Me and my shadow,
My shadow and me;
We’re always together
Close as can be.

We make pictures
On the floor and the walls,
Like rabbits and dogs —
And that’s not all!

Wherever we go
We’ve got company —
Me and my shadow
My shadow and me!

Here we have a shot taken in 100+ weather and another of my grandson chasing his newly discovered shadow.


My family would tell you that our ‘shadow’ is my camera, which goes with us everywhere.  however, in this case my shadow is actually a PPC.  As Peter Pan says, a shadow can be anything or anywhere.

Your mission this week is to take a picture of a shadow.  It can be of a person or an object-you choice.

Photo Prompt Challenge Rules:

  1. Upload your photo to our challenge gallery and link it to the forum.
  2. Earn 1 Petal Point for completing four challenges.
  3. A randomly selected photo earns a bonus point.

 Happy Snapping,