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Weeds & Wildflowers Birthday SALE!


Hello all! Gina here kicking off our Weeds & Wildflowers *6th* birthday sale!  We are celebrating today through Sunday with some freebies, some $$ giveaways, and a storewide discount of 50% and up on ALL products.


I have put Simple Square set #21 in the shoppe, and please note I am now making 3×4 and 4×6 versions of the Simple Squares for versatility (and by many a request).  :)  I am currently going through all my previous Simple Squares and adding those other sizes as well, more info on that to come soon!



Also, don’t forget to check out the ‘January Life in a Box Pages’ which are all done for you!  The February Pages will be coming out soon :)



Ok that is about all for now, but before I go I am going to leave you with a cute little treat!  Carol (Iowan) made a lovely quickpage from my Tiny 10 #13 for you to enjoy, hope you like it!  Just click on the image to be taken to the download:

Alpha Prev copy


Before I go, I have three $10 coupons to give away!  Just leave a comment and let me know what is on your W&W wishlist and I will pick the winners soon so you can spend your $ during the sale!

Thanks so much and have a great weekend!hugs, Gina


30 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Thank you for the chance to win!
    Love the quickpage, thanks!
    On my W&W wishlist there are some sweet & simple templates :)

  2. Happy birthday! Thanks for always providing us with amazing products!

  3. Thanks for the quickpage! On my wishlist is some of your 365 templates and your simple square sets!

  4. Happy birthday!!!
    Thanks for the chance. My wishlist is the album It’s your life.

  5. Happy Birthday to you. I would love the 12 x 12 Kraft paper January Life in a Box templates.

  6. Happy Birthday! On my wishlist is the “Life in a box” embellishment cards! Love and appreciate all the different sizes. There’s something for everyone :)

  7. Oh my, what ISN’T on my wish list?? This sale could be dangerous for my wallet (:

  8. I love the ones above that include 3X4 and 4X6 sizes…love the simple statement with the graphics. Great job!

  9. Thank you for the quickpage! My wishlist is large, but I would love to get a few LIFE 365 Templates and some Alphas!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. My wish list is the Life in a Box templates and SS #21. Actually, I’d ideally like to complete the Life in a Box collection. I have some, but it is all so beautiful!! Thanks for another great year of Project Life.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Cant believe its already 6 years …. much love and mahalo for all the wonderful scrapbook kits in the store. Love Weeds and Wildflowers …. and thanks for the chance.

  13. I love so much but for my wishlist..Everyday Life #1 – Wordart
    Happy Birthday!!!

  14. the new pages by Gina!

  15. I want to get some of the new box kits.

  16. you have 6th birthday…as my daughter has this year!!!!
    In my wish list there is the new “life in a box” template…. :-)

  17. I want the life in a box templates!!! :-)

  18. WOW!!! another candle for the Weeds and Wildflowers site!!!!! gosh i remember the first time i saw your stuff at the digiscrap artist!!!!!!!!!! i will ask you for that old kit i wish to get!!!!!!!
    In my wish list i have the tiny 10’s #13 and some of the life in a box simple squares ( like the 15,16,17,18,etc ) and of course some old stuff from the US$ 2.00 deals!

  19. I’m really excited about the Life in a Box products. It’s hard to keep up with all the happenings of my family of 8, but this looks like a fantastic system. Beautiful stuff – thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Happy Birthday! There’s too much in my wl I don’t know where to start from, lol 😀 Thank you for the chance to win ^^

  21. Would love to get Life in a Box. I bought your LIfe 365 years ago and used it like crazy. Made several books of my new grandson. What timing, a new system, Life in a Box, and I have a new granddaughter:)

  22. Happy birthday! I like the most Life 365 pages!!! I suppose to use them next year for my Project:))))

  23. Happy Birthday!! Love your Life in a box templates!

  24. Happy birthday! Would love to try the Life in a Box items.

  25. Happy Birthday !!! I’m really in love with your Life in a box !!!! And I love my project life with these products !

  26. I have a lot on my list. I love the Life in a Box, and I would love to have them all (in my dreams). Top of my list is 9543 – LIFE in a BOX – 12×12 Templates Set #2, and 9535 – LIFE in a BOX – Simple Squares #14 makes me smile. I also love 9547 – LIFE in a BOX – Simple Squares #4 for easy journaling. Happy birthday to you all, and thanks for the chance to win such a nice gift on YOUR birthday.

  27. Of course, I already bought my wish list! I love your sales. But, if you were to give me a gift cert (pick me pick me pick me!) I could be persuaded to pick up the tiny 10’s that I don’ have already! Thanks, Gina!

  28. Happy Birthday!!! I have the layered templates on my wish list. :)

  29. I love the new bird stamp squares (Simple Squares #20)! Putting them in my wish list…

  30. Happy Birthday!!! I’m really love with your Life in a box. Thank you for a chance to win.