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TTTT: Night Photos and a Point and Shoot…

So we just took a two week vacation flying to California and as hard as it was to NOT leave with my nice digital SLR, I DID NOT want the weight of it with me on the trip and having to take such care to keep it safe. I was determined to capture our memories and still be artsy but NOT have the weight and hassle of my big camera.

I had SO MUCH FUN learning little tricks on my new point and shoot to document our trip which include a stop at DisneyLand!

I used different settings like +/- exposure to get brigther or darker pictures where with my digital SLR I would have adjusted my shutter speed or aperature. I used the different auto settings to get the effects I wanted and it was so fun to see the differences.

One of my favorite pics was a nighttime shot of California Adventure waiting for the parade. I wanted to show all the people lining up and the beauty of street but with the auto setting it would flash and I could only see a few feet in front of me. With night setting well I could not hold steady UNTIL I put my camera on the ground! I set to the program setting of NIGHT and then put the camera on the street before pushing the shutter! This was the picture! Nothing going to a magazine but more than usual with a point and shoot.  Looking at this picture again I am not sure if the light above us lit up my sweetie that much or if I had it on NIGHT PORTRAIT which is really cool because you get the beautiful background and the flash fires at the end to light your subject!

If you have a point and shoot, be sure you are maximizing what that fun toy can do! If you are all SLR, it is FUN to have a small camera that stays with you always and you could catch some memories you might otherwise miss…may be fun to play!!!

Have fun and share some of your favorite photos and tricks with us in the forum here!


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  1. I always have my little point and shoot in my purse! I always have those “I wish I had my camera with me” moments, so I made sure I always have one! Better a point and shoot than none at all, and like you said, who wants to pack an SLR everywhere??

  2. hi teresa!! nice photo!! i only have a point and shoot cam with me..but still dreaming of having a bigger gadget.
    anyway, i really need help for i cannot log in the site. i am ‘dying’ to submit my entry for the challenges but since sunday i am having problems logging in. i requested for a new password but it still didn’t work. oh please help me….!!! i don’t know what else to do. please oh please…

  3. Beautiful photo Teresa! I never thought to place the camera on the ground. I’m going to have to try that soon. Thanks for sharing your experience! Happy you had a great time on vacation!

  4. The night picture looks very nice.I love how the light and sky look crisp.
    My camera is a little bit more than point and shoot, but it is not SLR.
    Wish someday I will have one.
    Nice thing about mine is I can shoot long video with it.

  5. Nice photos – I don’t have a DSLR, but have more than a point and shoot. I am looking for a more compact carry every day camera, so was interested as to what one you used.