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Something BIG is Coming…

to the shoppe tomorrow….!!!  Can you guess what it is??  Leave me a guess and I will pick two lucky ladies to get it ALL for FREE!!  :)

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I will see you in the morning!!!



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  1. Is it sweet and simple life quick pages for the year?
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Is it a new version of Project 365?

  3. I hope it is a new version of Project 365! I can’t wait to see!

  4. sooo excited to see and kick off 2010 scrapping!!!! :)

  5. I suppose it’s something about 365 days project..Am I right? Happy New Year for you! Kisses Deca

  6. Is it a new 365 collection? Ohhh, now I am SO curious!!!

  7. I hope it´s more Sweet & Simple templates or kits!! I would love that:)

  8. It is a new kit for a different project 365? I still need to finish 2009 so I hope it is! I love to play with new things.

  9. I thing something for P365 2010???

  10. A new designer is joining you? A big sale? A brand new, huge, beautiful collection? Okay, so it’s probably something 365 related, but everyone else already said that so I had to be different! :) Can’t wait!

  11. New 365 stuff, I hope?

  12. Ohhhh I hope its p365 for 2010!!!

  13. I am guessing new January sets for the Sweet and Simple line. QPs and templates. :-)

  14. I’m hoping it’s a new 365 kit!

  15. Oh how exciting! It has to be a new and updated version of Project 365!

  16. Oh, I hope some new P365 stuff!

  17. Besides the Jan. templates for P365??…maybe the whole year of templates!!

  18. I hope a 365 project kit too!

  19. Oh, Gina, I’ve been waiting for this post! I am determined to get through Life 365 for 2010. I got halfway through 2009, and am regretting not finishing. I am so hoping that it is some new products for Life 365! :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  20. I’m guessing P365 too! I’ve been wanting to do it! Maybe this year will be the year!

  21. I am guessing 365 also!

    Or it could be a new year party kit–jumping into the new year!

  22. I’m guessing a project 52 kit.

  23. I’m thinking a kit in celebration of 2010

  24. My guess is the January page kits.

    Happy New Year!

  25. New years or Mega P365 kit?

  26. I am not guessing 365 or related products…..I am not guessing an after christmas sale….and I will not guess a storewide Happy New Year Sale….lol!!! I will guess that if W&W puts something out there, we will be grabbing them up…WOOHOO!!!! Happy New Years and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  27. New 365 stuff!!!

  28. I’m keeping my fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed that it’s the new SWEET AND SIMPLE LIFE 2010 kits and templates. I have been waiting and watching daily for the big annoucement so I’m hoping this is it. Feel like I am waiting for Santa again!! LOL Please hurry I can’t stand the suspence! xxox

  29. A big New Year’s sale!

  30. A sweet and simple version of Project 365?!

  31. I would guess another 365 gooodie for 2010. But, either way, if it’s here, it’s bound to be awesome! So, bring it on!!! 😀

  32. 2010 version of Project 365

  33. More project 365?

  34. I’m hoping it’s the Simple 365 quick pages. I’ve been checking everyday!

  35. The new 365 quickpages – YEA!!!

  36. I hope that it is p365 idea or even a new big kit I love those

  37. I’m guessing the January templates and new Sweet and Simple kits. I can’t wait to see!!

  38. The whole kit n kaboodle of Project 365/12/52

  39. A new P365 and a big sale!!!

  40. I’m thinking it is a new version of project 365 to keep us motivated for 2010

  41. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the announcement of the January S&S Quickpages and Templates! I’m hoping that’s what’s coming tomorrow!! :)

  42. Well…I’m not unique. I think the project 365 for 2010 too.

  43. i am really hoping it is something for project 365!!! i am actually gonna do this this year!!

  44. Soooo excited!!! Could this possibly be a new twist on P365? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be amazing!

  45. I hope it’s the January 365 QP’s and templates and a new Sweet & Simple kit!


  46. Life 365 goodies, I hope! I’m still plugging away and looking forward to whatever you have brewing…I know it will SHINE!

  47. A new designer? New Project 365 ideas? A ginormous kit?

  48. I guessed it will be New kit for Project 365.
    Is there any better way to welcome 2010 other than Project 365 kit ?

  49. A new project 365 kit or Sweet and Simple kits with templates? I’m very excited…can’t wait!!!

  50. Please, please, please… new Life 365 stuff! :)

  51. My bet is a new P365 template and accassories kit. I’ve just loved the hodge podge this year!

  52. Must be a new Project 365 kit…was such fun. Can’t wait to get started on 2010.

  53. I’m hoping for a 2010 project 365…. or maybe January quick pages?….. :)

  54. ooooh I”M EXCITED!!! my guess is a new version of the 365 things! CAN”T WAIT!!!

  55. OMG …… I NEVER win anything…pretty please pick me…..I’m not against begging !!!!

  56. I bet it’s a new 365 design for 2010!

  57. It’s gotta be new 365 stuff for 2010.

  58. I would love to see another 365 kit to work with this last one. It made things so nice and easy.

  59. I’m in the camp guessing it may be a new designer joining the WW group???? That’s what I think!

  60. please oh please i hope that it is something to start 2010 off with a bang…resolutions, new year, party & of course our beloved 365! I can’t wait!!!

