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Monday challenges changing!!!

So with summer time coming up and some of us being on holidays during this time, we thought it was time for a little change around here!!! So I’m going to tell you all excatly what we’re up to and will make a special thread in our forum for anyone who has some more questions…

Starting July 1st, we will be having a blog challenge every other week!! It seems that (maybe because of summer) there isn’t a whole lot of interest in challenges. We see a lot of the same people playing and we really love those ladies for keep playing with us, but we would love it if more ladies played and we also want all of you to be winners!!

So we’re going to change the prize thing too… every lady who plays challenges or plays along with our weekly photo prompt challenge will get a reward card. On that reward card you need to collect/win 10 stamps and win you fill up a card, you’ll recieve a $10 GC to our shoppe! For every challenge played and for every PPC played, you’ll get one stamp. One favorite pick (voted by our CT girls) from playing the scrap challenges will get an EXTRA stamp on her rewards card…

We also thought of some fun new challenges… The lady who is hosting the challenge that week, will pick a theme or challenge. This way we’ll have some new challenges, wich will be different every time! The perfect way to expand your creativity and to try new things!!

To sum it all up:

  • Starting July 1st, there will be a scrap challenge and photo prompt challenge every other week!
  • We will post both challenge on the blog and will also make a section in our forum where you can post your pages & photos.
  • Every member playing challenges will get a rewards card with their name on it to collect stamps.
  • For every challenge and/or PPC played, they will get one stamp on their rewards card.
  • One favorite pick who played a challenge will get a EXTRA stamp on their card
  • We will update all the cards once at the end of every month!
  • When you filled up a card with 10 stamps, you will receive a $10 GC to our shoppe!
  • We’re going to make a special section in our gallery, where all the reward cards will be uploaded and updated!

If you have any questions about our new challenge system, you can go to our special thread in the forum here, where we will we answer all those questions…

Now, we still need a cute name for the reward cards!! So I thought it would be fun to ask all of you ladies… The name for the cards needs to be something that has to do with weeds & wildflowers… something from the garden, flowery or whatever creative natury name you come up with. It’s all about filling the cards with stamps (wich will be flowers, of course! LOL) The lady with the best name for the reward cards will get a $5 GC to our shoppe… so let those creative name juices flow!

I think this new system is going to be a whole lot of fun with all the new challenges. And well in the end everyone will be a winner and everyone can play!!! So if you’re a beginner in scrapbooking or have been scrapping for ages…this is the place to play along with some fun challenges… a way to learn new techniques/ideas or expand your creativity, we would love to see all of you play with us!

Hugs, Petra

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  1. I think its a great idea!!
    Everyone can be a winner like this!

    Now the name…..i have no idea 😉
    (Thats a big help he..)


  2. I love the idea! I very recently wrote a paper together with my mom on Maria Sibylla Merian (an awesome female 17th century scientist and artist who collected and drew flowers and insects)and one of her books was called the flower book. it held drawings of flowers that where meant to be used as ideas for ladies to stitch onto tablecloths etc…
    so, she was a designer of her time, doing for girls what the digital designers do today – enabing us to use our creative potential.
    so, in that spirit i propose the name “liber floris” in latin or “my little flower book” in english! hope you like my suggestion!

  3. What a great idea! This sounds like fun. The name that came to mind is “Pressed Flowers” since that’s one way to preserve flowers you’ve collected.

  4. This sounds like fun!!

    How about:
    Weeds into Wildflowers
    Bloom Bucks
    Blossom Bucks

  5. You should make the little cards look like seed packets and call it “Weeds Seeds” or “Seeds of Creativity” or something along those lines.

  6. I love your idea. Gives me some hope of some day being able to “win” a kit (or something else from your shop) without being a winner since most winners have more artistic type layouts and not traditional type, which I personally prefer. The only name I can think of right now is Blooming Weeds.

  7. This is an awesome idea!! and it will definately encourage me to join more challenges.

    I love all the ideas for the name of the reward card.

    My idea is to create bouquets of wildflowers (could use a different pic of a wildflower for each step toward the 10) – then someplace in our profiles keep track of how many flowers we have toward the bouquets, and then how many bouquets we have collected over time.

  8. What about “My Little Garden” since we will be collecting flowers?

  9. I think that’s an awesome idea, defintely a huge incentive to try to participate :)

    Some name suggestions – Weed Patch, Flower Patch, Flower Garden, Seed Packet, Bloomin’ Rewards, Blossoming Points, 1-WW-REWARDS, Budding Rewards/Points, Rewards Garden, KaBloom, FloRewards, Petal Points, Bouquet of Points, Flourish, Bloom and One Bloom (to rule them all :D).

