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It’s July Already!

Hello Weedsters! Happy July 1st! I can’t even believe that it is here already. Half of 2010 is over – where the hay did it go? That also means that we’re half way done with scrapping our lives of 2010! If you haven’t joined us in taking a picture a day and then scrapping it, now is the time! Here is a little hint…get ready for some more fabulous sales around here as we celebrate some BIRTHDAYS!

Gina has been working like crazy on the July products, however, her computer had it out for her and won the battle. Actually, Gina won, she switched to a Mac! (Personally, that makes my heart a little more happier!) :) Gina is at the end of her rope with these computer problems and is trying to patiently wait to get back to designing. She is anxiously awaiting her new Mac software and will have the beautiful and fabulous July kit for us once she can get working on her new computer. I hope you’re getting excited…she said it is sweet so far.

So, in anticipation of the fun new products, please tell me what you favorite Sweet & Simple kit for the year is so far and what COLOR you think the July kit will be. We will pick 3 winners for their choice of the July products once they become available. Good luck! Comments will be open until the July products are announced.

Also, don’t forget to go here and post all your June pages to be eligible for a fabulous little incentive on the July pages.

Happy scrapping!


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  1. Wellllllllll….. if I have to pick only one I think it would be June. But I do love May also. Each month has just seemed to fit that month so it has been wonderful using the kits each month. As for July, I’m thinking mostly blue with a little red thrown in. Can’t wait though cause I know I will love it whatever the color combo.

  2. My favorite kit was June – I love pink and use it all the time with two girls! I’m guessing the July kit will be red & blue.

  3. My favorite kit so far was March….I just loved the cool colors and the elements. I think the July kit will be red and blue of course!

  4. I loved all the pink in the June kit. Pink is always my favorite. I am guessing that the July kit will be a lot of RED! I can’t wait to see it.

  5. My favorite so far was June, I think.

    I’ll go with just RED for July.

  6. My favorite Kit was May. I like the colors!

    I think the colors for July are red or purple. Can`t wait to see it.

    Thanks so much for this chance to win

    Hugs Isabel

  7. May I think. Maybee the july kit will be green, blue and… red? I am soo behind on my p365 pages so some sweet and simple would be great :)

  8. How in the world can I choose just one kit? My favorite that I own is S&S #4 my favorite I don’t own is (at this moment) June. I think July kit will be red, white, and blue for the 4th of July holiday.

  9. I think it will be RED & BLUE.

  10. Love the colors in the May kit so I guess that would be my favorite as of right now. For the July kit…I think the colors will probably be red and blue.

  11. Oops! I didn’t read the whole thing. My favorite kit this year is March. And, I think the July kit will be Red & Blue.

  12. I love the green and blue kit colours but the SS5 for the elements. The elements that I use the most are the curly ribbons, the messy stitching and the acrylic elements.

  13. I am loving all of the kits so far, not sure I could pick just one as a favorite. I’m thinking July will have lots of blue.

  14. Blue!!! I have loved all the kits & their colors have been perfect. I think June (yellow) or May (purple) was my most fun to work with – but I truly have enjoyed ALL of them.

  15. My favorite colors are in the April and June kits, they are so beautiful! But love the May kit too:) I think the July kit will have summer colors like golden wheat and blue sky or turquoise sea and golden sands, hm?

  16. I liked May’s yellow – so fresh! I also guess that July will be red.

  17. I’m guessing ORANGE. Orange popsicles on hot summer days and the beautiful sunsets on long summer evenings.

  18. OH! and my favorite color were in Jan & Apr. Super excited for July’s kit :)

  19. Another MAC victim!!!!!! yeaaahhhh at our house is all by apple!!!!! hope Gina have soon her new toy!!!!!!
    Well i guess the july colors are blue, red, and some white!!!!!!!! very patriotic!!!!!!!
    I am missing the june kit, and i guess is the most beautiful, i just adore it!!!! hope to be very lucky!!!!!

  20. I loved May as my daughters love purple.

    I think July will be patriotic
    so red, white and blue,
    but really….
    I haven’t a clue!!!

  21. Ah Gina – You followed the light to the Mac World! You will NEVER look back! So excited for you.

    I’m not going to be really unique with my color pick here, as I think everyone has guessed red, blue or a combination of both. However, I’d really like to see a red one. My favorite thus far was June, followed closely by April. However, Gina never ceases to blow me away, so I’m sure July will be gorgeous, regardless the color 😉

  22. It’s a really hard decision, but I think #3 is my fav of the sweet and simple kit. My favorite colour is green. But all the other ones a also stunning.

  23. I have loved all the kits so far but I would have to say my favorite so far is May. I love the yellow, pinks, greens and blacks! I am hoping and think that the July colors are going to be White, Blue, Red and Yellow. Thanks for all your hard work and making such cute kits for us!

