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TTT, about the eyes!

Hey ladies, it’s petra here with a Tuesday tutorial… All about eyes! The thing on a photo that always draws me right to it are the eyes.

Today I want to show you how you can make those eyes POP and give your photo just that little extra polish. I learned this thing from the sweet sarah (my3hens around digiland) and I use this a lot on my photos! This trick can be done in many different programs such as photoshop, paint shop, ACDSee’s photo editor & others…

I’m using my ACDSee’s photo editor 2008 for this:

1. First we need to open an image

2. Then we’re going to duplicate the photoimage1-eyes3. Next we’re going to use the lasso tool or any tool to make a specific selection and select both eyes in entirety

image2-eyes4. Go to> adjustments> lights > brightness/contrast   (this can be in a different place with other programs then ACDSee’s PE 2008)

image3-eyes 5. change settings till the eyes get the look you want and have a bit more POP to them…make sure it’s acceptable and don’t over-do it!

image4-eyes6. Erase back all of the bright spots on the face and make sure the white of the eyes don’t look off. In my case I deleted the bright spots in the eye white too.

And here’s the end result, can you see her pretty blue eyes have a bit more pop right now?!


This is a super easy trick and it really does make the eyes a bit more poppy! So hope this helps and have fun trying it out!

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  1. That was a GREAT and so easy to do! Thanks

  2. Check out Pioneer Woman’s free actions for Photoshop here:
    There is a really cool action in the second download (I think) to make the eyes pop, and you just use a brush and paint the eyes white. You can also sharpen selectively using the lasso tool, and this works great!!!

  3. Petra what a great idea! It looks so easy to do as well. I am going to try this today :)