Digital Scrapbookers need three basic things; a software program, great digital kits (like the ones found in the Weeds and Wildflowers Shoppe) and photos. Sometimes we want posed and perfect photos. Sometimes, we might want candid not so perfect photos. And then other times, we might want photos that are super fun.

I recently discovered a trick photography technique called Multiplicity Photography and I am a little addicted.

Basically to achieve this type of look, you just need to take a series of photographs that are same as far as exposure and focal length, with your subject in a different spot in each photo. A dSLR camera would work best for this since you can lock your focus and settings. With point and shoot cameras, it may be a little tougher (not impossible though) since the camera chooses the settings and focal lengths. After you have your photos, choose one as your “base” photo and extract your subject from the others, copy and paste onto your base. If you are successful at achieving identical photos, you shouldn’t have to be very detailed in the extractions. I used the marquee tool and made a wide selection around the subject and it worked out just fine. Be sure to grab your shadows though 😉

I got a little carried away after I learned about this technique. Here are few more examples.

Here is a layout that I made using this technique and the Sweet and Simple #7 products.