  61. I’m hoping for project 365 in 2010 style! Happy new years everyone!

  62. I am thinking it will be a mega kit having to do with P365. I am really looking foreard to the monthly Sweet and Simple 365 kits and hope that you will give us a 2010 to go with this year’s December kit. I love it, but didn’t get it yet beacuse I just have NOOOOO time. It would be great to have it for next December! I would love to win – whatever it isw will be wonderful!!!!

  63. WOW Happy new year 2010!!!! I love surprises!!!! and guessing humm lets see some sweet & simple sets for the projesct 365 for this new year???? or some calendar sets!

  64. Whoa! I was in such a hurry – with my slow-moving dialup – that I have tons of typos in my original post. Sorry ladies! This was just too exciting, though, to slow down.

  65. Well with a new year…I’d hope it would be something to do with a new 365 album!

  66. well it sounds like 365 is a good guess…or templates?

  67. Project 365 – 2010 Style!!!

  68. Project 365 for 2010!!

  69. Is it a new project 365 toolbox for 2010?! I hope it is! Happy New Year!!

  70. Guessing like everyone a new 2010 365 project kit

  71. new 365project kit for 2o1o

  72. I think it is a new Project 365 kit for the new year!

  73. I betcha you are starting a new line…um, something along the line of the 365 project but new and improved (is that possible?). And probably one of your fabulous freebies for the New Year!!!

  74. New Project 365 templates for 2010 with new kit formats to complete the templates.

  75. I think it is a NEW template for the year…YEAH

  76. I hope it is more Life 365 for 2010!!! Happy New Year to all!!

  77. either a huge sale, huge colab kit, or p365??

  78. New Life 365 templates! Loved the new ones for December so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s more for the new year!

  79. I think it’s a big wad of templates for Project 365!

  80. New project 365 system.

  81. I think its something for Project 365

  82. Maybe a project 365 or some new calendar or resolution project?

  83. Project 365? I’ve GOT to try it this year!

  84. January page kits for the new, improved Project 365?!!?

  85. I think it will be a new 365 collection- W and W did some awesome stuff for it in 2009.

  86. oooh…it is a new Project 365 template and quickpage kit? how exciting! Happy 2010~!!

  87. A new way to do 365??

  88. Oh I am so excited. I need something new to get my creativity flowing again. I loved Life 365 and appreciate how much it helped me record the every day events plus the big events.

    Maybe a kit for the entire year?

  89. More Project 365 stuff! Please please PLEASE be more 365 stuff!

  90. I’m thinking it’s the Life 365 stuff for 2010!?

  91. Something to do with project 365. I’m hoping anyway.

  92. A rockin’ new 365 program, I hope!

  93. It has to be something for the 365 project. Looking forward to it.

  94. Just curious……..thanx for the chance!
    And offcourse, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  95. oh i am so hoping it is more of your awesome 365 goodies – yours rock!!!

  96. A new idea for 365!?

  97. Something for project 365, kit, templates.

  98. Happy New Year!
    I think it’s a new sweet and simple template and qp-set for january 2010

  99. Please let it be the January S&S Templates… I am SO anxious to get started and keep up this year!! Woot!

  100. ….maybe the january 365 project quickpages and template???? And someone (or some- two LOL) can have it free……WOW!!!! Crossing my finger…

    I WISH YOU ALL A SUPER 2010!!!!

  101. Like everyone else here, I’m guessing a new Life 365 kit or idea – and yay for that !! XX

  102. Happy new year!!!!

    I think it is something for life 365!

  103. HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES ! I wish you love, happiness, health and so many good things for you and your family for 2010.
    Even I haven’t been around since a while( I did get back to work…!) You are staying my favorite scrapbooking site!

    so i’m guessing (or more i Would like, hope for…) A BRAND NEW BIG KIT for the new year…. or something releated with the life 365

  104. Yep, I vote for a new Project 365!

  105. Happy New Year Everybody! Could it be the Sweet and Simple Kits? :)

  106. I hope thats its a new project for 365 days for 2010.

    Wishing you all a happy new year!!

  107. Something shiny and new for the New Year??? x

  108. I’m going with a Project 365 for 2010! Happy New Year :)

  109. Have to agree with the Project 365 for 2010 guesses. Can’t wait to check it out – whatever it is!! Happy New Year, everyone!

  110. I am so excited and can’t wait! My guess is a year long project like the 365 one.

  111. waiting for something for project 365 as NEW Quick pages as sweet and simple!!… i bet

    Happy new year

  112. Project 365 I hope?? Happy New Year!!! May 2010 bring you joy and so much more ^_^

  113. New project 365 stuff! (i hope i hope :) )

  114. New project 365/52/12 stuff?

  115. Unveiling of new 365 elements, templates & kits (a girl’s got to have a dream)!


  116. It has to be new P365 stuff!!

    Happy New Year!

  117. I’m sure it’s a new set for Project 365!!! I can’t wait!!!

  118. I hope it’s a new Sweet and Simple for January. I’m already to get started.

  119. Must be something very exciting – something to do with journaling our life over the next year

  120. I am sure it has to do with scrapping! :) Hope its something to keep us motivated for the new year. I am sure it will be great, whatever it is!

  121. I think it must be something new and exciting for Project 365 :)

  122. not 365 this year, i think…maybe project 52?

  123. A new version of Life 365 perhaps?

  124. A new 365 kit for 2010??? Ooh I can’t wait to see it!