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I can’t believe it is already 2010!  This year has flown for me, I can’t believe how fast life goes by!  So much has happened this year, and I am so grateful for all the many memories that I have been able to capture through this wonderful art of scrapbooking!  I have been SO impressed with all the many of you that have kept up with your LIFE 365 pages and are now printing your ‘yearbooks’ – what an amazing accomplishment!!

I also know many of you have either 1-Been afraid to start for fear of the project being too hard or not being able to keep up, or 2-You started, but lost steam eventually and ended up with a half-done LIFE 365 book.  So this year I created the new Sweet & Simple LIFE 365 system to do just that – keep things SIMPLE and easy!  Please note I kept the pages very CLEAN to leave the focus on the photos and the journaling, of course!

With this system, you have 2 choices depending on your 365 needs:

1-If you have NO time to scrap, use the new ‘Sweet & Simple Pages,’ which are finished, layered pages.  Just add your photos, some journaling, and you are done! These are NOT Quickpages, however!!  If you would like to change the background paper or any other element, it is quick and easy because of the layers!  If you would like more information about how these pages work, please see this thread in the forum!

2-If you like to have a little more creative freedom when you scrap, use the new ‘Sweet & Simple Templates,’ which are a clean, block template-style page with a nice, thick 1 1/2″ edge.  They coordinate with the ‘Sweet & Simple Kits,’ which I will now be designing around the LIFE 365 theme, complete with attachers, wordart, borders, etc – everything you need to complete your new LIFE 365 pages!  I will make a coordinating set each month so that your LIFE 365 pages have a wonderful continuity!

**The best part is if you keep up and post your pages in our W&W Forum each month you will get a coupon incentive to use on the next month’s set of Sweet & Simple Pages, Templates or Kit!** With this incentive, keeping up with your pages will be a cinch!  Watch for more details or feel free to ask more questions about this in the Sweet & Simple LIFE section in our W&W Forum!

Here is some more information about the Sweet & Simple Pages:

These are the ‘Sweet & Simple Pages’ for January:

The ‘Sweet & Simple Templates’ for January:

An example of the title page, a week, and the monthly summary included:

Or, change the look completely by adding a white paper to the background of the page (which is possible with the S&S Pages because of the layers!):

A clean monthly summary, (calendar-style) will be included in every month’s set:

And the ‘Sweet & Simple Kit #1’:

I hope you like the ‘new look’ – I love the simplicity and freshness that it will bring to my scrapping!  And to get you going with a great start, we put the new system on sale 35% off this week only!!!  Check out the goodies in the shoppe HERE!!

Please remember you can always tie in all the 2009 LIFE 365 products!  If you are one that likes a LOT of different options for your pages, and have been waiting for the new year to start up with LIFE 365, now is the time to stock up!  Everything LIFE 365 is on SALE this week so you can grab everything you need to get going – the LIFE 365 Toolbox is 50% off this week to get you started!

Again, if you have ANY questions about this new system, how to get started, how to do something, etc, please drop by our W&W Forum LIFE sections and ask lots of questions!  We are here to help you accomplish this wonderful project this year!!

Now, on to the moment you have been waiting for – the winners of my blog post from yesterday!!!  Great guesses, everyone – I guess you knew what was coming, lol!!  Ok using the random number generator, the lucky winners are………………………………………………………………………………………………….




Congratulations Ruth Radcliffe and Bernadette! I will email you a coupon to receive all the new goodies so you can get started on your new years’ daily photos!!  Thank you everyone for your comments – and I can’t wait to get started on this years Sweet & Simple LIFE!!  See you in the forum!!

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  1. I’ve been stalking your site all day waiting for the new goodies to go up, as I am super excited about starting Life 365 for 2010! I love the system from last year and this years is just as fantastic – I love that each year will have a different look to it. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see I was one of the lucky winners of the new goodies! Thanks so much Gina and I can’t wait to get started!

  2. gina!!! you are brilliant!!! happy new year!! and this is definitely a good start for 2010… i will definitely continue this project!!

  3. FOCUS… I need to remember my “one word” and just focus right now because I’m all over the place with excitement after viewing the new 365 kits for 2010. Wow, I can’t decide which option to choose. I think I just need to choose both? LOVE the choices! Thank you so much.

  4. Gina, the new set is lovely.

    Any chance you’ll be adding a set of pages with 7 photos per page like the December set?


  5. THe sets look wonderful. I will have to try and save some money to purchase what I can.

  6. These are just wonderful. I can’t wait to get going on 2010!

  7. Thank you! Thank you! SO MUCH! I can’t beleive I won! I love your stuff! Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you SO much for the sale on last year’s 365 stuff!!!!! :)

  9. Love these! And congratulations to the 2 lucky ladies who won ;D

    I am a newbie BUT love your style of scrapping. I have so many of the freebies…now to just figure out how to start! I HAVE started taking photos though (yay Me!).
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  10. Fabulous, now to decide which way to go, fast and furious or creative and casual!

  11. It all looks fantastic Gina!
    Can’t wait to use it!

  12. These are awesome!! I have all my photos from last year, but still have pages to make… thought using your new pages for this year would make this so much easier. :) I got the bundle (templates with the January kit) yesterday, the only thing I am disapointed with is that you do not inculde all the numbers in the alpha, the numbers only go up to 9….so I have to edit them to get them to go all the way to 31 (as I do not have any of your other 365 stuff). Hope you will make the numbers in your alpha for Feb go all the way to 31 (so they can be used for any month). Thanks so much for making this project so much easier for us!

  13. Hi Rumkimom, I am so glad you like the new kits!

    I do usually include #’s 1-31 to label the photos, when it is a small enough alpha.. but I thought these numbers were a little big to put on the photos themselves, that is why I used the black tabs on the quickpages to number my JAN pages. I was designing this alpha more as an element, I guess, lol… I did include a blank tag in the alpha so you can add numbers if you would like – since everyone likes things in different ways!!

    I will keep this in mind each month and will try to include some small numbers 1-31 in addition to the alpha that will work to label the dates! Thanks for the input!

  14. I love the new stuff and got new inspiration to make every day photo’s!!
    Happy New Year to you all!

  15. The Sweet & Simple Pages are brilliant! All horizontal, all the same size… brilliant! Thank you so much — I can’t wait to get started.

  16. WOW! Love, love, love the new look and the simple finished pages. I started out with your kit last year and made it through Week 12. I know with these fabulous finished pages I can follow through this year!! I am so excited and snapping away! THANK YOU :)