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Where do all the weeds and wildflowers grow?

Hello and welcome to all birthday celebrations guests!

Some of you may have already spotted a small map thumbnail in the right column that for almost three weeks mapped the locations of W&W blog visitors. The numbers and the variety of the places you come from are awesome!

So I had another idea – lets know each other better! I have created one special map for the four celebration days only. It is empty now, and will stay empty untill tommorow afternoon when it starts filling with the statistics.

Locations of visitors to this page

And here is a little game for you:

Leave us a comment about where you come from, and add your estimate about the number of celebration visitors coming to our blog the first day of the celebrations (counted by the map statistics system). The celebration guest with the closest guess will get a $5 coupon to the shoppe. The map updates usually betwen 7 and 8 pm GMT (2 and 3 pm CST) so leave your guess until then – guesses after the update will not be accounted for.

But this is not all! You can leave your comments until the end of the of the celebrations (Monday July 18th) – one random winner will get $5 coupon to the shoppe then!

I can’t wait to see all the places you come from! Let me start – I come from Prague in the Czech Republic.

UPDATE: The ClustrMaps system apparently failed last night and the map did not update and count the number of the visitors. I decided I cannot let you wait and to pick (by innocent hand of my nieces) one random winner from the 22 comments left so far –  Joy, check your email! Another winner will be selected either after the update or as a random one by the end of the celebrations.

24 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. I come from Wyoming in the USA! :) And I guess you will get 203 visits to the blog the first day. Thanks for the wonderful chance!

  2. I am from the beautiful hills of Kentucky! I hope you will get 409 visits
    to the blog. Thanks!

  3. I live in a little town in West Virginia in the United States.

    My guess is that you will have 578 people visit the blog on the first day. Thank you.

  4. I am in California, United States.

  5. I’m from the Netherlands ans I guess round the 465 visitors

  6. First, wishing Gina & Heidi a very happy birthday :)

    I’m in Brunei & my guess is 333 people on the 1st day.

  7. Happy Birthday girls!
    I’m Jessi and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri.
    My guess is that 704 people will visit.

  8. Hi I am from Auckland New Zealand. I think that you get 1, 567 visitors …well unique ones.

  9. Hi….Happy birthday girls!
    I’m Deborah from Italy…
    Visitors mmhhh, difficult question…I ty: 999…..

  10. Aloha. . . patti from honolulu, hawaii. my guess will be 333!

  11. I’m coming from Germany, but I’m originally from North Dakota! :) I’m guessing 1700!

  12. CIao I’am Wendy a peruvian heart living in Rome, ITaly!
    When I’am for vacations in Peru i have checked the site so many times!
    I’m guessing 560 visitors!
    Good luck!!!!

  13. I’m Giny from Hungary. Wish you a very happy birthay and good celebration! I’m guessing 2136 visitors! :)

  14. I’m from Brasilia, Brasil. I guess is 680.

  15. Hi – I’m from Minnesota and South
    Carolina depending on the weather :)

    My guess is an even 1,000

  16. I’m from Shropshire in the UK, and reckon you will have 1250 visitors :).

  17. I’m in Nebraska in the U.S.A. and I guess 1103 visitors.

  18. I’m currently in Ohio, USA. And I’m guessing 827 people?

  19. Hey there, I’m Susan from Florida, USA I think you will have 281 visitors to the blog.

  20. Hi! I’m from Texas!

    My guess is 978 visitors! :)

  21. I am from Vancouver, WA.

    My guess is 2021

  22. I’m from Minnesota! My guess is 1967 visitors.

  23. I am from southern Utah. My guess is 1500.

  24. I know this contest is over, but I wanted to congratulate you and say Happy Birthday!!! and I’m from Argentina 😉
    Hugs & kisses,