Hi there!

Firstly, yes it is actually Wednesday today, not Tuesday as our banner says- so I do apologise if I’ve confused you LOL! (Just thought I’d check and see if you are awake! hee hee) This is my first Tutorial here at W&W and I hope it is going to be useful to you. I know that that’s how I learnt the basics of digital scrapbooking. When I first started with Photoshop Elements I had no clue whatsoever! My first layout was simply awful as I had no idea of where to start or how to add shadows etc. Purely from reading tutorials, I was able to improve and managed to find my way around PSE. I now have PS CS3 and though I also read tutorials , I ended up taking an online course to learn it properly as it has many more features than PSE.

When I scrapbook digitally, I like my layouts to look as though you could touch them and feel the different layers. I want them to be realistic looking. I want certain elements like staples to be the correct size for the page. Sometimes they are too big for a 12×12 page and when printed, they are simply too big to be real – I’ve never seen a giant staple before ;o) That’s just me. Perhaps you prefer a more graphic look to yours.

One thing though, we all want the photos and elements to be in proportion, not distorted. So I decided a quick and easy beginners tut on RESIZING would be good. I have also done another tutorial on adding a border (STROKE) to photos, elements and text to create a ‘sticker’ look for wordart or a title, thus making your elements you buy a little more versatile and giving them a brand new look.

If anything is unclear, please just ask!

If you have any tutorial requests, please add them here in the comments – it really helps to know what you would like to learn.


Have fun playing!