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Last Day!

Sale Post

Hello Weedsters! Today is the last day of our Off-to-School sale! Make sure you are all caught up on your Life 365 pages so you can get the bonus discount. Make sure to post your images here. The special sale ends today!

Here is my little gift to you – 2 more QPs! Click on the image to DL.

Paula QPs

We hope you enjoyed our special little sale & fun around here!

Paula Sig

5 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. I just logged in to place an order before the sale was over today & much to my surprise… it must already be over as nothing is marked down 30%. – ????

  2. So sad that the sale is over today! I thought it was through tonight! :( I had planned on buying but now I can’t!

  3. Same here! I planned on purchasing my items today, and everything was listed at full price. I really wish online stores would note the specific time a sale ends. If it ends at 12:00am, I need to know that ahead of time. Guess I’ll be waiting for a possible NDSD sale. :(

  4. It’s fixed. The sale is still on. Let’s go shopping.