June 24, 2011

Hi ladies!  Gina here and I hope you are having a wonderful week! Ever since school has gotten out I been crazy busy with kids and home and have felt MIA around here.  However, I have been taking my photos and scrapping and catching up with my Every{day} Life layouts (hopefully you have too!) and it feels great!  I even have posted some of them on my blog! How is that for getting stuff done!  😉

So, I wanted to let you all know some of my plans and thoughts for the upcoming months.  Lately I have felt an importance to spend this last summer “offline” and give my undivided attention to my family.  It is the last summer before my boys are all in school and I wanted to make it a good one for them.  With my youngest entering kindergarten in the fall, I will have a lot more hours in a day to give to W&W and designing and I am excited for that in the near future.  I have some fresh, creative ideas that I am excited to implement and can’t wait to have time to do them!

With that being said, I will be taking the next couple of months off from designing, but our shoppe, forum, and gallery will remain open.  You can continue to post your layouts (I will still open threads for your Every{day} Life layouts), and you may use your Petal Points, gift cards, and other coupons whenever you like.

And! before I go, I wanted to kick off the summer break with a big 50% off sale in the shoppe!  The sale runs over a week so you will have lots of time to shop!

*But first tell me what fun plans you have for your vacation, and I will pick a couple ladies to win some spending $$ during the sale!*

I hope you have a wonderful summer, keep taking your photos, and have fun!!   xoxo  Gina  🙂