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LIFE 365 SALE!! :)

Hello all, Gina here and I hope you are ready for the weekend ahead!  I know we are, and looking forward to the 4th of July Festivities with friends and family!  But first I wanted to stop in and let you know the random winners from my post last weekend!  So, the winners are…………………….. Amymom24, Holly, and Ina!!  Congratulations ladies, watch for your gift cards in your email!!  Also, here is a little bit of news about the shoppe this weekend:

So now is the time to grab those goodies that you have been wanting for your LIFE pages!  OR, if you haven’t started yet, it is a great time to get going on your LIFE 365 project and record those daily photos and memories in a fun and easy way!  Don’t forget to check out the W&W forum for more news and incentives on the awesome LIFE system!!  Also, Kenna is doing a fantastic LIFE 365 giveaway at DigishopTalk HERE, so don’t miss out on a chance to win some free goodies!!

Well, I am off!  Enjoy the sale, and don’t forget to download the AWESOME July desktop calendar Kenna made for us (in the post below!) and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. Hooooray! Thanks so much!!!!!

  2. Great Sale Gina! Happy 4th and have a fun weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, I was so excited when I saw the email! Thanks so much!

    I’m excited about the sale, too, but I think I already have most of the Life 365 goodies already! :)

  4. Thank you! You made my weekend!

  5. I made out really well with your sale, my wallet is much lighter thank you! lol. Just curious, is there a font available that you use for the 365 “say it” packs? I bought the ransom note alpha but really like the writing of the doodled words. Any chance of getting it? Or might there be one in the works? I would love to be able to add my own journaling in the same font as all the doodles. Thanks!