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Some fun new goodies!!

Hello everyone!  Gina here, and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far!!  Things are crazy busy as usual here at the Huff household with summer going full force and the boys out of school rarin’ to go each day!  I have been working hard on a few new things and wanted to let you know about them before I head out for the day…

I am STILL working on a really fun project (and it is huge!) so I will keep you posted on that!  But for this weekend, I am finally releasing some new Templates and a Border set that have been a work in progress for several weeks, and I just LOVE how they turned out.  I have been having SO much fun creating my LIFE 365 layouts with them.  They are a little different and creative than the previously released templates, but still simplistic and wonderful!  Some of the templates have artsy, scattered photo designs with funky angles, and some are clean and graphic with straight lines. The diversity of designs really add so much to my pages as I mix and match these with the older templates. 

Also, on many of these new templates are border guidelines that coordinate with the new “Creative Borders” set so it is really easy to throw in a splash of color on your layouts!

And here are a few layouts that I put together just to give you an idea of how fun these can be:


All these templates and the border set are on SALE for 20% off individually, or if you purchase all five sets they are 35% off!  This sale ends Monday night so grab them and save a little $ at the same time!  I hope you like them and hope they add a fresh look to your LIFE pages. 

AAannd, just for fun I feel like giving away a couple $5 Gift cards so a couple lucky ladies can have some spending cash in the W&W Shoppe!!  Just leave me a little comment and tell me something fun you are doing this summer and I will pick a couple random winners tomorrow night!  Hope you all have a wonderful day!! xoxo!

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  1. Something fun? Beginning Life 365! Also will get to see my niece from England for the first time in 12 years AND attending my 25th high school reunion.

  2. We are going to Lake Chelan for a fun and hot vacation with extended family!!! I’m really looking forward to some uninterrupted sunshine.

  3. Fun – sitting out on the back porch of our new apartment watching the girls play outside. My parents have a huge yard.
    Not fun – getting our house ready to put on the market. Lots of work!

  4. Ohhhh….love this new stuf!
    In about 4 weeks my holidays starts and in about 8 weeks we will leave for our holidays to the Czech republic.
    In the meanwhile just enjoy the weather and watch our dd play in her new Playtower that Dad built today!

  5. At our cottage – for the next 5 weeks :)

    (WITH internet connection!)

  6. What super cute products and layouts!! This summer I’m looking forward to going to Disneyland! Can’t wait to see the mouse!

  7. We’re moving across the country and seeing the sites along the way — Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, etc.

  8. Beautiful new releases! As always – and so unique!

    This summer we’re going sailing with my parents!

  9. Fun….we are going abroad only in october for vacation. But hopefully get some renovations done at the house, that should be fun when it’s done :)

  10. Right after hubby leaves on deployment (SNIFF!), we’re headed to the beach with some old friends for a weeks — then in August, we’ll drive up to Germany to spend some time visiting with our friends at their place, and then do some camping while our two oldest go to camp. Love the new templates, Gina! My other fun thing??? To catch up and reengage in my 365 project!!! :-)

  11. Love the new templates!! We don’t have many special plans for the summer; just working and when possible enjoying the weather. Maybe I can get two weeks off in september. We’ll see

  12. Great stuff Gina! I’m so hoping I can keep up my LIFE365 layouts – your creative stuff certainly helps ;-). Once summer school is done I’m headed off to the Caribbean with my honey for a nice break. Hey, that’s another 7 guaranteed photos and one more weekly layout!

  13. love the new stuff! We have lots of fun planned this summer: camping, gardening, swimming in the lake, and just relaxing with family!

  14. Gorgeous templates! And I LOVE your samples, Gina. You are so creative, and an awesome photog to boot! I love the funky angles and lines on the templates.

    Something fun I’m doing this summer… well, starting next week, my husband is done school until Sept. so I cannot wait to have him around more:) We have a couple trips planned which the kids will love, and camping with 2 & 1 yos is ALWAYS a good time, right? *wink*

  15. These are SO perfect for my next photo book project I have been worrying my self to death with. Its a gift for a couple who just celebrated their 60th birthdays together. I can’t wait to use these templates. So different and creative. Thanks!!

