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It’s Here!

Hello ladies, Gina here!  I hope you have had a wonderful week, and I hope you have been taking your photos and writing down your experiences!  It was so wonderful to hear all the many comments about our W&W version of Project 365! 

I am glad so many of you are committing to do it – and although it may seem like an overwhelming thing to take on, I promise it will be worth it!  I also know many of you are on the border as to commit or don’t know where to start.  I have finally finished my new kit – a ‘Tool Box’ of fun items that will help you scrap your daily photos and memories – so it is VERY quick and easy!  I have a tutorial that you can check out to see the basic idea in its simplicity:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW TUTORIAL!

In a few easy and basic steps you can do this:

With the focus on the photos and journaling, you will find it SO easy to scrap your LIFE and tell your story! Designed to work like puzzle pieces with the entire collection, these template patterns and all the pieces in this toolbox are simplistic and wonderful so you can get your photos in, the journaling down, the dates labeled, and your life, thoughts, memories, and treasures into a book or album!  You can find it in the shoppe HERE!  The individual pieces are 20% off and the collection is 30% off through Sunday night!

Look at all the lovely pages our wonderful Site CT created with their first weeks of P365:

If you are looking for additional help or inspiration check out our LIFE 365 section in our forum where there is quite the buzz about this project!  Also stay in the loop for special coupons and other fun things concerning new products and events.  We always have fun prizes, RAK’s and coupons coming your way! 

So, on that note, I get to announce the winners from our Blog post a few days ago – AND, we picked a few ladies from our forum to receive $5 Gift cards as well!!  Sooo, the winners are……….

Randomly picked from Jan. 1st blog post comments:


Congrats ladies!  Look in your emails for a coupon for the entire LIFE 365 Collection!!

And our $5 Gift card winners randomly picked from posts in the forum:


Congrats girls, have fun spending your $$!!

And now, a little something for all of you!  So, before you leave, stop by the shoppe and pick up a fun little freebie!  It includes a couple cute Cover/Title Pages – a quick page made by myself and a fun template made by Teresa Prince – to get your LIFE 365 Album or book started! 

 I hope this kit will make it easy and fun to scrap your daily photos and record your wonderful memories!  It just takes a few minutes a day – one day at a time!  Have a wonderful weekend!!  xo!

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  1. I am working on my Project365 page now. Thank you so much for the wonderful freebie, Gina.
    You are so generous.

  2. Wow, this kit looks amazing. And it all comes down to a really cool looking journal – so much fun! I am more than tempted and have already started my 365 project… :-)
    Thanks for the wonderful freebie, too!

  3. gina, you’ve outdone yourself again! thank you so, so much!

  4. I love the look of this kit! I’m thinking that I might just need to redo my first 2 weeks! Great job Gina!!

    Thanks for freebie!

  5. I bought this kit last night! You will not be disappointed!

  6. Wow, this is just spectacular. Honestly, I love the style and concept. I am not doing the 365 challenge but would really like to incorporate this in a scrapbook nonetheless.

  7. woohoo!! Gina, this is fabulous! thanks so much!

  8. Gina, I opened my kit yesterday and am just in awe of how you put this together so completely.

    It would be a great “starter kit” for someone just getting started in digi-scrapping, and will be PERFECT for this 365 project. This sytem will make the project so easy that I’ll be able to continue to scrap the special events our family does as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and CRAZY smart brain with us!

  9. Thanks so much – it looks wonderful and I can’t wait to start scrapping with it!!!

  10. Thank you for this gorgeous freebie! I am downloading the kit this morning and its exactly what I was hoping for for this project!!

  11. Love this kit!! You really outdid yourself on this one! Thanks!!

  12. I love this system – big hugs to you Gina for giving us what we need for the project!

  13. Love the new Life365 project. I think it is going to be so easy to keep it together all year long. And thanks for the freebie too!

  14. Gorgeous kit!
    Should make the job a piece of cake.

  15. I love this! I especially like that you aren’t trying to shove 7 pictures on one page making it impossible to really see them – so whats the point??

  16. OMG! This is fabulous Gina! I’ve been watching the blog every day waiting to see what you were cooking up. It was sooo worth it. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Add-Ons! WooHoo! Off to the shop to get the collection. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  17. holy scrap this is awesome. you outdid it! woah. great work! wonderful

  18. What a cool kit! I have been wanting some thing that looked like I would have done it on paper!

  19. Oh my gosh, this is SO fabulous!!!!!!!

  20. This by far is one of the best kits out there. You so hit the mark in everything that I was looking for to complete this project. Thanks for making it so easy for those of us (me!)that are not as talented. And thank you for all your time and hard work.

  21. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I was won of the winners. This is so awesome I have been taking pictures but have not scrapped them yet so this is a wonderful gift and it does not hurt that I turned 50 yesterday and have some journaling I want to scrap about the experience,lol. A great big thank you and {{{HUGS}}} for this kit.

  22. I couldn’t not buy this! (how’s that for a double negative!) I tried to get the CK 365 kit but failed, lol But this is much better!

  23. oh glad you are happy and will be scrapping your year with us! :) this has been so much fun already! and seeing all the inspiration each day in the forum definitely keeps us on our toes to take our pictures! :)

  24. After getting this kit I redid my first 2 pages; it’s awesome! Thanks for the freebie; I’ll definitely use it.

  25. love it !!!!! i am so glad i have been taking my pics. this is sooooo awesome. thank you, thank you!!!!

  26. thanks so much for the freebie! the kit is just gorgeous!

  27. Wow…I was just today-trying to figure out how to join the 365 day fun. I think this is great! Thanks so much for making my life easier!

  28. I can’t thank you enough for this whole project. I am a pretty new scrapper who mostly just looks at other folk’s creations. I am not very creative myself. But I love pictures and love capturing them along with journaling.

    I must admit I found this whole concept very daunting. And I haven’t taken pictures every day. My kids are all grown, so it makes “fun” subject matter a little harder to come by. But I jumped in anyway.

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful kit, the tutorials, and the inspiring layouts by your CT. Without all of this, I would still be sitting here clueless. And without the generous coupon, I could not have bought the kit. So thanks to you, I have actually scrapped my first two pages (even one with a picture of a package of toilet paper on it) and am excited about keeping up with the project. I was even bold enough to post them in the gallery, telling myself that was a way of making my commitment to this project “real.”

    I sincerely thank you for every single thing connected to this. I love your kits and have bought a lot of them. However, as I wrote earlier, I have seldom been bold enough to actually USE them. Now I am excited about this next year and documenting in some small way “life.”

  29. Very nice kit. Thanks for all of the examples.

  30. Definitely agree with everyone else. You outdid yourself with one very amazing, beautiful, and fabulous kit!!!!!

  31. Wow, i’ve heard about this 365 thing, but just told myself, I’m too busy. But after seeing this blog post & the awesome collection y’all put together….I’m feelin’ the itch!