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Happy Monday!

Hello Weedsters! Paula here and I could not believe my eyes this morning when I opened up my internet and saw all of Gina’s fabulous *NEW* products in the shoppe!!! Here they are:

This February S&S kit is so full of LOVE! Look at all of these fun little goodies just waiting to be added to your pages:

Feb Kit #2 Elemen ts

And don’t forget the beautiful coordinating papers – how fun are these?

Feb. Kit #2 Papers

Not much time to scrap – check out the S&S 3/4 & 7 photo pages where Gina has already done all of the work for you. These are NOT quickpages – everything is completely moveable and you can add/delete things to suite your needs. Check them out!

 S&S 3/4 Photo

S&S #2 7 photo

Or if you like – what about just the S&S February 2010 templates? Gina has both 3/4 & 7 photo for you.

3/4 Template

 7 photo template

Gina has also put the January kit and S&S pages on sale for those of you who have not jumped on the Life 365 bandwagon – now is your chance to “buy-in” at the sale price.

So GO! Head over to The SHOPPE and check all of these out. Happy shopping! 

Also, don’t forget to quickly post your January pages to be eligable for a coupon for the February pages. Go HERE to post your pages!

Have a great day, go take a picture & then happy scrappin’!


PS> If you’re still reading this – Gina wants to show her LOVE to one special weedster. Leave her some love and you’ll be entered to win some free February products. Please leave her some love by Tuesday 11:59pm EST.

PPS> After using a random number generator: CONGRATS TO NOELLE FOR WINNING THE RANDOM CONTEST!

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  1. Gina your new February collection is FANTASTIC!! I was so excited to see your new offerings and once again you have EXCELLED yourself. Thank you so much too for the VERY GENEROUS incentive scheme to keep us on track. xxox Deb

  2. Wow, such an awesome collection.
    How can we possibly choose?

  3. The new kits are awesome. I love the hearts theme!

  4. Gina, your work is FABULOUS! You are the reason I started using WW products :)

  5. How gorgeous! I’m off to pick up January’s also! Love them!

  6. The past couple of years I have always wanted to do Project 365 and I always fail. But these S&S Life 365 pages make it super simple and inspire me with their cuteness! I am proud to say I completed my January pages and look forward to finishing this album this year. I can do this! Thanks for the motivation by providing products that are super cute and super easy to use! 😀 😀 😀

  7. Love that Gina has made this so simple to stay caught up!! Thank you!!

  8. Awesome theme for Feb! These pages are beautiful. :)

  9. I said it last month. I’ll say it again…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sweet and Simple Pages! Thank you!

  10. WOW – the new stuff is SO CUTE!! I am still trying to finish scrapping *last year* (only sept – dec to finish) and haven’t started this year yet (sad), but I AM TAKING THE PHOTOS and my blog is caught up 😀

    I WILL BE BUYING the layered quick pages…on payday :) they should tie up all of my loose ends from last year and catch me up this year – they are AWESOME. Gina is awesome! I love things that make life easier 😀

  11. I am in love with this new collection! I love Project 365 and love that you make it so easy!

  12. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! LOVE these . . . you are AMAZING woman!! Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity with all of us :-)!!!

  13. This new kit looks awesome :):):) I was waiting for Feb. kit to see what she’ll make and I’m just blowed with it :)

  14. As always our dear Gina surprising us with and Incredible kit!!! thanks a lot for the kit and for hte chance to win!!!! baci

  15. I just love the new February stuff!! Thanks so much!!!

  16. this new kit is really gorgeous! I love it!!! I can’t wait to scrap 😉

  17. LOVE the new stuff! Gina rocks:)

  18. wow great, totally getting in the valentine mood with this gorgeous kit, can’t wait to get started with scrapping! Thanks Gina

  19. Talk about love at first sight! I fell in love with the colors of the preview, and then looked at the details and especially the papers, and loved it even more! So so excited to scrap with it!

  20. Love the new kit! I think you get better each time. :) Can hardly wait to start scrapping.

  21. Love the February kit. Can’t wait to get them. Thanks for all your talent.

  22. Wonderful new stuff for February! Great job with all the colors of love!

  23. I love this new set! So pretty, especially all the doodles. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  24. gorgeous. love it all

  25. This February kit looks fantastic! Thanks Gina.

  26. Wow, I love all of the hearts an those templates look great too!

  27. This kit is one of my new favorites!!

  28. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything. The paper is spectacular. So beautiful. Thank you!

