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New Life 365 goodies!

Hi Weedsters,

Good evening girls…it is late Saturday evening here and I just want to tell you who are the winners of Heidi’s great ‘Everyday Stickers’. I randomly picked three names and here they are….




Congratulations girls…you will receive your coupon codes as soon as possible! Can’t wait to see your pages!

Have a great weekend!

Miranda here bringing you today’s new release..a good start of the weekend I guess..and here in Holland the end of school holiday’s.  We had a lazy week but now real life starts again..but as I said…first we have weekend..and a Life 365 release…YEAHHHH….

Our sweet Heidi designed Life 365 “everyday stickers” , these cute and whimsical stickers are perfect to accent your photos and journaling blocks! They will add quick and easy splashes of color to your pages so all you have to worry about is recording your memories! It includes 16 different stickers in many color combinations making over 760 stickers total…and it is on sale this weekend…20% off!!!!

And guess what….I am giving away THREE of them……please let me know you weekend plans and I will randomly pick three lucky winners saturday evening (my…in about 27 hours!)

Look what I have made with the stickers (and the rest of the Life365 collection):

Slippery when wet!

Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow evening!


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  1. These stickers are too cute! My weekend plans? We are taking our daughter (who is a sophomore in high school) to visit University of North Texas. This is her first choice for college in 2 years and she’s extremely excited to visit the campus.

  2. Great idea for the stickers! My plans? I’m going to be catching up on my P365 layouts!

  3. My weekend plans…hmm…good question. Since I broke my leg slipping on ice Weds am, I’m going to be lying around, hopefully getting help around the house, watching a few movies, and scrapbooking – hopefully the layouts turn out alright even with the pain meds I’m on. Going to the future-in-laws to talk about our cruise we’re going on in a week (yes, I’m still going on my crutches!). That’s about it.

  4. The stickers are so cute! So big huge plans this weekend! Pick up and sort 300 cases of Girl Scout cookies after we clean up and organize the garage! Woo Hoo! (I know you are all so jealous! lol)

  5. Love the sticker! They’re so cute. We’re going to take advantage of the new snow & do some skiing this weekend!

  6. These are awesome – great job Heidi!

    I’m going to spend the weekend on a little getaway with DH, (hopefully) taking some great photographs in some (hopefully) great weather here in Florida.

  7. These stickers are great! This weekend we are off to the zoo. My DD really wants to buy a stuffed coral snake at the gift shop with her allowance. What every girl dreams of, right?

  8. These are sooo fun and cute! Love them!
    Will be spending my weekend doing CT work, ouch, I let it slip a bit :-(

  9. My weekend plans? A whole bunch of nothing….sounds exciting, right? Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  10. My weekend plans … we finally have a weekend with nothing set in stone. I’m so excited! I’m sure I’ll be doing the usual – cleaning and laundry. We also plan on having a family movie night. :)

  11. I am running 10 miles on Sat morning. Then Sat evening my husband is playing music in a coffee shop with a trio. Sunday I’m just cleaning up around the house!

  12. My weekend plans? We have my nephew’s fifth birthday Saturday, so we’ll be going to his party that afternoon. We’re also supposed to be house-hunting this weekend. Yay!

  13. My weekend plan will be helping my hubby fixing the deck. He has started it 2 weeks ago,but it hasn’t done yet.
    Thanks for the chance to win the awesome goodie.
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

  14. Those stickers are great! Tomorrow night I’m going to see Vagina Monologues with a friend. I’ve never seen it, so I’m curious. Other than that, just the regular day to day stuff.

  15. We have an english friend staying for a few nights who works for a charity in northern Iraq, so we are sharing the delights of Northern Ireland.

  16. This weekend I am planning on scrapping my little heart out so I can have my Life 365 pages for the last 2 weeks. LOL Other than that I will just be hanging out with the fam!


  17. These are so cute!! I am planning on spending lots of time outside with my kids. It better be warm like the weather man said. We have cabin fever bad.

  18. Love the stickers!! My plans for the weekend: i just heard my husband had to work tomorrow morning ….very sad for him, but a little bit less for me: i ‘m going to scrap now :)!! Sunday we have church and family visit; and in the evening we’re proberly in the mood of a movie!

  19. Plans- what Plans!! i’m doing nothing!! Well, okay, so I’ll cook and clean and walk the dog but nothing else- except scrapping! seriously a boring weekend, but sometimes, that’s nice!!

  20. There really cute!!
    My plans for the weekend, i have to work tomorrow, a party tommorow night.
    And sunday a lazy day…..

  21. We’ll be going to our Great Grandson’s first birthday party! We’re also planning to see a movie and visit the zoo.

  22. Love those stickers! Well, this weekend it’s our 5th wedding anniversary, so my lovely in laws are having the two big girls overnight so we can have a date!! What a treat! I’m so excited!

  23. Love the stickers!!
    Weekend plans – dinner with friends and catching up my 365 layouts!

  24. I was so excited to see the stickers in the store this morning. Yeah! I’ll be finishing up my February pages this weekend. As well as the usual chores – grocery shopping and laundry.

  25. These are terrific, and I would love to win them. I will be working on finishing a photo book and hopefully playing catch up on my Life 365. I had week where I was sick and didn’t look at the camera, and then I left my camera 60 miles away for 6 days. So am I behind? Oh, yeah, I am way behind. Maybe these stickers would give me a boost. I can dream, anyway. Thanks.

  26. I love these stickers!! THEY ROCK!! These would especially be good for my daughter, since she seems to be having a hard time getting her homework done. I could make my own stickers JUST FOR HER!!
    Our weekend is consisting of “Guitar Hero/RockBand” tonight, grocery shopping, laundry, my college homework, and hopefully some scrapping!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  27. Love the stickers!. Saturday I have to go to work and after that we celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. Sunday it’s scraptime! I’m running behind on my 365-layouts..

