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Oh that poor woman!!

Well ladies, our sweet Gina has been sick all week….

Last night she was trying to finish her new goodie, but felt crappy and went back to bed! This woman just can’t stop, but glad she took some time and relaxed…Cause she feels a lot better right now! She’s currently working hard for us to finish her goodie and wanted to let you all know…It will be here asap, so keep an eye on the shoppe and/or blog!

So in the meantime let’s play a little game. Try and guess what the new goodie is, leave a comment here and we’ll randomly pick three ladies who will get this new goodie for FREE!

See ya soon, hugs Petra

83 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. My guess is a Valentine’s mini-kit.

  2. St Patrick’s day kit??

  3. I’m gonna guess (and hope) it’s another add-on for Life 365, maybe some great doodles??


  4. Foreign language add-on for Life 365?

  5. A “I Love You 365 days” kit

  6. I’m guessing a Valentine’s kit, something pretty and pink!!

  7. It has to be a Valentine goodie! Hope she is up soon!

  8. Valentine Goody? Can’t wait to see :)

  9. more acrylics I hope I hope :)

  10. A Valentine’s Kit or another 365 Life add on.

  11. Some Life 365 quick pages?

  12. I bet it is a St. Patrick’s day add on or some more doodles. I love doodles!!!!

  13. I’m hoping it’s a Valentine’s kit.

  14. I am thinking either a little valentine’s kit or 365 add-on–like doodles or maybe more word art!

  15. hmmm… maybe a Life 365 add on with less girly/flowery patterns/items (wishful thinking as I only have a boy!)

  16. a wonderful valentines day kit!! Cant wait!!

  17. I’m guessing more attach-its for Life 365.

  18. I think it is a Valantine-kit!
    (But whatever it is, it will be great, i know for sure!)

  19. I’m guessing it will be an add on for the 365 kit … maybe a paper pack?!

  20. Whatever it is will be fabulous and definitely worth the wait. I’m easily enabled by her goodies.

  21. I really hope it will fit the LIFE 365 series – and I’m really hoping for more wordart because I just adore that :-)

    …and just because nobody said that yet my guess would be that it’s going to be fishing/sea themed – I would have guessed valentines day, but so many people already did that :-)

    My son just did his first LO with W&W products đŸ˜€

  22. I am hoping for a P 365 addon brush kit! :)

  23. I’m guessing doodles

  24. Something 365ish and cute beyond my wildest expectations!

  25. a cute project 365 element

  26. I hope Gina is feeling better! Thank you so much for all your hard work but please do take care of yourself first!!! Gosh, knowing Gina, it could be any of many wonderful fun new things. How about some new wordart??? Thanks so much!!

  27. Oh Gina feel better soon! I am hoping for a little kit with something red and some whimsical flowers in it!

  28. I am guessing something for valentine’s day. Love is in the air right?

  29. Hope you’re feeling yourself again soon, Gina!

    I am guessing it is a new paper pack to go with the Life 365 kit.

  30. something gorgeous as always – hopefully more beautiful additions to 365 – I am loving this kit & project!

  31. My Guess is a new set of doodles for Life 365.

  32. Hope you are feeling better Gina. Thank you for the goodies!

    I hope that it is a paper kit that is an add-on to 365.

  33. I’m guessing an Alpha that coordinates with Life365.

  34. First hope our dear Gina feels much better!
    I guess she is working in some great Word art in foreing language!!!!!!!! yesssss or some new alpha!!!!!
    Thank you Gina, cant wait to see what you prepare for us!

  35. I think is something to 365 project or 53 project. Thanks

  36. Valentine extras for 365 project

  37. I am guessing a new Alpha?

  38. A Valentine doodle kit. :)

  39. Get well soon Gina!
    I guess a Valentine’s Add on for P365

  40. I love the word art. I think maybe something to do with Spring. Probably because I am hoping for a bit warmer weather.

  41. Easter stuff? St. Patrick’s Day? Spring? Hope she is doing better.

  42. I’m guessing more 365 background papers.
    Get well soon!

  43. valentiny doodles:) Get well soon!

