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Photo Prompt Monday

February 11, 2013

Good Morning Weedsters and welcome to another Monday photo prompt. Here in the UK where I am we are having a bit of a chilly spell at the moment. We have had lots of snow and plenty of disruption to travel but the kids have been enjoying having a few snow days as some schools have had to close. Watching the news I see that parts of the USA are having even worse conditions with a mega snowstorm hitting some states. Wherever you are I hope you are all safe and that the weather has not caused you too many problems.

I have taken my inspiration from the weather and I am using the word COLD for my prompt this week as it reflects how many of us have been feeling, not just because of the weather but also because of all the colds and sniffles that seem to be going around at the moment.

I have two favourite pictures that say COLD to me so I am sharing them both. They are one of my daughter making a snow angel and one of the colourful snowman my three kids made together.

Remember each week we will be choosing one photo from the week’s thread to win a $5 coupon to the shoppe as an incentive to take those photos!

Cold snow angel

I have created a thread in the forum for Photo Prompts and if you want to upload your photos there to share with everyone then go right ahead, sometimes it’s nice to see what others do with the same prompt.   And you may win some fun spending $$ at the same time as we will be choosing one photo a week to win a $5 coupon!

Happy Snapping icon smile Photo Prompt Monday

signature Photo Prompt Monday

2 Comments on “Photo Prompt Monday

Susan Whicker
February 11, 2013 at 10:45 am

I couldn’t find the photo prompt gallery but I posted my photo in the challenge gallery. Here is the link:

February 11, 2013 at 11:53 am

You are right there is no photo prompt section in the gallery but you can use the challenge gallery. Can you add a link to your photo in the forum here

Thanks so much for taking part, such cute girls and I love the fab pink cone 🙂

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