Hi Weedsters,
how are your holiday preparations coming along? Is the tree up & decorated, the stockings hung, and the house sparkling with hundreds of lights? Do you have all your presents and are they already wrapped? While doing well on the decorating side, I have to admit, that I still don’t have all presents and none are packed as of yet. I’m still pretty cool about it now, but you should see me in two days from now, when I start to panic…
Well, incase you forgot to get someone a little something or are still in need of a present, I have for you today a 6×4 brag book. All you have to do is download, pop your pictures under it, print it, add a little journaling if you like, and tie it together with some ribbon of your choice.
*Sorry link expired*
If you are wondering where that gorgeous preview background is from, it is the back side of the Christmas card Tee made on the 4th. If you by some unlucky chance have missed it here, don’t despair. We have bundled up the previous gifts in groups of five for your shopping pleasure. You can now purchase them at the shop.
Enjoy and a merry Christmas to you all
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess