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On the fourth day of Christmas, Weeds & Wildflowers gave to me…

On the fourth day of Christmas, Weeds & Wildflowers gave to me … a full set of bookcovers for your Life365 photobooks!

In 12×12 square version

and in letter version

You may remember my summer post that brought you the bookcover for the first six months of this year. Since then Gina has completed another six fabulous collections and today there are three bookcovers ready to complete your great collection of memories you have taken and put down through this year. The half-year covers are using two papers per each monthly kit, the full year cover is made with one paper per month, usually starring the dominant color of the respective month. The design was completed by letters from with Cherishing Every Moment Alpha and a frame from Life365 collection. The font used is a free font called Susie’s Hand.

Let me show you a closer lookup. I love the brights of the beginning of the year, all joyous and full of energy:

I admire the calm colors of the second half of the year:

And I was surprised how balanced the whole year collection looks when placed together:

You can download the 12×12 version here and the 8.5×11 version here. For those spelling “colour” there is another 12×12 version available here.

Update: **** LINKS HAVE EXPIRED **** (but there will be another go of this giveaway by the end of the year!)

I hope you liked today’s gift and will come to pick some more tomorrow!

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  1. These are wonderful.. Can I ask if they are layered as I would love to be able to adjust the spelling of colour for us who live downunder?

  2. Oh, these are so what I was hoping for. Thank you, thank you!!

  3. Tamara, they are not layered but it shouldn’t be hard to insert the “u” using the font I mentioned in the blog post. The background is pure white, so just select a square containing “colo”, cut it and paste, shift slightly to the left and insert a “u” from the Susie’s Hand font (it is free for download, just type “susies hand font” into your search engine.

    Let me know if there are any problems with that and we can work something out together.

  4. Thanks for your response. I will have a go.

  5. THis is wonderful! THey are perfect except for the spelling of color for those of us in Canada. Thanks for the name of the font – I should be able to use your worka-round.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Marketa, these are so lovely. Thanks!

  7. Th♥nks for sharing! H♥ppy Holidays!!

  8. gorgeous. I am doing project 12 but this will work perfectly!

    Thank you

  9. They are great! Thank you very much.

  10. Look like I have to make a “Colour” version too :) OK, I think that in one hour it will be available 😉


  11. There is a colour update available at the bottom of the blog post! Thank you all for your comments and feedback!


  12. thanks, I will prove useful for my Project 365

  13. I love it. Thanks a lot.

  14. thanks !! looks great … thanks for sharing with us! a hug

  15. I only made it 3-4 months into the Project but these are gorgeous! I am going for Project 12 next year. Hope you will do these again! thanks

  16. This is fabulous! I can’t wait to use it!!

  17. I missed the download. Will these be available for purchase? Thanks!