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Learn a new trick! And get a freebie too!

Hi, everybody! I have no desire to be a designer, but I’m kind of frugal, and if I can do something myself instead of buy it, that makes me very happy. I have seen some papers around digi-land with raised, or embossed, patterns on them, and I figured out how to do this myself. It is not very complicated to do, and I’ve got a new tutorial just posted over in the Tutorial Forum on how you can do it too! So please head on over there and check it out!

My freebie is related to my tutorial, and here is the preview (and it gives you an idea of what YOU will be able to do after reading through my oh-so-simple tutorial):


I will leave this freebie up for 36 hours, so if it interests you, please grab it ASAP. It has been tested by the W&W CT girls in several versions of Photoshop and PSE. For PSE users who have never used layer styles, I included some very brief instructions on how to install the style to help get you started. It’s not a simple process in PSE, so you may have to search the web for help.

I have to warn you, you might get a little bit addicted to layer styles once you start playing with them … I have.  Enjoy the tutorial and your freebie!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your style, I’ll have fun playing with it!

  2. This looks really cool :) Thanks so much!

  3. OOH, OOH, can’t wait to give it a go.


  4. Thank you so much ….I am always looking to learn & this is wonderful! again THANKS!!!!!

  5. thank you for a super-easy-to-understand tutorial!

  6. I have PSE6 but have used it very little. I use PSP PhotoProX3 99% of the time. Your tutorial encouraged me to see how to accomplish this is PSP. It was actually very simple, so if anyone wants the info I would be happy to share. Thanks for the little shove!

  7. Ok… I uploaded my paper that I embossed. Thank you so much Tiffany!!!

  8. Wow, thank you! Because of an illness I can not work again and started as a scrapdesigner. Thats why I am surching for good tutorials to learn all the things, a designer has to know. I will study all your tips and tricks and thank you very much!!