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Little Text Tutorial!

Hi!  Photoshop Elements is a great, inexpensive program for photo editing and scrapbooking, but it does have limitations.  But sometimes, those missing features aren’t really missing – they’re just hidden – and if you know the right tricks, you can use those features after all!

One such feature that I know is hidden in PSE, but actually is available for our use, is text justification (formatting your text so that the left and right edges line up).  Head on over to this thread in the Weedpatch Tutorials to learn the trick for justifying your text in PSE.

2 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. What a great tip. I had noticed that I couldn’t justify type before but I rarely do that anyway so didn’t think much about it. Thanks. Now I can justify type when I want to.

  2. Thanks soooo much for this tutorial! As a former desktop publisher, I have wanted to justify text so often – I didn’t think I could do it in Elements! Hip – hip – hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!