  16. I am totally loving these!!! What am I doing fun this summer? I’m moving halfway across the country! My DH got orders (we’re military) so we’re moving from our home of the last 4 1/2 years in Kansas City, MO & moving to the Washington, DC area. In JULY! EEKKKK

  17. Gina – I am absolutely LOVING these new templates!! We always take our family vacation in the fall … so, this summer we’re just hanging out and trying to keep up with our three small kids!

  18. oh gina, these are amazing!!!! you are absolutely talented!
    as of now we are just excited on flying back home to the philippines for my kids to spend time with my dad. yup, my dad is till putting a good fight!! wish us a safe trip!!

  19. Love the new templates and borders!
    I am learning to ride a bicycle for the first time in my 50’s! Love it!

  20. wow i love the new templates and borders…
    i am download them as i write here

    here we not have seasons .. so for me only will be vacation or free time on december … i will do usual things … sniff sniff anyway …. i will redo some of my last week with the new templates!!!

    a hug

  21. Lovin’ it here in Utah. Went camping with the family for 7 glorious days. I even had a major accident, I made sure that pics documented EVERYTHING! DH and the Dr. thought that I was crazy but it was part of the trip and I HAD TO have pics for the vacation album. I just got the templates and they will be used to document the entire trip, ER room and all, giggle!!!

  22. Oh, these look so great! Can’t wait to use them! My sister-in-law is expecting her first baby. I think her due date is already past, so we’re going to visit for 4th of July, and there will most likely be a new little one by then!

  23. My husband and I are celebrating our birthdays at Indian Rocks Beach. We are staying in a condo right on the beach. Sunny days, warm surf, and romantic sunsets! Thanks for the chance for the $5 gift card!!!

  24. Well… we just got back from a family wedding in Napa Valley (these templates with 7 and 14 photos will help me condense those photos into a few pages). :) It’s super hot in Austin, TX, so we’ll be swimming at least once a week and maybe hitting the beach. I’m also moving my classroom into a portable at school (I’m excited because I can decorate as I want and don’t have to worry about my students being loud! Hee hee!) GREAT new stuff Gina!

  25. How fun! We’re planning a cruise, hopefully :) Other then that, just running around like crazy with the pool and the slip n’ slide, I’m exhausted already :) Thanks for the chance to win, love your new stuff :)

  26. Hey Gina this new stuff is sooooo cute specially the borders!!!! LOVE them!!!! thanks a lot!!!
    For us the fun begins on july 12th we are flying to MIAMI!!!! yes we are going there we will go to siesta beach, tampa, naples, and ORLAMDO!!!!! with hubby and our two girls, then we will go to Lima for my sisters wedding and for a few hours we will be at Soffys country so we will have a LOT of fun together with the family!!!!!!!!

  27. Ohhh great new templates and borders… love them already.
    Its winter here, but something fun I’ve been doing this weekend is putting in some late bulbs… so come spring I’ll have some lovely new blooms – I love time in the garden, its so reinvigorating.

  28. We are moving this summer! Doesn’t sound like fun but we are super excited about the new house and all the extra space. I even get a dedicated scrapbook space.

  29. Gorgeous templates and borders,wow !
    Something fun I will be doing this summer is to design my new flower bed.
    Gardening is kinda relaxing activity for me.

  30. I’m enjoying some of our state parks! I went to Presque isle yesterday and to several in Maryland earlier in the week. Next week- who knows? These templates look wonderful! Will they also come in PNG form? I use Scrapbook max and regular templates just don’t work for me!

  31. We don’t have anything particular planned for summer, but I think spending time every day with my kids is fun!

  32. Moving to a new place and hanging by the pool.

  33. We are going to be looking at houses this summer as we plan to move to a bigger place. I just loooove house hunting coz I get to see a lot of nice houses. 😀

  34. Great new templates. We attended my nephews first holy communion today. We just finished up the school year this past week and it has been raining for two weeks. But we are planning a trip to Maine and some beach time.

  35. Great new templates…I love them!!! Not doing a whole lot of big things this year with money being a little on the tight side…but we are crazy busy with ball games, swimming, fishing and spending time with family…isn’t that summer is all about?

