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Scavenger Hunt!

Hello Weedsters! Today I bring to you a fun scavenger hunt. Your goal is to identify all the products in this image. There are 12 product images that you need to decipher (all the images come from the Shoppe). The first winner to get them all correctly identified will win a $5 gift card to the Shoppe. We’ll also choose one random winner that also correctly identifies them all. Please PM me the correct responses in the forum. You can find my PM info here. My username in the forums is: nursepaula06. Entries will be accepted until Sunday night at 11:59pm.

Scavenger Hunt

And here is your freebie Quick Page for today from Jazzy:


You can download it here.

Good Luck on the scavenger hunt!


*** Congrats to those who entered the scavenger hunt! sunflowersbaby was the first to get me all the correct answers. She wins a $5 gift card to the shoppe. Kimmerbean was randomly chosen as the winner for the random $5 gift card.

Thanks for playing – I hope you all had fun.

PS> we’re still trying to resolve size of the quick page – thanks for your patience.

18 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Nice page, thanks a bunch.

  2. This scavenger hunt was a blast! I just PM’d you with my answers. Thanks so much for the fun QP.

  3. Thanks …is the Quicke Page a 2X2 ?

  4. Beautiful page. I love the sparkly hearts!!

  5. Le agradezco mucho son preciosos, mil gracias!!!!
    besitos para usted


  7. Thanks, this is so cute! But it’s tiny… like 2×2 as mentioned above. Was it supposed to be 12×12?

  8. Thanks for the very cute QP :)

  9. ok I just sent you my answers – I feel like I am back in school!!! :) Hope you got my PM! (mrsmayer) Thanks!

  10. It’s 12×12 not sure what has happened to it, I will check.

  11. Not sure what happened to the QP but I have uploaded it again so it should be 12×12 now. Try the link again

  12. I just downloaded it again and it’s still 2×2 inches. I love it! Hope you can get it fixed. I’d still love to have a 12×12. Thanks. :)

  13. Hmmm… because it was a layered psd, rather than a png, and it was at 300 ppi, I was able to resize to 12×12 in PSE, and it looks fine. So thank you!! Very cute and I love that it’s layered!

  14. Ok, sorry to be a pest (lol) but I just realized it’s not clickable for me so I can’t use it. Is it possible you resized it for the web while it was still a psd, but then didn’t resize back to 12×12 and flatten it to create the QP? Anyway, just wanted to let you know it’s still 2×2 and layered.

  15. I’ve downloaded it again this morning (7/19) and it is 2×2. I know I can size it up to a 12×12 in Photoshop, but even at 300 dpi that’s quite a stretch. While it may look ok on my screen, I’m worried it may not look so well if I have it printed out. It’s beautiful, though, and I’ll hold out to see if it gets fixed.

  16. Thanks for this beautiful QP.
    Good week for you and your family.

  17. I think the problem with the Quick page was that the paper and elements were dragged up to the layout instead of dragging it down to the layout. causing the paper and elements to become thumbnails. In PSE7 you have to drag the item down to the Layouts not up as in other PSE. This is just what I think not sure if it is what is wrong.