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Copyright ©2012 by Gina Marie Huff–Owner and Designer at Weeds & Wildflowers Design.

All graphics and images contained in the kits and elements available on this site and elsewhere are copyrighted by
Gina Huff with all rights reserved. By downloading or purchasing a kit or any other element, you have obtained a license to use
the kit or element for your own use only, and you are required to abide by the terms of this user license.


-use all graphics and images within the kits and all other downloaded elements for personal use only but please give
proper credit and a link back to the site when applicable.

-contact me if you are interested in commercial use policy. Note not all requests will be granted permission and in
most cases will be granted only to those doing fundraiser or non-profit charity work.

-use the kits and/or elements for scrapbooking submissions and publications, providing that proper credit to Gina Huff @ Weeds & Wildflowers Design ( is always given.

-alter the graphics in respect to size and coloration only. Credit is still required for any and all altered graphics or
portions thereof.


– claim these graphics as your own.
– use for commercial use of any kind.
– alter the graphics in any way and then claim them as your own.
– redistribute these graphics in anyway, shape, or form.
– offer these graphics for download, resell, traded or shared regardless if they were on purchased, bought during a sale
or downloaded as a complimentary selection.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

You are not required to, but if you are published, I would love to hear from you so I can keep an eye out for your published work. Gina Huff retains and reserves the right to modify, update and change the
Terms of Use for this site at anytime with or without notice. It is your responsibility to check for updates and changes to the Terms of Use.

Limited Liability:

Gina Huff shall not be held liable for ANY damages resulting from the use of Materials or
Services on this Site.

All Material gained from Weeds & Wildflowers Design at either, including but not limited to images and text, are protected by copyright under U.S. copyright law, international conventions, and other copyright laws. You cannot use the Content except as specified herein. You agree to follow all instructions on this Site limiting the way you may use the Content.