Hello everyone! I hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to a nice weekend!  It is Friday and you know that that means – NEW STUFF!!! We have released our second set of “Sweet & Simple Page Kits” and they are so fresh and fun!

Before we get to the new releases, there have been several inquiries about the LIFE 365 products. When we started the Sweet & Simple Page Kits, we wanted them to be compatible with the LIFE 365 system so they would all work together.  They have the Attachers, Date-It, frames, etc. that all work with the system.  And I do want to let you know that I AM planning on continuing the other LIFE 365 products and am working on a way to have a fresh, new way of doing things for the New Year.  And, I want to make it compatible with all of this last years’ Life 365 products as well.  You know, not reinvent the wheel – but still have a fun, fresh, new way of doing it.  🙂

I LOVE taking a photo a day, and recording the little things have meant SO much to me.  I also have found that I have some special photos (or lots of an event) that I want to have on a layout all in itself in between my LIFE 365 pages.. That is why we came up with the Sweet & Simple page kits.

So, our plan is to use the Sweet & Simple Page Kits to scrap the ‘creative’ layouts (for special events, favorite photos, etc.) and then use the LIFE 365 system to keep doing the photo-a-day layouts. Like I said before, when we planned out the Sweet & Simple Page Kits we had the LIFE 365 system in mind, and are putting the things in them that are in the categories of the LIFE 365 (i.e. attachers, dates, etc.)  So our goal is to have both types of products, but also that they will be compatible with each other! So watch for more LIFE 365 products soon, as well as a fresh, new way of doing your 2010 book at the New Year!

And one more thing before I go on to the goodies – We are closing the Site Creative Team call today, and are meeting this weekend to discuss which of you lovely ladies will be joining us! There have been so many wonderful ladies apply and it is going to be so hard to pick! Thank you all for your emails, your galleries are all amazing – it will definitely be a difficult decision.  We will let you know the outcome asap!

Ok, finally!  On to the New Releases!! This week we have followed similar color schemes for each of our 3 kits, so whether you like small or large kits, there is the option to buy them individually or together as a mega pack for additional savings! Here are the previews – don’t forget to stop by the shoppe and pick them up while they are on SALE through the weekend!

First, Heidi’s kit “Nature’s Peace:

Pat’s kit, “Once Upon A Time”:

And finally, my kit called “Such A Boy” a kit AND an Add-On Alpha (sold seperately):

Before I go, I am in the mood to give away a few $5 Gift Cards for our W&W Shoppe.. Just leave a little comment here in this post and I will be back EACH night to randomly pick a lucky winner!!!!

Enjoy the new goodies and have a wonderful time scrapping!!  We hope you all have a great weekend!!