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NEW stuff!!

Hi ladies!!  Gina here, and it is the weekend – that means some new goodies!!!!  I have had a crazy, busy weekend and it always feels good to be done with some new things and get them in the shoppe!!   WHY can’t we have more hours in a day??? 

Anyways, on to the good stuff!  We have some new goodies for the LIFE 365 Collection:  A new ‘Attach-It 2’ element pack, some funky and colorful buttons that will add a quick and easy splash of color to your pages, and also if you haven’t gotten it in the forum yet, Hodge Podge #4 is now available!

It is all in the shoppe now until Tuesday night as well as a few other good deals so head on over there!!!  Hope you like it, and I can’t wait to see your awesome LIFE 365 pages this week!!  Hugs to you all!!!

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