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NSD Name-That-Font Game #8 (final)

Edit:  Amelia, you got it!! Yay.  Check your email in a few!  That’s the last of them, folks.  I hope it was fun!

Rules & Prizes

  • A new font will be posted every hour (8 total) 8am pacific – 3pm pacific.  There are eight separate chances to play.
  • Enter your guesses in the comments below each post – make sure your guess goes into the right post.
  • The first person to guess each font correctly wins a $5 coupon to the shoppe!
  • Only one winning guess per person.
  • I will check back throughout the day and update the posts with winners.
  • Winners will receive coupon codes by email by Saturday evening-so they can still be used during the sale on Sunday.

If you’re looking for complete Weeds & Wildflowers NSD sale info, please scroll down to the first post of the day.

4 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Clementine Sketch??? I hope…. 😉

  2. Clementine Sketch by Teagan White site [20 comments]

  3. Tiff – this was such a great idea! Thanks for the fun today 😀

  4. YEA!!! Thank you so much!!!