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W&W 2nd Anniversary, part 4

Hi girls….are you still having your party-shoes on? Miranda here to party with you today…

I have just one question for you today….how many different papers (12″ x 12″) have already been created for Life365 in total??? Seems like some nice counting for the saturday-evening  :) Tomorrow I will randomly pick 3 winners who will win some great prices ……Good Luck!!!

Good evening girls,

The right number of papers is ….. 75 !!

I randomly picked three lucky girls:




Congratulations girls….I already have sent you the GC-codes….happy shopping!!

Thanks for all who took time to count,

have a great evening! Miranda


And of course we have two gorgeous QP’s for you today….first one is of our sweet Tee

You can download it HERE

The second one is made by my dear friend Petra…

and you can download it HERE

So girls, enjoy the new pages and partyyyyyy …CHEERIO,



64 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. My guess is 78…I think I counted right!!

  2. I’m gonna say 75! :)

  3. I counted 75, but I didn’t include the background papers from the monthly summary kit

    I’m loving these quickpages. I’m in a bit of a layout slump and I think I’ll use them for my 365 pages! Thank you so much!

  4. That would be a BUNCH. I’m guessing 135. Thanks again for more pretty and whimsical quick pages.

  5. There is alot. I counted and keep losing count. But I did get up to 123. But I think there is more than 365…some probably never posted there layouts. :)

  6. Including Paint It, Spring Fever, Life is Good and all the Hodge Podges, I have 95 papers that have been made available to us for download.


  7. I can’t find more than 88. That is if I guessed correct and you’re asking about the background papers that were sold in the different kits? Not the layouts that were created with them, right?

  8. I’m counting 75 papers.

  9. I will guess 75 too!

  10. Looking at the other answers, I feel like I must be missing something… but I came up with 86. It would be so awesome to win!!!

  11. I’m counting 75 papers also…
    Thanks you for the QP
    have a nice w-e

  12. It depends on what you are counting. If you count the Life 365, Paint it, notebook brights, spring fever, Hodge Podge, and calendar backgrounds, I get 72. But if you include all kits in the color scheme (Thinking of Spring and Life is Good, Hugs and Kisses, etc_), I get 120.

  13. Hmmm, in the Life 365 paper packs section, I only count 67 unique 12×12 papers. I guess I am missing some somewhere. Oh well! Thanks so much for the chance to win another fantastic prize! And thanks also for the gorgeous QPs:)

  14. I’m getting 75. :)

  15. By counting 12 x 12’s only I get 74 (White notebook paper is duplicated in the Notebook Brights collection) :-)

    Thanks for another great chance to win WW goodies!! Mwah!

  16. I count 75 papers :)

    The QP are super, thanx!!

  17. I count 74 plus the 2 free cover pages.

  18. I shouldn’t have read the comments – somewhere I am missing some papers…
    I counted 75 papers.
    Thanks for the fun and wonderful challenges as well as the beautiful qp’s!

  19. Hmmmmm…. now math has NEVER been my strong suit and I counted 76!! :)

  20. I found 75 also.

  21. I counted 72…but actually I’m just guessing…I’m not good at counting which is sad to say…cuz I work in a bank!!! I only have a few minutes…and wanted to get in my guess.

  22. Well, I came up with 67 after a lot of counting!
    That was hard for a sunday morning, lol.
    I LOVE the QPs, thank you!

  23. Thank you for the beautiful QPs!

  24. I counted 72 but I must be missing some!
    Love the quickpages! Thank you!

  25. thanks for the QPs! I have NO idea how many papers there are, lol!

  26. I have 75 also! I love the quick page, it is adorable!

  27. Well, if I’m counting right, I also come up with 75. All of the quick pages are wonderful. Thank you,

  28. Hi.. thanks for the QPS!!
    I HAVE COUNT 75!
    a hug

  29. I counted 75 papers, but the hodge podge kits don’t list a paper count. I just went by what was in the preview…

  30. 75! Love this whole collection!!

  31. I count 74 (one is duplicated to make the 75 so not counting it) and 2 covers.
    Love the QP! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. 18 pages so far–13 one week pages and 5 special event add ons.

    Thanks for the gorgeous quick pages!

  33. I counted twice,they are 75 papers.
    Thanks so much for the pretty Quick Pages.

  34. I think 74 but I got so distracted looking at all of the eye candy! Fun times :)

  35. Great assortment of guesses here but I am going to stick with my original number which is 67 (1 of them is included in a pp twice)

  36. Thanks for the Quick Pages

  37. I adore the quick pages! Thank you SO much! I count 67 total papers for Life 365. Hmmm, many people guessed 75 – wonder what I’m missing? I’m sticking with 67 though!

  38. 75 for me too.

  39. Oh thank you so much!!! Loving the quick pages. I would guess 43 backgrounds.

  40. Another FUN game! My guess is 92.

  41. So fun QP’s. Thank you very much. My guess is 130

  42. These QPs are awesome – thank you so much.

  43. I’m counting 75 as well. Love them all! Starla

  44. I counted 79.
    Thanks for the quick pages, and the fun contests!

  45. I’m counting 72! But I’m not sure about this number. I got lost a few times. LOL

    Thanks for the QPS. =)


  46. Goodness sakes! I’m up to 74! Course I had to recount a couple times! :)

  47. Oh, yes, and how could I forget . . . thank you so much for the fun and fresh QP’s! Lovin’ everything. :)

  48. Phew, how about 81? I dunno, a lot!

  49. 74?
    Thank you so much for the qps :)

  50. I’m going to say 75… sounds good and since I’m reading this late, I just want to get a guess in! THANKS SO MUCH for the QPs! :)

  51. 75 – althought it’s hard to tell if some papers are in more than one kit

  52. Oh forgot to thank you for the great QPs! They are fantastic!



  55. 75 Really cute quickpages…thanks!

  56. Thank you !!! Super

  57. Thanks for the quick pages! They’re adorable.