  36. I love the borders and your example pages!
    This summer we don’t have any trip planned, but we’re really enjoying the nice weather and our BBQ!!

  37. Love the new stuff!!! Thanks for your hard work. I am going to Peru this summer to meet my Father that I have never meet before. I’m scared and excited. Angelina

  38. I am traveling to Texas to go to my father-in-law’s wedding in August. While there we will be visiting family on both sides, going to the circus and a water park.

  39. Thanks so much for the new templates and borders, Gina! I love them very much.

    Me and my family, we are going to France, in a cottage, with our own Internet-connectie, with our own swimming pool, nearby sea.

    The past year, I have lost so much weight, and now I’ve bought a new bikini, and I think I’m going to flirt with everyone and everything, especially with life itself!!!
    I’m so happy!!!!!

  40. Moving into winter here…and planning a fun time doing some renovating in readiness for family to be staying with us from England in the spring.
    *****Re the NEW STUFF…already SNAFFLED IT and been scrapping with those layouts and borders all day!! Now that’s FUN!!

  41. OH fun! We are going to be finishing up schooling here soon and we’ll take a drive across the country of Peru to the coast where most of our friends are! Can’t wait!
    I just bought a bunch of the 365 stuff and would LOVE to add more to my collection!
    Tarapoto, Peru

  42. oh wow, I really love those new sets! :) This summer, I’m really starting my 365 project (on July 1st precisely! :) ) Something fun we’ll do this summer is visit a “sand museum” on the beach with huge sand statues :) It should be fun :)

  43. They look great!!!
    I bought them immediatly 😉

    This summer, well my holiday is allready over…so it will be a lot of work for me.

  44. Your new designs are great, as usual — and fun. I am in Texas, and it has been over 100 degrees for the past 8 days, so I am just trying to stay cool. Sitting at the computer helps!

  45. Great templates! We’re just hanging around the home front this summer. VBS, Playgrounds, biking, and sight seeing with uncles who will be visiting from Hawai’i.

  46. This summer I will be working as a camp nurse at a camp for kids with disabilities – as scrapping Life 365 inbetween! Oh – & planning an October wedding.

  47. Love the new templates! We are participating in a “Great Park Pursuit” challenge to visit a bunch of state parks this summer.

  48. My daughter was here all week and the theme of the week was-eating!! I hope to continue the trend all summer. Also, I plan a trip to the Midwest to visit old friends since I moved away fromt here 3 years ago.

  49. Awesome templates! We’re heading to Yellowstone next month, a trip we planned over two years ago. Bison and geysers and elk, oh my!

  50. We’ve got a 3 month old baby and we plan on going up to Utah and visiting our nephew for the first time who is also 3 months old! Getting our beautiful babies together for the first time. We are also hoping to go camping at the Grand Canyon! Btw, Love the new borders!

  51. We’ve got season passes to the water park this summer. Thanks for the chance at the GC!

  52. My husband’s family always their vacation in Florida. It’s usually too hot for me, but I love having my kids get to see his side of the family. It only happens once or teice a year, so it’s worth surviving the heat!

  53. Enjoying trips to the lake and slowly working on a Disney album from our trip this past Spring.

  54. I’ll be off to Croatia July 4th… With my family, and my brother and SIL and their two year old hyperactive daughter… so it doesn’t really seem like a vacation, LOL! Unfortunately, I’m gonna miss the hodgepodge now, but well, if I’m lucky enough to get the coupon, I can buy it when I get back! 😛 😉 Everyone have a nice holiday!

  55. Something fun? We are celebrating my grandmother’s 84th birthday with a Luau, complete with Hawaiian dances!

    Love the new stuff, I can’t seem to stop buying up all the Life 365 goodies!

  56. We’re planning a family trip (3 generations) to Sea World! A few days of animals and wet fun. What could be better!

  57. TEaching myself PS Elements 7 JUST so I can start using your products! They are F-A-N-T-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !!

  58. Love the new templates and borders! We are doing lots of swimming, riding bikes, and just having fun in the sun!