  24. I think it will be red and white with touches of green. I liked March with January running a close second.

  25. I’m going to say red (I’d say red & blue, but notices Gina is good about being international, so maybe she’ll do one that suits the US scrappers like me and others too). Thanks!

  26. I too love the June kit (as do most others here.) All of the kits have been really well put together with the papers and fun elements… but I just loved the colours for June.
    As I am Canadian I would love the July kit to be mostly Red for Canada day.
    Happy Canada Day, and 4th of July everyone.

  27. Wow, it’s so hard to pick a favorite, I love ALLLL of them. If I had to pick, I will say I looooved #6!

    I will guess the primary color of the #7 kit will be like a “light blue”…

    Thanks for the chance! I heard about Gina’s computer issues and I feel sooooo badly for her.

    Candi in Colorado

  28. I really like the May Sweet & Simple kit. The color combination is gorgeous! I am excited to see July too. :)

    Gina, you are going to LOVE your Mac! I switched a couple of years ago and would NEVER go back to a PC.

  29. I really love the June kit and the March kit the best, I can’t really pick one! Ini, mini, miny, moe… June! I am guessing the next one will be red and green and with hints of white and blue. Can’t wait to see what it is!

  30. I love the June kit although I haven’t had time to scrap with it just yet. I think July will be red in colour, but I love everything Gina does so it doesn’t matter to me. I now scrap almost exclusively with her stuff.

  31. I loved February’s red! I think that the new June kit will be ORANGE!

  32. Love all the kits so far, but Feb is may favorite. I’m thinking the July kit will be Navy!

  33. My favorite is the March kit. just love the colors.

  34. Love all the kits, but I think the July one will be red, white, and blue!!

  35. My favorite was March. I think the July kit will be light blue with red and white accents.

  36. My favorite is April. I think the july kit will be green!

  37. My favorite is the May kit. Love it!! And I think the July kit will be navy and red. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!!! Thanks for the chance!

  38. I love all your products, but if I had to pick a fave I would say… Sweet & Simple #6. The pink and black was perfect for my baby girl’s album. My guess for the July Sweet & Simple kit would be Red, Orange and Black. Can’t wait to see it!!

  39. Your products are so amazing!!! I am fairly new to the digi-scrapping world and found your store recently and totally fell in love. I am just starting to build my collection. I love all your S&S kits, but I would say my favorite color combo was the March kit. I would love to see an orange, yellow, white, and black combination for July.

  40. I loved the April kit! The greens and purples. I think the July kit is blue and red….great colours for boys and girls!

  41. April is my favorite. The colors are just so beautiful! :) Glad to hear the computer issues have been resolved!

  42. My favorite kit so far is the April Sweet & Simple Life.

    Blue, Orange and Red are my picks for July. So excited to see what you come up with, I’m sure it will be amazing!

  43. It´s truly hard to say only one kit. …..OK I think one of my favorites is the February Sweet&Simple Life, but I also really love the June Kit and all the others.
    I think the Kit for July will be in blue and red.

  44. I think that I like #5’s color scheme the best, but they are all amazing. I’m guessing that blue would be a good color for July. Thank you for the chance! I can’t wait for the sale.

  45. My Favorite Kit so far is May. Yellow is not usually a color I like a whole lot, but I loved how it was used in that kit. I think the color will be blue. Thank you.

  46. I think the April colors have been my favorite so far. I also have to agree with most of the comments that July will be Blue and Red. thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I’m the most in love with March but with May as a close second! I’m guessing orange for July even as I cross my fingers for ocean/water shades of blues!

  48. I hope the July kit would be full of water (turquoise blue) and hot sun (yellow). I think these colors fits perfectly to this hot July!

  49. I liked February’s pages best. And I think this month’s will be red and blue with a little orange tossed in too.

  50. I think the July kit will be Red, White and Blue, and February was also my favorite monthly kit.

  51. I loved the pinks in June!!! I think July will be red, white, and blue!

  52. I’m loving the purple kit, (not sure which month it was). I think the July one may be…blue?

  53. I loved May and June! I am thinking patriotic-ish for July – red, blue? Thanks for making this project do-able. Love your work!!

  54. My favorit kits is March. I’m hoping the July kit is Blue, perfect for pages with my two boys!

  55. I LOVED the May Sweet and Simple Kit. I am guessing the July kit will have lots of fun bright summer colors!?

  56. I loved the June kit. I think July’s will be red. Thanks.

  57. February was my favorite followed closely by March. I am hoping to see blue, orange and white for July’s kit. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your fantastic kits!

  58. My favorite colors are green, blue & orange, so I would love to see those colors in your new kit. Thanks:)