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It’s Coming!!!

Helloooooo Weedsters, it’s Friday!! And I’m grooving into the weekend with plans to just chill and hopefully, scrap!!

Which got me to thinking, Friday, weekend, new releases right? and I got SO excited thinking what fun new goodies were awaiting me. And as I was skipping down the shopping aisles, nothing new was showing up … oh dear, oh dear!! But suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of something wonderful!!

Holy Tamoly!! Get ready my fellow Weedsters, cause something BIG is coming!!

I’m seeing signs about a Special Announcement? a CELEBRATION of sorts? What’s the occasion?ย  Do you know? You do?

Well then, post your best guess here (and not to worry if your right or wrong, any guess will do) and we’ll pick 2 random winners using our handy dandy RNG to win some fun shopping $$ !!! Post those guesses quick Weedsters cause we’ll be back in the next 24 hours (give or take).

wow whee, I don’t know about you, but I’m dusting off my party shoes now!!

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  1. The occasion: 1ste of April practical jokes dag here in Holland

  2. hmmmmmm… i thought it was someone’s birthday?

  3. A big sale???

  4. party shoes ? are you gonna celebrate something ?
    Maybe Spring ?

  5. yipeee!!! yipeee!!!w&w birthday????? i know it will be the site’s 2nd anniversary soon!!!

  6. april fools day?!

    a sale we’d be foolish to miss?! Here’s hoping ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Weeds & Wildflowers, Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Could it possibly be Weeds & Wildflowers birthday?

  9. I too think it’s WW birthday celebration!! and I CAN’T WAIT to see what new goodies are arriving! Waaahooo!!

  10. A huge sale, a celebration, some Easter goodies?!?!?!?

  11. A birthday celebration?!?!? I’m excited to see the new goodies for this week!

  12. WWD birthday celebration! I hope that is accompanied by some awesome sales, maybe some freebies… You know I’ll be stalking the site until I know!

  13. A big party to celebrate scraplife and Weeds 2d birthday???
    wohooooo….just a little (!) excited and curious……

  14. I’m guessing the WW birthday celebration. Can’t wait!

  15. I would guess it’s a WWD anniversary celebration. Here hoping there will be a big sales in WW shop. eiei

  16. big sale? giveaways?!

  17. WW’s Birthday!! Happy Birthday!
    Waiting impatiently!

  18. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Dear Weeds & Wildflowers!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Weehee!! Can’t wait for the big partay!!


  19. Party time is always fun maybe a big Easter Parade!!!

  20. A birthday celebration? And maybe a design team call?

  21. The W&W birthday celebration!! Hooray, I cannot wait!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I’m hoping that we are going to be invited to a birthday party!


  23. I think it’s a birthday celebration!!!! Woohoo!!

  24. You are giving away the store to a few lucky winners?? :-)

  25. Buy one get one free sale?

  26. As lots of people have said Birthday Celebration, I’ll guess that you’re designing some blog kits for our 365 blogs. Mine is all W&W and it could do with a makeover. Can’t wait!
    PS I’m having another guess and totally hop that you’re having a CT call. Pretty please with Sugar on top LOL!

  27. I think it is a birthday/anniversary celebration!

  28. It’s your birthday! Can’t wait to go shopping

    Happy birthday!

  29. Woohoo!! I think a birthday party is coming!

  30. I’m guessing it’s an anniversary of some sorts. That means fun times. Yeahh!!!!

  31. Happy 2nd Birthday!? Can’t wait to get an invite! I wouldn’t miss a party on this site!!!

  32. It must be a birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

  33. Okay, I’m going to guess WW’s birthday –
    Creative Team Call?
    Whoo hoo- if that’s true, then I share a birthday at the same time of the year as WW!! And it’s a BIG one for me this year- my 40th – on… (don’t laugh!) April Fool’s Day!

  34. It’s gotta be a Birthday celebration! Woooti! Whooo! :)

  35. I guess some 2nd birthday celebrations :)

  36. Yup, I’m gonna guess a birthday bash also. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll rock!

  37. I’m guessing a birthday celebration also. Happy birthday! Also, with the end of March, we will have completed 1/4 of our year with the 365 project. For me, that will be an accomplishment, so maybe you will be celebrating that also. Whatever it is, I know it will be great.

