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Wed. Best of the Bunch – Give a Girl a Hand

*** Edit to announce our Random Winner *** picked by our handy dandy RNG (Random Number Generator) and our winner is …..

Eva Marina !!!!

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Happy Wednesday Weedsters!! It’s Kenna, freezin’, in the midst of a snow/ice storm and my honey Parker (a.ka. DH) just had knee replacement surgery on Tues. (he is doing FAN TAB U LESS!! ) but, I’m so not prepared for today’s blogging *smile* and I was hoping you all could give me a hand with today’s Gallery Inspiration!

Simply put, the WW Gallery is flowing over (wowZA, what an understatement, right!!) with Life 365 pages, and I’d like to know what one thing you have found that is helping to keep you inspired (i.e. keeping your camera in your pocket, a sticky note on your mirror, anything) and then show me a favorite page from the WW Gallery that caught your eye. (doesn’t have to be a 365 page)

Post back here with a link to the WW page and your inspired 365 tip, and tomorrow, I’ll randomly pick a winner to receive a WW $5 gift certificate to the WW Shoppe!! Easy-peasy, right?

So until tomorrow, keep snapping away and happy scrappin’ too Weedsters!

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  1. I really like this one by smwhite:

    It is soo unique in look!! Your designs are soo user friendly for project 365-it has really inspired me!!!!

  2. I use flickr to upload my photos (daily, or every 2 days) and add my journaling there, so when I do my final LO at the end of the week it is so much easier!

    I like this layout:

    because the little notes look so realistic and I love the colored squares behind the papers. I may need to lift that idea!

  3. I love the use of color on this one:

    I keep my camera in the front pocket of my purse so I always have it ready. The thought of the book at the end of the year really keeps me motivated.

  4. great idea Kenna….I have a photo plan for the current week and upcoming week so I can plan out some of the big events or todos that I know I want a picture of then fill in on the off days with random fun stuff :)

  5. This is my favorite. I love the splash of color with the B&W photo. Very stricking.

    To keep motivated I’m always looking at the gallery & reading some of the ideas in the forum.

  6. I love andrea’s self portrait here:

    I think Gina’s incentives really help me stay on track. I appreciate her wonderful hodge podge kits.

  7. I have enlisted the help of my hubby to keep me on top of taking pics. On days when i know I am going to be home late, I ask him to take some pics for me. It’s fun to check them out when I get home and see what he felt was important! :)

    A great page I found is this one by ScrappyKate:


  8. This one really jumped out at me, with the white space:
    As for a tip, the incentive of getting a goodie every week is the main reason I’m caught up!

  9. Once I got a couple pages complete, I just loved them. So my inspiration to keep going is the pleasure I get from looking at the pages I’ve already completed. I’m so glad I started this project.

    I loved this page because of the photo and journaling about breastfeeding:

  10. I keep my camera on my dining room table, that way its ready to snap a picture at home or for me to grab it when we are going out.

    I really like this page:

  11. My tip for keeping up with 365- I take a picture and keep my camera right next to my laptop. That way I don’t forget my daily pics AND when I unload the pics every few days, it’s easier to organize and date my photos.

    I just saw this in the gallery and it really popped out for me. The colors, the lovely word art and those great messy face pics. :)

  12. (My 1st try didn’t work either; trying again . . . )

    I have no clue how I’m sticking with Project 365. It’s so unlike me. :) One thing that’s a big help in staying inspired is the gallery. For example, there I see that this project is whatever you want to make it. Sample LO:
    Here’s a use of the monthly template for a non-monthly LO. I love it!

  13. The forum is keeping me inspired. I like having a place to add my picture for the day and see what everyone else is doing.

    This layout really caught my eye.
    I love bright colors and the bottom left picture is my favorite. I always focus on my child instead of the toys and sometimes miss out on the details.

  14. Hi here Soffya from Colombia.. i was not a person to belong to forums or visiting them diary … but with LIFE 365 project i am “adit” to the shop, gallery, and blog… looking for inspiration and new things

    I have to say i look almost all layouts of the project .. some clicks and have save others as inspiration
    This have caugh my eyes because show me other way for my project

    I have 2 cameras!.. one near my pc and other in my car so i always have the chance for pic

    I want to say this project come to my life in a special moment of my life ..
    thanks to Gina and all people here
    a Hug

  15. The forum here is really helping keep me going. And Gina’s Sunday inspirations make a big difference in actually finishing the layouts so I don’t just have 365 photos in December. I have started carrying my pocket camera everywhere I go and that helps.

    The gallery is awesome and it is hard to pick but I like: for her use of wavy paper cuts and one popped out bigger photo. It really makes the layout pop.

  16. I must say, I didn’t think I would manage this, but thanks to WW, I find I actually am! Yay!!
    I think Gina’s incentive goodies have been keeping me going – I simply have to try each week to get my layouts done in time! So thank you Gina! Another thing I love is the photo challenge each week – sometimes there are days that I simply can’t think of something ‘new’ to take a pic of.
    I also try not to be too strict on myself. If I forgot to take a photo due to a really busy run-around day, I simply journal instead.

    The gallery is awesome, I agree- and here’s one I like : (the placement of everything is so striking- especially the journaling) :

  17. It’s so hard to pick because I think so many pages are great for different reasons – the memories being captured are such a great reason to do this project. I love this page by emnewberry1964 because I love her border work and the way she matted the photos with colorful papers. Plus, her photos are eye-catching!

  18. i can’t believe how much i’m enjoying this project. it’s amazing (and so time consuming!) and so much fun! i find myself thinking each day what i’m going to try and do for the next day!!! people may think what i’m posting (since i’m doing it mostly on my blog) is boring, but it’s what my life is!!

  19. I hope I’m not too late! First of all, one page that I am inspired by right now is this one:
    I LOVE all the blue!

    And what keeps me inspired for project 365 is checking in here. Seriously. When I do that, I remember that I need a picture and then I’ll take one. :) And my girls are usually inspiration all the time as well!

  20. I keep my camera out, charged, with free memory at all times. If I think I might be somewhere with a great photo op, I make sure to tuck into my car or bag.

    I have bought two books that I’m reading to finally learn what all the bells and whistles on my camera mean and I keep them handy too!

  21. I’m not sure HOW I remember to take a photo everyday, but I do find that preparing a template or page ready to insert the pics and journalling certainly makes it easier to put together (as opposed to waiting till the end of the week).

    My favourite page is this one: