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Winners Announced!!!

Okay Weedsters, I’m back and I’m here to announce the random winners from Fri.’s blog post.

You remember, you all had to guess the BIG News!! Right? Well, no more guessing cause the cats outta the bag, the beans have been spilled and now, you too can be in the know!

So, put those party shoes on, and dance on over to the WW Shoppe to see the BIG NEWS!! It’s HUGE, it’s GIGnormous, no fooling!!!

And now, onto our winners!!! Let’s give it up for . . .

!!! Angelina Leonard – katie (katie d)  and  Jarila !!!

Congratulations Weedsters !! You’ve each won a $5 Gift Card to the WW Shoppe and just in time for the Anniversary Celebration Sale!! I’ll be emailing you in just a bit with your prize.

Thank you to all the Weedsters who played along and remember …

The fun is just beginning !!!

4 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh thank you!!!
    NOw off to see what it is….

  2. Hey congrats girls! Oooh- I’m so thrilled about the BIG SALE!!

  3. Yay!!!! That’s me!! I can’t wait until tomorrow. Thanks WWD!!!

  4. oh its already April 1st in this part of the world and this is one day where i want time to fly!!