.

  17. Painting. Painting. Painting the inside of my house. The entire main floor and stairway!

  18. Those are the BEST baby things i have ever seen!!! WOHOO!!! Lots of baby albums to make too! This weekend I feel like I will be staring at my computer for iNSD and I will be skiing with my family and attending a mom’s day luncheon! YEA! Thanks for the chance!

  19. I will be having fun furniture shopping for our new house. OOOOOH soo looking forward to it. 😀

  20. Having a great weekend in Sechelt with the in-laws. So nice to have grandma and grandpa entertain the kids for a little while.

  21. lots of scrapping and hopefully printing out my pages on Monday. thanks for the chance to win!

  22. i’m hoping to get a big handful of layouts done this weekend and catch up on P355:)!

  23. shopping for ummmm errrr scrapbooking supplies, designing scrapbooking supplies, starting my outdoor gardens, and watching sweet daughter play a volleyball game!

  24. Happy iNSD!! I’m having fun by shopping & scrapping. I’m trying to find some new things and branch out a little from the usual designers I shop at. So far I like what I see here!!

  25. Gina- i am glad you are feeling better! I don’t have much planned this weekend… just shopping, scrapping, baseball, and packing up my kitchen for our little re-model. :)

  26. I’m totally ignoring my husband and children to play online! It’s fun, but not sure how long they’ll let me get away with it :).

  27. We are going to Fort Collins to meet my mom and grandma at a plant nursery today. Fun!

  28. I am going to my niece’s baptism and then I have TWO photo shoots . . . one on Saturday and one on Sunday!! Feel better Gina and all you W&W gals are AWESOME!!!! :-)

  29. Today, I helped my good friends with their new garden…we painted the wooden door with green and white…it looks realle great!! :) And tomorrow, we will got to church and in the afternoon we will meet friends and we want to play with cards.

    THANK YOU sooo much for this great chance!!!

  30. Today I am attending a surprise birthday party (and it’s mine but don’t tell anyone I know – it’s a secret that I overheard) lol!
    Happy NSD!

  31. I’m looking for scrapbooking deals!

  32. Well Gina – bad you!!! Don’t you know that I depend on you to keep me going with the 365?? LOL Just kidding, I can wait. I’m sure I can find something here to purchase for iNSD celebration. I will keep myself busy this weekend shopping at the garden center because the chance of frost here is almost over. I will plant and plant and plant. Of course, I will also be watching out for our fox family, I never tire of them! Have a great weekend yourself!

  33. We are not doing anything fun this weekend. Cleaning and and went to a few yard sales. I am so excited to see the new kit. Thank You.

  34. I told DH that he was in charge of the kid and I’m on the computer all day! :)

  35. Today I am cleaning/unpacking/organizing the rest of my studio. Tomorrow we’re watching our friends’ kids and hanging out. Just a low key weekend. :)

    Can’t WAIT to see the May kit!!!

  36. I am at the hospital with my brother who had major surgery yesterday. He is resting well right now, so I can get online.

  37. The kit is so cute.
    My fun time this weekend will be finish reading my book. Enjoy some family time with hubby and my girls.

  38. Get better soon,Gina.

  39. Get well soon, Gina. I spent the weekend
    watching 6 grand-kids and play ing with
    our new colt with them even though it
    rained off and on all day. Lots of wet
    laundry to do now. :(

  40. We have a very welcome visit of my brother and his pregnant wife.

  41. Had a friend’s 30th bday party last night. Fun, fun, fun!