  38. Mmmmmmm! Birthday?? Easter?? I hope it’s both.

  39. I guess a big birthday sale!

  40. I’m guessing a birthday bash with a big sale and lots of fun challenges?

  41. It’s got to be a Birthday Celebration!

  42. Does it have to do with Easter?

  43. I’m guessing W&W anniversary, because I saw some posts about that in the forum.

  44. An anniversary celebration where everything is half off, especially Life 365!

  45. I think it might be some sites Birthday perhaps?

  46. An anniversary of sorts? :)

  47. a special relationship with a photobook publisher?

  48. Maybe a party with a sale attached?

  49. WW’s anniversary!!

  50. Wahoo! Is it Weeds & Wildflower’s anniversary? Well, what ever it is, I’m so excited! CAn’t wait for the big reveal!

  51. I’ll guess an anniversary for W&W!

  52. oh..i am so excited ..i cant type!!!do anything ladies…sure it will be wonderful. Must be a super sale and maybe a new kit that is absolutely out of this world.

  53. I’m guessing a stunning new summer kit…or another tool box kit of all the new fun 365 stuff. OR maybe a tool box kit of all the cute 365 hodge podge stuff…oh I could go on and on!!

  54. Definitely a huge wonderful birthday celebration for W&W …. but what oh what will it be?

  55. Oh, a birthday party!!!!!! Can’t wait:)

  56. I think it’s an anniversary party! Yay!

  57. Definitely the birthday celebration! Can’t wait!

  58. Is it your birthday?! Again already? wow, time flies!!

  59. It’s going to be the W&W birthday/anniversary party! I can’t wait!! :)

  60. Hopefully a W&W Anniversary, with even more new stuff & sales? LOL

  61. Birthday/anniversary/April fools day/spring.

    Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be GOOD!!!

    I want MORE, MORE, MORE 365 stuffz!!

    Leigh :)

  62. I think the 2 year anniversary of Weeds & Wildflowers!!!
    I’m so excited!!!!!

  63. Is it your birthday too?? Oh my! It ain’t a party ’til it’s a W&W party!! Can’t wait…because I have birthday money to spend!!!!

  64. I’m guessing a bday/anniversary celebration but also. Hoping for a ct call. Maybe a new designer is coming on too? I’m excited! :)

  65. I know !
    I know!!!!!!!!!
    Our WW site will be 2 years soooonn!!!!!!! so happy bday WW!!!!! Feliz cumpleanos!!!!!!!

  66. I know too it WW birthday. Happy birthday. I cant wait.

  67. A birthday????????

  68. Oh… hopefully a big celebration with lots of new goodies :)

  69. I’m thinking a 2 year anniversary for W&W?
    I can’t wait to find out- soooooo exciting!!

  70. I’m thinking it’s an anniversary.

  71. Yes…!! big celebration for your 2 years!!! CONGRATSSSSS :-)

  72. 2nd year anniversary celebration. Can’t wait.

  73. I think there is going to be a big birthday bash!!

  74. WWFD 2nd Birthday! I didn’t know, but that seems to the word on the street. Congrats! This is the BEST, really, THE BEST scrap site out there. I would also guess it’s a celebration of life. Life is hard right now, but by continuing to scrap, we are reminded to find the beauty in life, everywhere.

    Thanks for all you do!

  75. W&W’s Birthday???
    Haven’t been partying for a long time *grin*

  76. Anniversary of W&W?

  77. My guess is an anniversary sale – how many years. WW is about my favorite site right now!!!!

  78. 2nd anniversary of the store opening at W&W! I can’t wait!

  79. I think is an anniversary!!!Canโ€™t wait.

  80. party time uhuuuuuuuuuu

  81. Weeds & Wildflowers 2nd Birthday of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Can’t wait to help celebrate!

  82. I’d say a birthday party as well…but a CT Call would be fab. I’m sure whatever it is, there’s new goodies involved. I can’t wait!