  44. I am going to guess alphas!

  45. So glad Gina is feeling better. I am really loving all the Life 365 parts!

  46. More titles for days of the week?

  47. oh poor Gina. hope she can really find some rest! I am guessing some sweet doodles!

  48. Hmm, maybe beautiful mixture of nature and love :)

  49. I thought alpha, but since others have already said that, I’ll be more specific. A valentine alpha that goes with Life 365.

  50. Gina, I hope you’re feeling better!

    I think it’ll be an add-on to Life 365.

    I am hoping for something baby related, as I have a 2 month old daughter. Something like 1 month, 2 month tiles and about milestones, like smiles, walks, etc. Just hoping thinking. I also have an almost 3 year old daughter, so something girly would be nice too! Whatever it is I am sure it’ll be wonderful, all of Gina’s stuff is.

  51. I’m guessing and wishin’ for something SPRING related…spring flowers, word art, etc.

    Gina, feel better soon!!

  52. I’m hoping something spring related! I am so tired of winter, I’m ready for fresh colors and some spring flowers!

  53. Valentine’s Day kit!

  54. I hope your whole family is healthy now, Gina!
    I am guessing a valentine’s 365 add on

  55. I hope you are feeling better gina! I agree with most others, and hope that it is a 365 valentines add on!!

  56. I have to go with a love theme too …. Hope you’re on the mend, Gina, and that everyone else in the family is too!

  57. Aaaah…poor Gina…we hope she’s gonna feel better soon! We think or rather HOPE that it’ll be another 365 addon; preferably wordart…..

    BTW: we LOVE this 365 project!!!

  58. I also hope is is another Life 365 add-on… more word art or some extra doodled borders would be nice… can’t wait to see what it is!

  59. Hope Gina is feeling better. Maybe some wordart! Can’t wait!

  60. I’m going to guess something Valentine’s related. Maybe an addon to 365. Hope Gina feels better soon.

  61. I hope it’s a 365 add-on! I love these kits!

  62. 365 Word Art is my guess – just know I’ll love what ever it is & hope Gina’s feeling better soon!

  63. I bet it is something to do with St. Patricks Day and Easter. Whatever it is, I know it will be awesome.


  64. Valentines!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  65. I’ll guess it’s for Valentine’s Day! and ya know whatever it is it’s going to be ADORABLE!

    Hope you’re feeling better Gina!

  66. I was going to say frames/paper but I think that maybe those of you who are saying alphas are on to something. :)

  67. A kit full of reds, pinks, whites and tans with lots of great elements including tags, ribbons, frames, doodles, and “fabric” goodies which can be used for Valentine’s Day AND everyday! :)

  68. I can totally feel Gina’s pain. I was sick all week!! Glad she’s feeling better.
    I’m thinking she’s got a little valentine kit in the works. Whatever she does will be simply amazing!!!! :)

  69. I think it’s a spring kit – with pastel-like spring colors!

  70. I know you guys (girls) are so organized, I bet you’re getting a jump start on Easter! Hippity Hoping it’s me that wins!

  71. I am guessing an alphabet add on for the Life 365 kit. Can’t wait to see the new goodie and hope you feel better!

  72. I’m guessing a new spring collection…looking for winter’s end….

  73. hI.. poor Gina .. sick and still thinking on us… i guess will be something with Life 365 and red things for valentin day!
    a hug

  74. Get well soon, Gina. *big hugs*

    I think the goodie has something to do with LIFE 365 (Hodge Podge) or a kit to welcome spring.

  75. Something for Valentine’s Day?

  76. I’m guessing something for valentine’s Day.

  77. Doodles for Project 365? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fantactic!

  78. Maybe heart doodles?! I hope something for Valentine’s Day!

  79. something for valentine, i hope!

  80. Hello friends…
    I think that it will be a lovely kit…
    All that you do is very nice.
    Thank you for all…
    Have a sweet day..!!!