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Photo Prompt Challenge #30

Happy Monday Weedsters! It is time for another Photo Prompt Challenge!

With Christmas fast approaching I know all you lovely ladies will be rushed off your feet planning, preparing, shopping, wrapping and doing all the other million and one things that need to be done. But what about taking some time for YOU! If you get a few spare moments to yourself what will your indulgence be? Will it be a coffee and a magazine,some delicious chocolate, a trip to the gym?

This weeks challenge is to snap a picture of your indulgence.

Here’s mine.


Earn a Petal Point by posting your challenge photo Here by Midnight (eastern time) Sunday, November 29th

7 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. It looks lie a scene straight out of the movies. How wonderful.

  2. What a fun photo challenge!! Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

  3. Awww, you guys are so nice to post challenges llike this! This is EASY!!!

  4. Now that is a very relaxing looking bath – the perfect place after a hard day of jewelery making (or a craft show!)

  5. Awesome photo!! So relaxing!! I know exactly what I’m going to shoot but I’ll have to wait til tomorrow when I have daylight! Thanks for the great challenge!

  6. Beautiful photo – makes me feel relaxed and indulged just looking at it!

  7. I need a bigger tub, that’s awesome!