    Sorry, I’ll stop now, I think I might’ve overdone the coffee 😀

  10. My Garden Rewards seems like a good name to me.

  11. ‘reap what you sow!!’
    that is my suggestion…

  12. This is a nice change on the challenge.
    There are some great name suggestions for the card, good luck picking one!

  13. I’m not real good at this, but what about “A Garden Patchwork” or “A Blanket of Wildflowers” since you need to “cover” your card with flower stamps!

    Or a Garden “Path” Card.

  14. Thats a great idea!!
    What about: blooming up
    A seed to grow
    What a sprout
    Sprout Sensation.

  15. LOVE LOVE this new challenge and PPC era!!!!! you all WW girls are genius!!!! thanks a lot for the chance to express our talent and share it with the ww fans so when i was reading the post of Petra explaning the new challenges projects i get the Da Vinci name so for the regular weekly challenge I propose the DaVinci Card, because in that challenges all the WW fans/ girls done and do GREAT creations so I love and enjoy to see them each week and as an artist i like to use an artist name ;o) sounds silly but i like it!
    and for the weekly PPC i propose the PPCARD like photo promt challenge (ppc) the photo promt card

    Again ladies thank you so much for this new changes and cant wait to begin some new page!

  16. I love the new challenges. I am new to all this but would love to start participating so this new way is less intimidating. Thanks for thinking of a way to include us all.

  17. I love challenges, and I’ve recently only been posting at Scrap that Idea, but I’ll definitely start some WW layouts, as I love the idea of “earning” credits by posting layouts. It’s a win every time you post then! The only name that came to my mind was Dandelion Dandy’s but I really like the Weeds Seeds that someone else suggested (or the Bloom Bucks)

  18. Sounds like a great idea! What about Seed Cards or Seed Stamps? Seedlings?

  19. Love the challenge idea!! Fantastic!! As for the name…
    Crazy Daisy Reward Card
    Posey Point Card
    Posey Punch Card
    Rosy Reward Card
    Frequent Flower Card

  20. I think this is great because it is more incentive to participate when every time will definitely get you closer to a reward!

    Ok, so here is my choice for the name of the card: Your Pollen Count Card. It’s silly, but it came to me while I was doing dishes, and I’m usually totally bad at this kind of thing. I didn’t read the other messages to see if anyone came up with it already.

  21. Greenhouse Green Bucks
    Garden Greens
    Flower Power Card

    This is such a fab idea! I love being able to collect flowers and have a reward at the end.

  22. Great idea…really love some of the suggestions.

    Here is mine ~ SEED SAVERS card

    NB. Seed savers are gardening friends/groups who save and share their precious seeds for planting now and gathering for future use.

  23. What about “Daisy Dollars” or “Daisy Dough”

  24. Reapin’ Rewards
    Creative Harvest Card
    “The Buck Sprouts Here” card
    Planting Perks
    Play in the Dirt AGAIN card (since you’ve already had fun with the challenges, but then get the rewards and can do it again…nevermind…I’m sure you get it!)

    I think this is a pretty inventive incentive (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Love it!

  25. awesome idea
    I like –
    flower patch

  26. This is such a great idea!! You girls are amazing!! :) I love all the suggestions for the names, and had a hard time trying to come up with something.. What about Watch my garden grow, or Say it with flowers?

  27. What fun challenges and the creative way you set it up is exactly what I think of as a WW kinda thing, lol. So, my idea was taken a couple of times but I’ll try a couple others and see what happens.

    Breezes from the WW Meadow Card
    Watering Can for your Garden Card
    Sunshine Card
    How does your Garden Grow Card
    Roots Grow Deep Card
    Reach for the Sun Card
    Fragrant Scents
    Plant Food Card
    Fruits of Loves Labor Card
    Seeds on the Wind Card
    Seeds of Inspiration Card

    OK, since I like that last one a lot, I’ll stop, lol. Thanks! 😀

  28. I think “Pollen Points” has a nice ring to it.

  29. I love the new reward system.
    As for the card name, I would suggest”Garden Fairy”

  30. I love ‘Weed Seeds’ suggested by Rachel!

  31. And I love Ann’s suggestion of ‘Petal Points’! :)