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Photo Prompt Challenge #24 All About Perspective

OK…so we had a reunion picnic this weekend at the local park.  Our oldest was going across the bars and I have lots of pictures of her straight on doing that….I decided to lay down on the ground to get a whole new perspective. It is fun and one day when her legs hang to the ground like mine a picture like this won’t have the same pop!

So for this PPC change your perspective for a picture! Get directly above, right underneath, put your camera on the ground…be creative and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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you will earn a petal playing along and that gets you free product when you fill your flower

have fun!!! thanks for playing!!!

5 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Great challenge, any word on how we know how many points we have? And how many times can we enter a challenge? As many entries as we want for 1 petal point, but more chances to win?? Just curious!! Thanks :)

  2. Great photo!! And I love the challenge! I know just the photo that I’m going to enter! :0)

  3. you get one petal each challenge and you can only enter each challenge once…should all be in the forum the details but will double check with the team :)

  4. Great challenge. I want to enter! I’ve registered, but still waiting for the reply (it’s been a day)… I hope the email hadn’t been lost…

  5. Great challenge! I have to perfect picture, just waiting to get my registration approval! :)