  83. Is it a birthday? A party? A new designer? Can’t wait to find out!

  84. Can I retract my first guess? It was ridiculous. BRING ON THE BIRTHDAY PARTAY!

  85. It’s PARTY TIME…BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS…..balloon,icecream,and cake!! I hoping anyway!! xxox

  86. WWโ€™s Birthday!! Happy Birthday!
    I wish I get random hahahaha.

  87. W&W anniversary/birthday??? Can’t wait.

  88. A birthday celebration? I would love to celebrate along with ya’all!

  89. Is it Gina and Heidi’s b-day? :)

  90. It’s WW’s 2nd anniversary :) Been waiting impatiently for this! ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. An anniversary would be a great reason to celebrate. Could it be?

  92. It’s W&W Design birthday celebration.
    Can’t wait !

  93. My guess is ‘something I can wear a party hat to’! :) :) :)

  94. My guess is also a WW anniversary!

  95. A spring cleaning sale, perhaps? … or some new spring things for our scrap stash?

  96. hmmm…
    WnW birthday?
    We think AmyJo is so awesome we’re having a party in her honor…

    one of the two ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. A new spring kit for the birthday

  98. A CT call? A birthday/anniversary? A new designer? I don’t know really.

    All I can say is I’m dying over here trying to figure it out. Can’t wait to hear what the news!

  99. It’s an Anniversary sale I think! Can’t wait to see what the “Weed” ladies are up to :)

  100. a WW birthday/anniversary party! looking forward to seeing what sales/freebies there may be in store!

  101. it can’t be the anniversary cause that was in august… maybe the anniversary of something else? exciting!

  102. The start of the AFL season in Australia… definitely worth celebrating!!!


  103. Isn’t it time for a birthday party?

  104. I’m going to guess that it’s National Save the Weeds and Smell the Wildflowers Day! (Just to be different and zany LOL).

  105. I believe it is Weeds and Wildflowers anniversary! congratulations.

  106. I just love it when W&W has an anniversary!!! We get all the great goodies!

  107. Hurray!!
    I think itยดs WW birthday celebration!!
    I canยดt wait!!
    When will the celebration start??
    Please tell me:)

  108. Of course its a celebration. Weeds is always celebrating our every day life. Who needs an event to celebrate our lifes. But I’m waiting…..

  109. It must be an EASTER Celebration :))

  110. yeah its birthday time for ww…. can’t wait the paaaarty!!!!

  111. I think is the W&W anniversary… birthday of this great place!!!
    looking for the big sae and the new things!!

  112. Celebrating Easter, I think!!!!

  113. I think its your second anniversary!

  114. This just has to be a big birthday celebration including a really huge birthday sale… :-)

  115. An anniversary or birthday?! I am way excited to find out!!

  116. It is a great April Fools day extravaganza.

  117. Must be a birthday celebration…or an anniversary maybe….whatever it is I’m sure I’ll be buying something, lol!

  118. Its got to be a WW birthday! That would definitely be a party!

  119. Are y’all another year older??? How many candles are on your cake?!?! Can’t wait to hear the big news!

  120. Something this big has to mean a birthday party yes?? Looking forward to hearing the big reveal.

  121. Big, Groot, Grande: a weeds and wildflowers birthday perhaps? It’s Sunday zo I hope that we can see shortly the BIG CELEBRATION soon, so we can scrap into the month april!

  122. ZNational it’s spring lets go shopping day?

  123. It’s so exciting: it’s W&W 2nd Anniversary!! YES A GIGANTIC Birthday PaRtY & I’m sure the ladies here all really know how to PaRtY it uP!

  124. I don’t know if I’m still in time for your give away, but it MUST be a birthday celebration!

  125. I’m guessing its an anniversary for Weeds and Wildflowers Design. That’s all I can come up with. I ruled out B-day thinking that would be too easy!!

  126. Is it a birthday party? Looking forward to something fun!

  127. April Fools’ stuff- lots of flowers and Easter items?

  128. It could be a W&W Anniversary, it could be Spring fever, or it could be a total surprise…all I know is that it will be great!

  129. I’m hoping its a big celebration and sale!

  130. I’m guessing it is a birthday comming up! Anyway, it will sure be exciting, you sounds so happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  131. I hope a big sale of some kind. That would get me excited!

  132. It’s okay to wear white before Memorial Day?

  133. I’m betting on a birthday party!

  134. Sadly this doesn’t seem original but I”m guessing it is WW birthday/anniversary!!! Let the party begin ;o)

  135. party hats are so cute that i have a collection of them-,;

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