  28. We are off to my parents in about 10 minutes (as soon as I get off work). Playing with my nieces, making good Mexican, and hopefully getting some time alone to do my Life 365 layout from this week!

  29. These look great. We are going on our first family ski outing. My 5 year old son has taken three mini lessons and on Sunday we’ll all go to Swain for a full day of skiing. I’ve already scrapped one day of his lessons, I can’t wait for the photo op on this trip!

  30. Cute stickers! My weekend is gonna be boring… As I did for about the last 5 weeks, I have to lie down because of my illness, try to scrap a little and watch series… So, not much to tell here 😛 Oh, and I of course have to finish my 365 layout of this week, which features a lot of beds, budgies and books 😛

  31. Cute stickers! I’m planning on catching up on my scrapping and going out to breakfast with DH tomorrow since the girls are at my parents’ overnight.

  32. Well, I love this. Hmm, my weekend plans — got out of the hospital two weeks ago but seem to be having a little bit of a set-back and since I don’t want to end up back in the hospital I will just stay in where it is nice and warm, especially since we’re supposed to be getting snow tonight and in the morning.

  33. WOWOWOOWOWOW!!!! this new add on for the 365 is amazing!!!! love it!!!!!! Great job Heidi!!!! BRAVA!!!!
    Well i dont know exactly what we do for this weekend my hubby wants me to go to the spa, but really prefer to be with him and my girls, i dont want to spend for something, maybe important for me, but for me its more important to go out for dinnner, or to the cinema or just have a walk together!!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win Miranda! see ya!

  34. This weeknd the kids and are will be just hanging out at home and going to my SI’L’s housewarming, true blue aussie BBQ 😉

  35. It is Saturday here.summer and raining. We have been doing meccano with DS2, DD has been making cards, and a movie I think for the afternoon. Tomorrow involves going to a 2 year old birthday party. i hope it is not raining then.

  36. Way cute stickers! LOVE them! As for my weekend plans . . . I have a BORING life and am going to be doing NOTHING :) I work at home and just got some work, so I will be working and planning on getting some Project 365 layouts done. Thanks for the chance to win something :)!!

  37. I wish I could be really upbeat about the weekend but my DH is in hospital again, so the weekend will be a case of ‘see what happens’. The only plan I have is to finish my 365 layout and upload it to the W&W gallery.
    Take care everyone and thank you for the chance to win.

  38. lovin’ the stickers. this weekend i am filing my state taxes, digi-scrappin’, hoping to get enough snow tonight to go sledding in tomorrow, going to a pancake & sausage breakfast fundraiser, and taking my dd’s ice skating. yay! good luck to everyone!

  39. The stickers look wonderful. My plans include reading several chapters for a class I am taking for my job and then writing a paper and making comments online for the class. And then maybe laundry and organizing and cleaning at hom. Will I have time to get it all done? NO….

  40. weekend? I seem to be unfamiliar with the concept. The trouble with being a midwife is that babies don’t seem to be familiar with the concept. So maybe I will have some time off…and maybe i wont! However Sunday morning is booked – my photography course has another outing, practising our outdoor photography skills. I am so excited, in 4 weeks I have learned what most of the buttons on my camera do! However its back to work on Sunday night. And as we are in Australia, half of Saturday has already been used up with a long morning in bed with coffee and my laptop! Gotta make the most of the time off!

  41. the stickers are really cute. Our weekend plans include having friends over for dinner on Saturday night.


  42. oh I HAVE to have these.

    I’m going out with the girls Saturday night for dinner and drinks.

  43. Such cute stickers!!!
    This weekend I am getting ready to say goodbye to my hubby for a few weeks, he was laid off of his job and has to go out of town to work for a while:(

  44. I love all the Life 365! I just wish I had more time to get it all put together! I will be taking my daughters to see the new Jonas Brothers 3-D movie, doing income taxes, RE-organizing the kitchen and cleaning the house. The only fun part might be the 3-D movie!

  45. I love the stickers!! My plans for the weekend are to relax! I don’t have any work to do – that’s a change! – so I want to relax after a busy week.

  46. OMGosh these are so dang cute!!

    My weekend will consist of cleaning! Yep, that’s exciting huh? The weather is too icky to do much of anything, so might as well get a jump on spring cleaning.

  47. I love the stickers- so cute!!! Well, today I have been doing a little cleaning. I’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of the day! Tomorrow we will be going to a Birthday party for my cousin’s little girl at a place called Bounce Planet. I’ve never been there before, but it sounds like fun! Thanks for the chance to win the stickers :)

  48. These stickers are great. My weekend plans…Saturday my SIL and BIL are coming over for a few hours. Sunday I have nothing special planned.

  49. Oh my, I love those stickers. Weekend plans… – Saturday is almost over now, kids are already in bed. I have been to the hair salon today, needed a haircut (it has been months…). Now I feel much better! LOL
    Tomorrow we will make a trip to a new mall that just opened and in the afternoon my mother and sister will visit and play with the kids.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. I am stuck inside all weekend trying to get over the flu. My daughter, whose birthday was yesterday, is now sick. Not a good weekend, and I had great plans to work on my 365 project!

  51. Love these stickers girl! Friday was my hubby and I 33rd Anniversary so we are celebrating all weekend. Dinners out, some shopping and having our photo taken. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Thank you so much Miranda!
    Heidi they are awesome and it is so kind of you to offer them.
    DH is still in hospital, getting better though and these goodies will at least help me take my mind of things.
    Thank you so much from an addicted W&W 365 fan.

  53. i lovet his so much!