  29. Your sweet and simple kits are the only thing keeping me going. Thanks so much! This month is so wonderful – I can’t wait to see what wonderfulness you come up with next month…….. :)

  30. I absolutely LOVE this! it’s beautiful!

  31. Wow I really LOVE the new kit! It’s awesome!

  32. I think thi year I will be able to fo trhough the whole year of project 365 THANKS to Gina beautiful kits and “quickpages”…..
    I love this new produtcs!!!!

  33. LOVE the new collection Gina! The Feb colors are perfect and not too girly for us boy moms!

  34. another incredible collection…the 7 photo templates are the best and make this project super easy.

  35. Amazing collection! Love your new style!

  36. Love the colors! So much fun and whimsy!

  37. The new products are very pretty. Good job (as usual)!

  38. the kit is stunning as always and the templates rock too. Everything is just fabulous.

  39. As usual the kits look fabulous. I still have to learn how to do PSCS3. I spent hours on the January pages and never did get them finished – even using the directions from the Life 365 from last year. I want the kits – not just the ready made templates, but need help! Is there going to be a bundle price again. I didn’t see it this morning when I check – again :-)

    Love the new kit!!!!!

  40. I am in LOVE with the new February stuff! You are so creative!! I love the concept of the “quick pages” but I also love all the elements in the kits! Great Job!!!

  41. I just love the kit!! I have to go check it out closer :-)

  42. Wow…wonderful stuff. I just love the papers.

  43. When I didn’t get a newsletter with all the new goodies for February in it, I worried and came on over for a peak! I’m so glad I did! The new Feb kit is fantabulous!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! (payday is soon) LOL! Thank you for your easy-peasy 365 method! I love it!

  44. I love the red, pink and orange colour palette! Gorgeous new goodies once again!

  45. I am loving the Sweet and Simple pages! So Talented!

  46. Gina, this kit is fabulous.
    Your talent is amazing.

  47. Omigosh I love February’s kit!! Gorgeous. I’m seriously going to go broke trying to keep up with all these!!

  48. I just stumbled on this site and you do such a great job. Wow. I’m thinking I need to do this. It’s all beautiful:)

  49. AWESOME!!! I love sweet & simple!

  50. Oh my gosh! I just found your site, and I am in heaven! It will take me all night to look through your awesome stuff.

  51. As a totally addicted LIFE365 user from Holland I hád to get these gorgeous new S&S stuff! So this morning I bought the first two kits in the S&S series after completing my LIFE365 series :).
    A woman wants to have something to play with and choose from, don’t she? :))
    This year I started my first 365 project and Gina’s, Heidi’s and Patricia’s stuff is just right for a colorlover like me!
    Thank you ladies for your hard work and creativity! I love you for doing this for us!


  52. I love your February collection!! This is so fun and easy!
    Is there any chance you may package together the papers, elements, and the S & S 3/4 photo pages at a discounted price?? This is what I’d really like. I bought this assortment for Jan. and prob. will for Feb. but would love to get a package price. Thanks.
    Keeping my fingers crossed to win something!

  53. I just LOVE your new kit!! The gorgeous colors and all the cute elements….

  54. I love the new kit!!!!!
    The colors are so great!

  55. LOVE the new kits…great for a month full of love.

  56. WoW! Gina has outdone herself on those products! How adorable are those elements?!?!
    I’m a multiphoto template girl so those are just what I need.

  57. Lovely February kit Gina. Nice sweet pink!

  58. Gina – thank you for making my 365 project so much easier!!

  59. I love the simple pages, what a great idea.

  60. LOVE! I am so excited to start February and proud that my January is DONE!

  61. I am so happy that Gina made this beautiful system–proud to say that I’m all caught up for January! Now I must post my pages to get that coupon! :)

  62. I love the new kits – great colors and SOOOO many different elements! The papers are also adorable. Great work! :)

  63. Just love those precious elements and papers!

  64. Great kit – really like the papers.

  65. This is so cute! I love your work.

  66. Gina this is just wonderful! Love this month’s kit!

  67. WOW! You are all so very generous!!! I LOVE this month’s new kit and templates!!!!! Thank you – Thank you Thank you – Thank you!!!!

  68. wow what a great information you have provide me.aftr reading these posts i am feeling very pleasure and satisfactory environment.